Ethiopians, Beware of the Pope of Rome and the Knights of Malta

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Call to Arms

Fighting Men of Ethiopia!

Do not lament nor lose hope when you see a respected and beloved leader fall in the battlefield, for the cause of our freedom. Instead, you must realize that anyone who dies for his country is indeed fortunate. Death comes to all whether in time of peace or war and takes those it chooses.

It is better to die with freedom than without it.
Our forefathers preserved Our country’s independence through the sacrifice of their lives. Let them be your inspiration!

Soldiers! Businessmen! Farmers! Young and old, men and women! Unite! Together fight for the defence of your country! As it has always been by our tradition, women too must rise to defend their country by encouraging the soldiers and nursing the wounded. No matter how hard Italy tries to disunite us.

God is Our fortress and Our defence. Never let the aggressor’s new weapons detract you from fighting for the defence of your country and noble ideals!

Your Emperor who speaks to you now will also be amidst you at that time and is ready to shed his blood for the freedom of his country….July 11, 1934 address to parliament

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