How to kill Cancer Tumors

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This article was posted by a Canadian member of the GLP Website:

AKA Amygdalin, Sarcarcinase, Nitriloside, or vitamin B-17 is found in apricot kernels, greengage, plum, cherry and apple seeds, the seeds of other members of the Rosaceae family, millet, linseed and bitter cassava root (tropical manioc or tapioca).

Apricot kernels taste almost exactly like almonds but with an additional bitter taste (not everyone can taste this). The bitter taste is the Laetrile. Seven apricot kernels per day may be all you need to protect yourself from cancer for life. Laetrile contains cyanide and benzaldehyde. It works like a targeted chemotherapy (unlike regular chemotherapy, which is untargeted).

“The vitamin is harmless to healthy tissue for a very simple reason: each molecule of B17 contains one unit of cyanide, one unit of benzaldehyde and two of glucose (sugar) tightly locked together.

In order for the cyanide to become dangerous it is first necessary to ‘unlock’ the molecule to release it, a trick that can only be performed by an enzyme called beta-glucosidase, which is present all over the human body in minute quantities, but in truly vast quantities (up to 100 times as high) at only one place: the site of a malignant cancer tumor.

Thus the cyanide is unlocked only at the cancer site with drastic results, which become utterly devastating to the cancer cells because the benzaldehyde unit unlocks at the same time.

Benzaldehyde is a deadly poison in its own right, which then acts synergistically with the cyanide to produce a poison 100 times more deadly than either in isolation. The combined effect on the cancer cells is best left to the imagination. But what about danger to the rest of the body’s cells?

Another enzyme, rhodanese, always present in far larger quantities than the unlocking enzyme beta-glucosidase in healthy tissues, has the easy ability to completely break down both cyanide and benzaldehyde into beneficial body products. Predictably perhaps, malignant cancer cells contain no rhodanese at all, leaving them completely at the mercy of the two deadly poisons.”

More onLaetrileandbenzaldehyde. Groves says Laetrile works because of the hydrogen cyanide, Moss says benzaldehyde works, even though it’s Laetrile without the hydrogen cyanide!

As we can see from the above quote, both work but work better in a synergistic process involving both chemicals.Bitter apricot kernels are available from numerous sources online. I regularly eat bitter apricot kernels. I have yet to observe any ill effects, in spite of all of the over-hyped official health warnings claiming I will fall down dead of cyanide poisoning.

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