Gregory Isaacs answers the last call

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The “Cool Ruler” has died. Reggae great Gregory Isaacs, who earned that chilled-out honorific thanks to his natty dress and emphasis on romantic, yearning tunes, died at the age of 59 at his home in London following a yearlong battle with lung cancer, according to BBC News.

Isaacs, best known for his bubbling 1982 hit “Night Nurse,” gained his nickname as a result of his 1978 album, Cool Ruler, on which he perfected the reggae style known as “lover’s rock,” a swaying, bouncy sound that mixed the insistent thrum and downbeat of the Jamaican islands with a 1950s R&B crooner-style vocal.

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  1. God Bless Gregory isaccs the cool entertainer. Although he knew it was wrong to smoke he did it because of peer presure. I am Barrington Francis the last Canadian featherweight boxing Champion of Canada, former Eastern canadian, Canadian, North American, WBFWorld champion and the last Canadian featherweight champion in Canada ever!. He inspired not only myself but a lot of people and he is not forgotten in my book! RasBarrington

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