How the British Albions Corrupted Nigeria – Adapted from the works of Harold Smith

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How the British Albions Corrupted The Nigerians – Adapted from the works of Harold Smith

Colonial Rule, Corruption, Secret Services, and Societies

The politics of the colonial regime are employed in the selection, destruction and manipulation of the leaders of the native people… To this end in Nigeria a highly efficient intelligence service operated both through the administration who routinely completed intelligence reports and through the army, police and special branch. The Labour Department also played a key role….

The choice of Nigeria’s post-independence leaders:

A major proportion of the politicians who made Nigeria notorious for corruption after Independence were selected by the British before Independence. The politicians and leaders and men of eminence not chosen were often honest, trustworthy and responsible people. Why were these people not brought in by the British? The answer is that the British needed people they could control. They sometimes selected crooks whom they knew they could control after Independence.

The British is the origin of corruption in Nigeria

Ronald Wraith, in a fascinating study of corruption in Nigeria, fails to mention the involvement of the British at all. (Although he does demonstrate that corruption was rife in Britain up to the middle of the nineteenth century.) It does seem a little unfair. After all, although corruption undoubtedly got worse after the British left, it was clearly much in evidence while the British were in charge. I shall demonstrate later an even more sensational fact. The British not only tolerated and indulged corruption. They actively took part at the highest possible levels and instigated it and encouraged it in Nigerian politicians, the better to control or blackmail them.

Great Britain – Great Corrupter

I suppose the most corrupt act of all is colonialism itself. What could be more corrupt than to steal someone else’s country?

Harold Smith

Who is Harold Smith: “I write as an authority. I was chosen by his Excellency the Governor General, Sir James Robertson, to spearhead a covert operation to interfere with the elections. The laws of Nigeria were a sham and largely window-dressing to conceal, not mirror, the reality of where power lay. I drafted some of those laws.”

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