Ethiopian Black Jews Denounce Racist Israeli minister

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Ethiopian Black Jews Denounce Racist Israeli minister

Israel’s interior minister faces accusations of racism after he suggested suspending the policy of allowing Ethiopians with Jewish ancestry to move to the country.

While rabbinical authorities judge the so-called Falash Mura to be sufficiently Jewish to qualify for Israeli citizenship, Meir Sheetrit said they were not really Jewish and had been let in only because of “political correctness”.

 In remarks that incensed the large Falasha community already in Israel, he implied that Ethiopians were fleecing the state by leaving the economic hardship of their birthplace and enjoying comfortable new lives in Israel.

“Who needs them?” he said in an interview with The Jerusalem Post. “They are all Christians. We need to take care of the future of Israel and this immigration will never finish.”

His comments were denounced as racist by senior members of the Falasha community who pointed out that Jews from white countries were allowed into Israel without any question from the authorities.

“The way he is expressing himself has a smell of racism about it because he would not say such statements to any other immigrants from America or Russia,” said Avraham Neguise, chairman of the Representatives of Ethiopian Immigrant Organisations in Israel.

His remarks are unacceptable and irresponsible. The state of Israel is the home for every Jew and is it not the minister’s private home.

“These people have been described and identified as part of Jewish Ethiopian community by the chief rabbinate. They are our blood, our flesh and our bones.”

Ethiopians who come to Israel often complain of not being able to find good jobs and experiencing discrimination.


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5 thoughts on “Ethiopian Black Jews Denounce Racist Israeli minister”

  1. It is totally wrong if Israel would denied the Ethiopian Jews access and ancestry of their human-origin while they would accept Jews from other lands into Israel, unquestionable. Ancestry is priceless. For anyone to deny himself his/her ancestral RIGHT is, as well, a graven insult upon his/herself. For anyone (country) to deny the other (his/her ancestral citizenship) his ancestral right and joy, is totally a gross abormination before the God, the grand designer, of all THINGS. The God who has no beginning and who has no END.

    To all the Jews, my heart goes with you all. May your wishes to return, if you so wish, come true. AMEN!!!!!!!

    Yours and His,

    Festus Akpan
    f: Planet Earth Charity (PEC)*

    *The future of oneness and friendship in onWORLD.

  2. Does this Sheetrit have the complexion of a mayor of Tunis,Tunisia during the 1980’sDARK BROWN!!!!!!!!
    Some say the Ashkenazi only became Jewish in the 8th ce.but they are white Jews so no doubting their credentials.

  3. A quote from Abdel Gamel Yasser: “You will never have peace in israel, because you left here(Canaan) Black and returned white and we cannot accept you this way”… We know who the true Yahudim are and a point of fact they are not white..Thats why israel which is really canaan for there is no such thing as israel the state only israel the people.The word of torah is true Japheth now truly dwells in the tents of shem, but where is shem?

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