Jesus Christus (aka Serapis)

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59 thoughts on “Jesus Christus (aka Serapis)”

  1. I suppose that it is impossible to know anything in ancient history or in theology as an absolute fact, but we must respect the established, widely accepted account just as much as any alternative account. The Bible is considered to be a very accurate account of ancient history and theology, and it can’t be dismissed, unless we have a source that is clearly better.
    There was a group of people who knew Jesus very well, and who, decades after His resurrection, gave up their livlihoods or lives, rather than deny the truth about Him, as they believed it. Many who never met Jesus in the flesh, but in the spirit, also gave up their lives rather than deny Him, (St. Paul is a great example.). Despite the organized, powerful and brutal attempts to eliminate belief in Jesus, belief continued to grow, why?
    I suppose that people freely chose to believe in Jesus because He was convincing. He was most surely a real person, and the early Church was led by people who knew Him very well.

    1. McMalachy can’t you do a research?This is the most silly,ridicously and childish argument by an adult.You are so ill-informed and i feel so sorry for your type.You better wake up before is too late for you.ALL RELIGIONS ARE A FRAUD.Peace.

    2. HEY McMalachy, Are you stupid, or just living in a complete psychosis? You said: “…it is impossible to know anything in ancient history, or in theology as an absolute fact, but we must accept the widely accepted account…”. That reasoning sounds completely psychotic. When we (most people) speak about “GOD Stuff”, we are concern about are LIFE from birth to death. But you suggest we “accept the widely accepted account.”, even if we can prove that the “widely accepted account” does not make sense. There is proof of people existence, who is thousands of years older than “ADAM OR EVE”. But we cannot find proof of one person, from the bible, who ever existed. Why is that? Don’t you think that is strange? From my research, people that speak (or reason) like you are either: 1) Ignorant (meaning doesn’t know) 2) Disingenuous, or 3) A Pastor or a Religious Elitist.

      1. While I am not a religous believer I DO KNOW, in contradiction of the above, that the Romans mentioned in the New Testament are historically verifiable people.
        Brendan Thomas

  2. Tibikimi – Peace.
    My research tells me that from our present decade, back through every single decade, right back to the New Stone Age, religion has been influential in the development of civilization. Religion exists because ordinary people want it. Take religion away from people and the majority would soon start demanding all sorts of answers that could only be answered by – religion. This healthy need by most (not all) people for a deep reasonable understanding, has sometimes been misused by leaders with a selfish agenda. To grow in understanding we need good philosophy, good religion, personal experience, intuition, and common sense.
    Celebrity Evangelicals, and self-assured fundamentalist preachers are usually an offence to any questioning thoughtful person, because they claim as fact, things which are a matter of personal belief and choice. If you have taken offence at arrogant preachers, Tibikimi, well I have too, extreme offence.
    From reading this Rasta Livewire website I’ve discovered how important African history is, and how all other histories are a part of that history. Knowledge spreads fast, so best wishes for the future.

    1. McMalachy–Love and Peace.
      Religion became embedded in our people, because the Christian missionaries came pretending peace, befriended our people, observed our ways, determined who had wealth/power, then brought in bloodthirsty mercenaries. These Pilgrims (foreigners) used feigned honor to make false promises/agreements, then played both ends of war and peace against the middle. They killed off, or shipped off, most of our parents, as well as our warriors. Once they reduced the adult population (mainly through disease, war, poison, abuse, trickery, exploitation, exportation, and starvation), then they separated the children from the remaining adults and sent them to Christian schools for indoctrination against their will. These would be schools were headed by criminal pedophile psychopaths, that used torture, rape, sodomy, bestiality, and physical disfigurement to traumatize the little ones and force them into new names, language, diet, bizarre sexual practices, and strange religious belief systems. Unfortunately, the few adults that were left alive, were too sick and weak to keep up the fight. Worse than that, they did not even recognize these children when they were returned (if they were returned – many children were murdered). The adults could not even communicate with these children in their own language anymore, because the children’s language was practically beaten out of them. In other words, these foreigners used fear and intimidation to raise (oops, I mean lower) the children to an injured mental place that they could not evolve from. Many of these strange beliefs and unnatural practices have been passed from generation to generation and continue to this day. This is primarily true, because the invaders still control the dissemination of practically ALL educational, religious, and historical information. Most of the information they release about us is LIES! The people can’t hold on to who they truly were, because they do not know, or remember the truth.

