How Africa Civilized Europe; How Europe is in Denial

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Greeks ‘borrowed Egyptian numbers’

By Paul Rincon
BBC Science

The astronomers, physicists and mathematicians of ancient Greece were true innovators.

But one thing it seems the ancient Greeks did not invent was the counting system on which many of their greatest thinkers based their pioneering calculations. New research suggests the Greeks borrowed their system known as alphabetic numerals from the Egyptians, and did not develop it themselves as was long believed.

Greek alphabetic numerals were favoured by the mathematician and physicist Archimedes, the scientific philosopher Aristotle and the mathematician Euclid, amongst others.

Trade explosion

An analysis by Dr Stephen Chrisomalis of McGill University in Montreal, Canada, showed striking similarities between Greek alphabetic numerals and Egyptian demotic numerals, used in Egypt from the late 8th Century BC until around AD 450.

Both systems use nine signs in each “base” so that individual units are counted 1-9, tens are counted 10-90 and so on. Both systems also lack a symbol for zero.

Dr Chrisomalis proposes that an explosion in trade between Greece and Egypt after 600 BC led to the system being adopted by the Greeks.

Greek merchants may have seen the demotic system in use in Egypt and adapted it for their own purposes.

BBC Science: Greeks ‘borrowed Egyptian numbers’

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58 thoughts on “How Africa Civilized Europe; How Europe is in Denial”

  1. I have heard a lot this is a comment! since the earth have ever been created people was united and shared all their possessions in communion. Africa, Europe and Asia were the only continents existed at that period. People had good intetions towards each other the only things which cause us today to be arguing about Africans, Europeans and Asians were brought up by some extremists people who din’t care about others and most of this world we live in today have the same mentality of segregation and lying instead. We know clearly that every part of this world had it own civilizations and we connot just compare those who lived on the 1st Century and us today. Invasions take time even if we may say that we now living in the modern world it’s ok but imagine we won’t be the same as those who will come after; maybe they will discover other precious things which in our days we did not think of, they won’t lament us. In the years 250 for example people who lived during this period would not create a computer or a plane everything takes time. I believe before the computer exist there were other means of writing which helped them in their days. Let support each other there is nothing important here on earth, we are not gonna live here for ages let treat each other with mercy, love and each and everyone tell the truth but not the nonsence which will linger to nothing but will only teach, conduct and corrupt the new generation to come to hate each other. Remember we are all going somewhere none will inherit this earth forever.

  2. With all that has been said Yesterday is gone!!! today is here ……(and look out, tomorrow is yet to come)… we Have learned to exist in a world that is ran by complete supremacy… we won’t say to much more then that… however what we now know, was not invented yesterday??? therefore Africa, Black, Roman, Blue or green we all know that tomorrows leaders are not selling for the OKIEDOKE… WE WANT THE TRUTH!! ????Will we be sucessful… i guess will have to see>>> just wait till tomorrow. REligion, WAr, Economics, SEx, EDUCATION, etc… the WAKE Up and resurrection of HUMANITY has Arise… … So Please prepare for the compensation of the compensated…. ( all GReek and Latin Words) LOL

