Israeli Black-African Jews Complain Against Racism

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Ethiopians clash with police; 8 hurt
Sheera Claire Frenkel, THE JERUSALEM POST Nov. 6, 2006

What was meant to be a peaceful rally for Ethiopian rights turned violent Monday, when demonstrators clashed with police in front of the Health Ministry in Jerusalem, leaving 19 people injured.

More than 200 people gathered in front of the government compound to protest discrimination against Ethiopians. The boiling point, they said, was a recent decision by the Health Ministry to discard donated Ethiopian blood.

“We won’t allow our blood to be spilled like this. The Torah says that blood is the soul. How can this country treat us, fellow Jews, this way?” said Gadi Yabarken, one of the protest’s organizers. “We will not leave unless the prime minister agrees to meet with us.”

While Prime Minister Ehud Olmert refused to meet with the protesters, Immigration and Absorption Minister Ze’ev Boim met with a small group of their representatives and promised to approach Olmert to ask him to create a ministerial committee dedicated to the Ethiopian community. Boim also promised to work for the release the five activists who were arrested during the protest.

The only politician to address the protest was MK Ran Cohen (Meretz). “I feel your pain. A country that discriminates against Ethiopian Jews is a racist country,” said Cohen, who added that he would raise the issue in the Knesset plenum.
Demonstrators answered Cohen’s speech with shouts that they were “sick of the false promises” of politicians.

Yabarken said the government had not upheld any of its promises to advance Ethiopian rights or deal with problems such as raising the salaries of Ethiopian religious leaders to match other rabbis, expand Falash Mura immigration or increase affirmative-action programs.

“These problems have been building up for some time, but to find out that they will throw our blood away, for no reason other than racist discrimination, that is too much to bear,” Yabarken said.



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29 thoughts on “Israeli Black-African Jews Complain Against Racism”

  1. Knesset was originally formed and funded by the rothschilds jew family who would rather marry their cousins than mix their blood even with other “whites”…So about cohen taking the Aethiopian woes to knesset,is just shadow boxing…..Where arabs have derogatory words like Kaffir to describe Blacks, israeli jews have words describing even white non jews and blacks too as filth,making them the numre uno racist in the world

  2. open Racism esp againast we Black people is being encouraged by them weaklings what with a “grown up” health minister in israel rejecting blood from black people, what with the Australia government saying they have had enough of African(read refugees) in “their” country……yet they forget it is their plunder/ desolation of our lands that make us move to their unhospitable make believe lands

  3. haha becuase african countries dont take in people of complete different origin like chinese or whites in mass they will never understand why people become racist.
    To slowly become a minority
    I can assure you africans would be equally as racist

  4. It serves the black ‘jews’ well! They come from distant africa and steal the land and rights of the indigenous palestinian people. Now they will discover the true nature of the Ashkenazi jews who wanted them only to populate the land and drive the palestinians out.

  5. Nawaz

    You are right on this one. His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie the first had advised the falashas that they were Ethiopians and Africans first and foremost. So when the Israeli government came to HIM with the offer to airlift Falashas he turned them down and ran them off.

    After Selassie I stepped out of the throne, the Ashkenazi bwoyz came back with their poisoned offer. This time the hungry bwoy Mengistu having been thoroughly indoctrinated and sodomized by his Russian trainers could not see the implication of such an awful request.

    So after receiving a few penny change, he accepted that Falashas should be airlifted. The ordinary Falashas as unsophisticated as many of them were, could not imagine the hell that would await them in the Israel now stolen and controlled by Russians, Georgians with the help of the Anglo-American power.

    The article above is meant to teach all, to ask what it is they are being offered before drinking it up. Cause it could be just poisoned wine.


    1. what happened in the article was wrong but ur being to hard on the ashkanazic jews yes they are white but historicaly have not been treated or even viewed as whites by europeans. my fathers were victoms in countles mass killings often living in conditions similar to those blacks faced in reconstructionist south for most of the past 2000 years at the hands of the same europeans who murdered you fathers does this not bind us

  6. lee Ho you are an ignorant fool! there are many african nations who have had immigrations from around the world in masses. South africa, Northern african countries, Madagascar (half black-half asian), caper verde and many more.
    Go and read a book, you fool.

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