  3. THIS IS REALITY ,DONT BLOCK OR HATE WITH EMOTIONS HISTORICALLY INACCURATE IS THE WHITE MAN AN THE NEGRO COLORED AFRICAN AMERICAN ,WE RULED EUROPE BEFORE 1515 RED SEA IS REED SEA ONE LIE NO thing that tells the REAL reality of my people has historical accuracy.then to claim etymology an use history BEHIND IT lets us know who is here AGENTS REMEMBER IRA THEY DIDNT LIKE NO ONE THAT DIDNT LOOK LIKE SHAMUS OF WWE……………THE BIBLE OF KING JAMES WRITTEN BY BACON AN FRIENDS WAS U sed to justify an maintain order in slavery in america .it made the a;lbion noble an white .its insulting to come with That just cause people are mad that they white lies are being exposed .hold that bible it holds the lies that albions use to be adam an us the be from ham as negroes .bible as history is the greatest caper since it was actually stolen . beievers is so called jesus called themselves ligions ,we just said that its not an opinion ,,which bible old or new test is real ,all written by vatican an koran ,what happened to our original legion that you had to re up with a new one like drugs.who sold out your culture a lbions original legion was christianity given to them in the caucus mountains ,, that’s where you got religion where we gave it to you.religion is what you used to lie an make history out of b.c and a.d ,, HYSTERICAL ACCURACY ,,,,,ADAM FROM ATOM WE NOT NOT GOIN BY BIBLE HIZZZ TORY NO MOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.ITS A BAD WORD HI STORY RE ALITY IS JESUS IS SERAPIS ,THATS FROM THE ALBIONS WHO KNOW AN ACCEPT THEY BEEN LIEDTO ,THE OTHERS JUST WANT TO HOLD ON TO THEIR FAKE WHITE STATUS THAT THE BIBLE GA VE THEM,LIKE THE WHIGGAMORE TEA PARTY HEADED FROM ALASKA…..

  4. KNOW TO ALWAYS KNOW 360 DEGREES IT do BE a lie about eve BELIEVE believers in so called jesus in that town he was killed in 30 years earlier called themselves ligions meeting in caves now religion of the catholic church set up by peter an paul around the time of neros fall in rome ,,,,,,,,,,,, SUNS OF THE CREATOR ARE THE EBONY HUED WE ARE THE JESUS christ that was created for the albions to follow as it was them from serapis image ,, to make albions think they come from an have a place in heaven,THEY DO NOT AN WOULD NOT SEEK SPACE EXPLORATION IF THEY DID ,WE THE GODS CAME FROM SPACE DO You have historical evidence beside king james bible that you existed before 6000 years ago.this is why its kept here FROM CRUSADES IN NORTHWEST SOUTHWEST AMEXUM cause if its noticed this is a model of england an england fell from the church running the state so they had to make sure that never happened here in the northwest amexum, a real class war ,they only put in front of that a race war which they can START AND CONTROL,,,,,,,,,,,,,, LOOK AT TEA PARTY NOW HOW MANY ALBIONS ARE FALLING FOR THEIR PALE IN SPELLS IF PALE IS IN YOU KNOW WHO IS OUT THE DARK……… lies of about an for america were set in place to accomodate the european sons of the moors who know who really their fathers is the jesus that is just us who were recreated for recreation by the ones we created to be negro , o meaning mankind created it ,the only suns of the creator who had sons with the grafted blondes of patagona.the people were even lied to about the translated meanings of the actual words in the bible so it justified this day the albions irish run fire dept an nypd in nyc ,we die from nypd an their chaplain gives last rite to sean bell an whoever else they kill or when they get killed.yoshua ben israel is not jesus christ like paul revere only rode 19 miles not three states like israel biddle.bacon is shakespere so washington irving wrote that lie bout reved up rear name paul ,DR ALI MUHAMMAD AN PHIL VALENTINE HAVE ADDRESSED EXTENSIVELY FOR THOSE WHO SEEK REALITY .I AM we the muurs are the SUNS OF THE CREATOR , IRISH ROSTICRUCIAN MASONS ARE THE EUROPEAN SONS OF US FRONTING AS US THE FIRST EUROPEAN SOVEREIGNS AN FREE WHITES OF THE LAND WE WERE THE LORDS…………. THE FEZ I WEAR IS THE CROWN OF THE SUN GIVEN TO ME BY OUR MUTHER WITH HER WITH HER PERMISSION TO RULE , THAT WOULD BE THE CREATOR AN I AM WE ARE THE LIVING SUN OF THE CREATOR MY SKIN IS THE NIGHTIME SKY AS IS THE INSIDES OF AN ALBION ,THATS THE GIFT WE GAVE THEM SO THEY COULD REPRODUCE AN NOW LOOK AT OUR COLONIC FROM COLON STATE WE ARE IN BECAUSE OF THAT AN THE LIES WERE MADE FROM IT IN NAME OF JESUS.WHO EVER SUPPORTS THIS SUPPORTS THAT WHICH IS OF BY AN FOR MEN THAT RULE THIS PLANNET TO OFFER UP BLOOD ANALISTIC SACRIFICES TO THEIR BAALISTIC SATURNISTIC BAPHOMETIC ANTI KEMETIC GOD,,ASK THEM ABOUT THE FEZ THEY WEARING WHERE THEY GOT IT .,,WHEN THE CHURCH FELL IIN ENGLAND THE MIDDLE CLAS S WAS READING THE KORAN JUST LIKE ALL FREEMASONS MUST DO TODAY TO BECOME FREE MASONS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,MASONRY IS MUURISH SCIENCE ,THE MUURS GAVE OUT THREE RELIGIONS TO THE OTHER RACES WE CREATED ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,THEY STILL THE SAME THREE TODAY PEOPLE FIGHT WARS OVER.VATICAN SUR RAPISTS FROM SERAPIS ,,,,,, ALBION ASKANAZI GET JUDAISM LAST IN 8TH CENTURY

