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The word Nero in folk Latin (and modern day Italian) is used for Black. Was Nero another Black Emperor of Rome?

Translate Nero to English…:

Behold his rarely shown statue and coins. Remark his features, focus on the face, zoom in on the lips. :


The Coin of Emperor Nero

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12 thoughts on “Emperor Nero, another Black Emperor of Rome – IronLion”

  1. Rome was “multi-ethnic” like America. You can tell who was black and not white because they were named “Black”, Nero the Italian word for black.

    You can also tell by the color of the statue.

    1. If you believe Nero was a black man your fooling yourself. And if he was, he was a monster. He killed a lot of Christians. I would not want this man to be associated with anything black.

      1. Nero Means Black Out Of Darkness Comes Light That Goes For Mankind Whites Do Not Pre Exist Before Blacks So All This History Is Mostly Lied About From Whites History Is Told By The Victors Of War Dont Mean Its Truth There Telling

      2. Here’s a lil History lesson. Nero was Black and of Moorish Muslim decent. He was not a Christian.

        Rome was a pagan nation much like its neighbors to the north, south, east, and west. Wake Up! Skin color has no kinship. “Man has dominated man to his injury.”

        Ask the millions of Indian (India) & Chinese Baby Girls slaughtered, eaten (soup), drowned, organs harvested, abandoned, dumped, starved, aborted each year by India & China in the name of money.

        Rome’s 12 Gods called Dii Consentes: six gods and six goddesses: Jupiter, Juno, Minerva, Vesta, Ceres, Diana, Venus, Mars, Mercurius, Neptunus, Volcanus, and Apollo.

        Both pre-Christian and post-Christian Roman rulers killed Christians (Catholic Church). Don’t forget Rome’s Colosseum and what it was used for.

      3. and that…..is only reason you say he was not black cause we all know only white people could kill in bloody ways, right? How bout this one, if you believe that Nero couldn’t possibly been black man then you’re fooling yourself cause guess what…lots of black people are killers too!! psssttt….smh!!

  2. The first Romans were the Etruscans, who were Black….You can always check to see the skin color by asking Google if whoever was “swarthy” which means, black, dark… Of course, Nero (name means black). By in large the early ancients were black just as human kind originated in Africa… The Romans were swarthy…. descendants of the Black Etruscans…

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