Ibn Firnas 810-877 AD- the Moor who could fly: Aviation science before the Wright brothers – By Abdulkadir X

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The Muur who could fly: Aviation science:

Ibn Firnas was a black berber, a Muur born in Spain in 810 AD. He was born in Izn-Rand Onda

Also known as Abbas Qasim Ibn Firnas was a Muslim Berber polymath: an inventor, engineer, aviator, physician, Arabic poet, and Andalusian musician.

He was one of the earliest developers of aviation science and the principles of flying.


Before the Wright brothers were dreamed of, Ibn Firnas was building planes, glides, wings, parachutes and other apparatus to enable flight.

As of the 9th century ad. he conducted numerous experiements with different modes of flying.

Ibn Firnas is so influential in the world of aviation that NASA named one of the major moon craters, as the Ibn Firnas crater.

Ibn Firnas also designed a water clock called Al-Maqata, devised a novel means of manufacturing colorless glass. He was one of the earliest inventors of corrective glass lenses (“reading stones”).

He built a chain of rings that could be used to simulate the motions of the planets and stars. The he later developed a process for cutting rock crystal that allowed Muurish Spain to cease exporting quartz to Muurish Egypt to be cut.

In his house he built a room in which spectators witnessed stars, clouds, thunder, and lightning, which were produced by some mechanisms located in his basement laboratory.

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