    1. well the bible says King david had red hair. Yeshua (his real name) is a decendent of his. So was he realy black or dark skinned. I mean no disrespect when I say that.

  5. Tibikimi and Ali Bey…
    The disrespect white people have shown for your ancient cultures is shocking, and the white nations must see themselves as brute savages in this regard, Nothing other than the despicable attitude of these white people is responsible for the pain that innocent Africans have endured for the last two centuries. Justice demands that all those who preyed on the Africans will be identified, and the individuals and families of those who profited by brutality will be obliged to compensate their victims.
    The white nations lost out on a marvellous opportunity to make friends with the African nations, and learn from them. They turned what could have ben a great blessing into a curse which has yet to be resolved,
    In defence of decent white people, I’d like to say, that the same people who destroyed your lives,… lied to us,… Only now is the truth coming out, though many have not yet seen through the lies. This heartless elite, (and their unprincipled thugs) are everybody’s enemy. The majority of white people thought that Europeans were doing good work for the African people, teaching them how to be engineers, technicians, and doctors, nurses, teachers, and business people, how to be full members of a rapidly industriialized society that had sprung up in the temperate regions of the world. We were told that hospitals, schools, roads, bridges and railways were being built and that everybody’s lifestyle in Africa was improving. We were misled then, now we are beginning to see.
    I hope Africans will use their libraries and other resources to get exact information on their predators, hunt them down, (It might take three generations), and retrieve their own wealth and dignity. Please gather up all the information before it is “lost”.

  6. The first European Pharaoh Ptlemy the 1st Meryamun Setepenre Soter

    wanted the Egyptians to consecrate him as a god but since he was the

    first Caucasoid Pharaoh they denied him (all of the Pharaohs in Egypt

    were gods to the Egyptians). Ptlemy only reigned over Egypt because

    Alexander the Greek (not Alexander the Great, there’s nothing great

    about that man) took Egypt with military force, and Ptlemy was one of

    Alexander’s close bodyguards. When the Egyptians refused to consecrate

    him as god, Ptlemy had them put to death.
    So that’s when a few “sellout” Egyptians said, “we’ll recognize you

    as a god”. Why did they sellout? So that those group of Egyptians will

    not die with the others that refused him as a god. So Egyptian priests

    also offered to consecrate him into the priesthood and made him an

    image, which was the worship of Jesus Christus Serapus, made in honor

    of Ptlemy the 1st Soter.
    Ptlemy was so ignorant he named himself Meryamun Setepenre Soter.

    Mery means – Beloved, loved Amun means – god (Amun Ra was the Egyptian

    god of creation) and Soter means salvation. Ra was the Egyptian sun god

    who is a major deity. They called Christus Jesus Serapus (Osiris and

    Apus combined). Osiris was the god of the afterlife. The created god

    Jesus Christus was called “son” of god, which in reality was to be

    “sun”, since the Egyptians worshiped the sun or Ra, the sun god deity

    (the creator). That is why in every church that portrays Jesus he is

    saying with a sun behind his head. Christians were taught and fooled

    that the sun was a halo when in reality, the sun being Ra (the Egyptian

    sun god) was behind Jesus’ head as if he were Ra’s son, or the sun of

    god, or the “son” of god.

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