Haplogroup J and the Jewish Cohen Modal Haplotype – Ishaq Al-Sulaimani

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Haplogroup J and the Jewish Cohen Modal Haplotype
Ishaq Al-Sulaimani

DNA evidence does not support the
claim that the Jewish people living
in Israel are descendants of the
ancient Israelites. On the contrary
DNA evidence proves that the vast
majority of Jewish people around the
world are not Israelite by patrilineal
descent meaning of the seed of
Abraham,Isaac and Jacob.

Judaism is a religion comprised
of numerous and various peoples
of all races and ethnicities. Israelites
are the descendants of Abraham,Isaac
and Jacob. Israelites are scattered
around the world and can be found
practicing every religion. DNA testing
has proven that Judaism is a religion
as the Jewish people have tested
positive for at least 8 distinct and
unrelated lineages.

J1 is the only Semitic Haplogroup
recognized by geneticists. It appears
heavily in Ethiopia,Yemen and Arabia.
It is also common amongst Bedouins.
STR markers are used to specify
lineages within a specific haplogroup.
The Kohenim which are found within
the Buba clan of the Lemba tribe of South
Africa, the descendants of Muhammad
(Ishmael) and the Solomonic Amhara
of Ethiopia are all defined by specific
STR Markers within the J1 Haplogroup.

Only 4% of Jewish people around the
world claim to be Kohen. DNA testing
eliminated more than half of those
claims. Meaning that less than 2%
of Jewish people are actually of
authentic Kohen descent.

Approximately 13% of
the Jewish people have the
J1 haplogroup. This means
that almost 90% of the Jewish
people are not Semitic or
Israelite for that matter.
The Israelite Amhara of
Ethiopia have 10 times the
amount of J1 than all of
the Jewish people combined.
The Buba clan has a higher
ratio of Kohenim in comparison
to any Jewish community.
Only the ancient Kurdish Jews
have a ratio of Kohenim comparable
to that of the Buba(Lemba).

Note: J2 is not Semitic but
Phoenician, which was a
mixture of Semitic and Hamitic.
Some Israelite STR markers
were identified in J2 such as
a limited amount of Kohenim.
However J2 is not Semitic
and should not be confused
or combined with J1. J2
is non-existent in Ethiopia.

Matrilineal Judaism which
considers paternity irrelevant
to Jewish status could not
possibly inherit that which was
promised to the seed of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob.

Below is a DNA Site presented
by an educated Jewish woman
which clearly demonstrates
the fact that the vast majority
of Jewish people are not J1.

Page 4- J1 constitutes 14.6%
of Ashkenazi results and 11.9%
of Sephardic results

See: “A Reassessment of the Jewish DNA Evidence
Ellen Levy-Coffman . The Jewish community has
been the focus of extensive genetic study over the past …

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47 thoughts on “Haplogroup J and the Jewish Cohen Modal Haplotype – Ishaq Al-Sulaimani”

  1. Hello. Can you clarify (as I’m a beginner) how and or if either of my Dad’s Haplogroups could be traced back to Jewish roots in any way or not? I’m not entirely sure I make sense of it all as I’m just learning. His Maternal Haplogroup is J2b1a1 (aka M99?) and his Paternal Haplogroup is JM172. I find it all very fascinating to learn about lineage, history and how we all came to be!

  2. Requires researched documentation from authoritative credible resources to prove it like Dr. Dr. Klyosov. Etc. There are false Jews. Its was meant to occur per the scriptures. The bible clearly makes a DELIENATION between the 2 J’s Y haploids in the book of creation, Genises. . Anthroplology and scripture research intercept at a time when and where J2 existed prior to Solomons temple. J1 BEING A MORE RESENT INHABITANT IN THE MIDDLE EAST. ALSO, PER BIBLE A REMNANT. OR TRIBE OF ISRAEL SHA LL BE SPARED AND LINEAGE SHALL INHERIT THE PROMIISED LAND PER BIBLICAL essential INDICATER. THAT PEOPLE HaPPENS TO BE J2 to this day. As for the rest of those other ancient lineages God has disperesed throughout the world. A surviving Jewish remnant, Samaritans, a J2 haploid population is a sample and indicater established by God, yet neglected by society untill this day. Jews in every aspect of society whether they know their identity or not are nevertheless central figures leaders and key KEEPERS in various higherarchy and crucial roles WITHIN THEIR CURRENT INHABBITED society globally speacking. Unfoubtfully, JEWS CONTINUE TO BE GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE in crucial ways not merely through pretentious claims. IN OTHER WORDS, GOD’S WORD has been an accurate and resounding echoing voice throught human existence when he specifically called his chosen people, Peleg being the father of Abraham. It’s been A RESOUNDING VOICE UNTILL THIS DAY. THE’LL BE A TIME WHEN ALL DISPERSED JEWS and their famillies WILL RETURN TO THEIR PROMISSED LAND.

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