Dr Frances Cress-Weslying Speaks on White Psyche and Genetics

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One thought on “Dr Frances Cress-Weslying Speaks on White Psyche and Genetics”

  1. There is enough evidence to support Dr. Cress-Welsing that the idea of Brazil been different to the US is nasty [this guy need to do his home work or what he’s playing at], if you check the book by Abdias Do Nascimento “Brazil Mixture or Massacre”
    How the Brazilian govs. tried very well to fool the mind with the concept of “racial democracy” which is even a more damaging concept for the psyche to anyone.
    When after so called “abolition of enslaved Afrikan” from that 30 years on they had full on immigration of European [poor and hungry for economic autonomy] who were given good land and as a result another attack on the Afrikan Brazilian, But also pass bill to prohibited the entry of “black race” [decree June 28, 1890, except natives of Asia & Africa] [Decree 1945 – Law decree 7967 to only allow white european and later racist white exile from Congo, Mozambique, Angola] the plan was the same as the Argentinian gov. [bleaching the blood] to remove any trace of African link to their country!!! No matter what Dr Cress-Welsing paper is still valid today. I’d hope European could open their mind so as to stop their spiritual destruction.

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