  3. Well, if we did a little research we would find that the so called African (a relatively new word) is depicted on most of the OLDEST european coats of arms and throughout european culture. These facts give evidence of the stature the copper hued(known as Moors) people had back then. It’s not that hard to find, all you need is a little bravery and honesty. For starters, research the origins of Scotland, Ireland, Germany and England. Who was Scotland named after?, What is St Patrick’s day really about? Who was St. Maurice? And Who were the original druids? I think the past is very relevant. If you don’t know the truth about the past people can and will tell you anything they want about the past and who you are. Like… we brought MILLIONs of Africans to North America in boats that only hold less than 300 people(yes by the same people that thought the world was flat and got lost all the time) or Egyptians were not black even though it’s in so called Africa or George Washington was the first president.(See John Hanson) That’s just silly. But a lack of knowledge will allow some to fall for this type of MIS or DIS-information. We know the people of Egypt (yet another new word.Whose true name is Kemaat) had hot and cold running water, electric light bulbs and many other advanced technologies which inspire our way of life still. We know they were copper hued because their names and ancient hieroglyphs tell us so. So yeah its relevant. With proper study we would trace back to a factual historic time when the land mass was one (undivided Mu, Asia etc) before the big quake. Cnn and the NY Times both did stories recently about the mother of civilization (Eve) being a copper hued woman. So that means the copper hued people not only have been around for a long time but were already the indigenous to all the lands. The point is it doesn’t matter how one distorts history, the evidence is there to support the fact that copper hued people were/are the original founders of civilization including but not limited to Greek, Egyptian, American cultures. Outside of the US most people know the truth of true history it is just people in the US that are in denial.
    Peace and love to all.
    P.S. Yes I did say Moors. No they were not just arabs (research). It’s not about who’s there now it’s about who was there during these historical periods. EX.: Harlem NY has many new europeans moving and living there but that doesn’t mean that they were involved with the Harlem renaissance of the early 1900’s. Therefor they can not take the place of those who were there during that time. Different people but still considered New Yorkers. GET IT?

  4. It is common knowledge that the numerical system first originated in the Indus valley and was developed by the Vedic and Sanskrit people.
    Hindus taught the Arabs, who passed the knowledge to the Greeks who then founded a civilization in North Africa.
    Egypt was basically a third world colony of Greece and Rome, ruled by the Greco-Macedonian elite, using the natives as slaves to build the architecture that we now call ancient Egypt.

    As for civilizations in Africa….there is only one. Its called the Republic of South Africa.

    1. You sound like a RACIST BIGOT and IGNORANT EUROCLOWN.
      Read Ruins Of Empire —-by Count Volney,Herotudus and Abbe Emile Amelineau.
      There is no need to respond to PSYCHOPATHIC RACIST FOOL LIKE YOU.
      Europeans are simply Destroyers and Thieves,claiming what’s not theirs.
      Live in your fools paradise.

      When Egyptians built pyramids between 3000 and 2000 BC, homer, socrates, pericles, alexander the great where not yet even conceived in the mind of the creator. The golden age of what is known as Greek civilization took place between 700 and 400 BC. Egypt collapsed in 525 BC at the hands of persians (after more than 2000 years of brilliant civilization), then the Greek conquered Egypt in 332 BC. The Romans came around 30 BC, and the Arab Muslims conquered Egypt in 640 after Christ. So if you do not know history, go back to high school and do not waist people’s time. Let us have meaningful conversation in our common “global village”, but not this blablabla of nauseating ignorance

    3. Where did you find that bullshit? Civilizations was all over Africa still have the remains from when the British and Portuguese came through and destroyed them you should do your research and stop going by things you’ve heard

  5. The original Egyptians were African and Asiatic people who lived on the shores of the Nile River. They were people of dark olive to light olive complexions. As time progressed, people of Europe and the Nubians resided in the land of Egypt. The slave trade by the Arabs also caused the complexions of the Egyptians to change to very light olive to white.
    The Egyptians taught Aristotle and other Fathers of Greece how to set up a political system for their people in Greece. The Egyptians were the most intelligent people in the known world.

    1. Aristotle’s dogma probably retarded scientific progress btw. It required experimental methodolgy to actual get to the Empirical fact based science of the modern age.

      Classical civilization was a deadend.

  6. hey,you better believe and stop bamboozling your selves,AFRICA and THE BLACK COLOR is the genesis of creation,do not be fooled just read far and wide,there are hidden truths,we need to tell the next generation the truth so they will not run from it.AFRICA BELONGS TO AFRICANS ,THEY ARE OUR STUDENTS ,WE TAUGHT THEM MANY THINGS…………Jah arise and all African enemies scatter……..just get to my site for more facts…

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