Dirty Prince Harry – The Racist Spawn Of The Royal House Of England – By – Lion!

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A Royal Reprimand: Dirty Prince Harry Sent to Cleaners:

British media outlets reported Thursday that the so-called prince Harry is being sent on an “equality and diversity” course by the British army after he was recorded making racist remarks. See The BBC and the Daily Mirror, February 12, 2009.

So-called prince Harry is the orange haired second son of the late Diana princess of Wales before the dissolution of her marriage with Charles of the house of Windsors. Reports note that Harry is being sent on cultural and racialist sensitivity training by the army.

The Windsors are pampered racists par excellence and it is only when the seldom report finds its way into the world press that one is again reminded of the offensive, nasty and petty nature of the world’s so-called most prominent royal family.

For years Harry has been getting away with his lunatic fringe racist conduct typical of some cold hearted pale racist scum.

Last month a newspaper released 2006 video of Harry using a highly offensive term about a Pakistani officer. Harry apologized but said he had used the expression about a friend and without malice.

The prince also was recorded using an offensive racial epithet for people of Middle Eastern descent to mock another cadet

This week, black British comedian Stephen K. Amos said Harry a lieutenant in the Household Cavalry regiment had told him last year that he didn’t “sound like a black chap.”

The Nazi-loving Junkie Spawn of the House of Saxe-Cobourg and Gotha:

Since early adolescence, Harry had consistently demonstrated his absolute lack of training and manners. His obscene behaviors were such as one would expect from an over indulged bored but disaffected child. If any sobriquet best describes Harry, it is the one made famous by Clint Eastwood in his notorious sadistic movie called Dirty Harry series.

In 2002, Charles took dirty Harry to a drug rehab center to meet recovering addicts after he acknowledged smoking cannabis (but it appears that he was actually caught with harder substances) and drinking alcohol while underage.

The tabloid press obfuscated the level of his problems by dubbing him “Harry Pothead as if he were a true marijuana consumer. On the contrary, like the rest of his troubled family, Harry has always been an addict to strong manufactured chemical compounds like alcohol and cocaine as opposed to being an advocate of natural compounds like cannabis.

After graduating from elite boarding school Eton College the next year, dirty Harry turned a nightclub animal and was frequently snapped by paparazzi leaving nightclubs in the early hours. He even attacked a photographer in the street one night but this was quickly hushed up by the biased British media.

In January 2005, dirty Harry apologized after being pictured in a newspaper at a costume party dressed as a Nazi, complete with a swastika armband. One must remember that the German House of Saxe-Cobourg and Gotha from Bavaria is one and the same with the English house of Windsor, the current dynasty of the Kingdom of England.

The family known today as the British Windsors (the family of Elizabeth II) has a German patriarch. A certain German prince called Albert was sent to breed with Queen Victoria towards in the 19th century. Known as Albert the prince consort, this German fellow could barely speak one word of English language when he left his native Germany for England. (The family changed its name to Windsor during the height of the WW1 to avoid negative reaction from a populace manipulated into a tragic war aimed at wealth and population control.)

Albert the prince consort husband of racist Queen Victoria was the brother to Ernst I King of Saxe-Cobourg and Gotha who died in 1892. Ernst was succeeded by his son Ernst II who died childless leaving the throne to his Uncle Albert who was married to Queen Victoria of England.

Albert passed the throne to one of his children with Queen Victoria, named prince Alfred the Duke of Edinburgh. Indeed, research shows that Albert was from this time on the real power behind the Bavarian Duchy of Saxe-Cobourg eventhough he formally passed on the Crown of the Duchy twice to his children who nominally ruled in his name.

Alfred died without a male heir and was succeeded by another son of Albert and Queen Victoria, a sixteen year old known as Leopold Duke of Albany in 1900. Leopold who was took the title under the name of Carl Eduard served in the German army against England in the First World War. The English branch of his family caught him off publicly (but maintained links privately) so as not to be overtly associated with his sympathies.

Eventually due to political intrigues the Kingdom/Duchy of Saxe-Cobourg and Gotha finally dissolved by 1920s and was added to various German states such as Bavaria and Thuringia.

This German family that rules England and much of the world today is a brood of Nazi sympathizers. Edward VIII the one that abdicated the throne was a notorious collaborator with the German Nazis. Also, the current prince consort and grandfather of dirty Harry, Philip the Greek had other Nazis in his family.

Philip’s sister Sophie, was married to one of the most prominent members of the Nazi party, Prince Christoph the prince-consort. Prince Chritoph’s brother was a senior liaison officer for the Nazis and the Fascists. Philip himself also maintained secret ties with the Nazi-loving deposed Edward VIII.

In a report filed in 2002, the Guardian.UK disclosed FBI information on the Nazi sympathy of some members of the Windsor family. According to the filing, “President Roosevelt personally ordered covert surveillance on the Duke and Duchess of Windsor during the second world war after receiving intelligence that the duchess had been passing secrets to a top Nazi…” These documents were kept secret in deference to the wishes of the late mother of the current Queen of England.

One can then understand how the digging up of skeletal remains of the royal connections to Germany and Nazi politics could pose a matter of delicate sensitivity.

Of course everyone in the family was dismayed at the conduct of this dirty Harry. This was the chicken coming home to roost.

Realizing the genuine threat posed by this Nazi masque party melt-down, the Windsors swung into action and quickly repackaged dirty Harry as a benefactor of “ethical” causes. Off he was sent to jolly old Africa the dream of all every attention craving would be philantropists.

Messed-up Benefactor of Charitable Causes:

Dirty Harry was sent off on a fantasy visit, to a fantasy African orphanage/hospital in Lesotho that hosted babies supposedly “raped” by “wicked and superstitious black African-Aids victims hoping to be cured of Aids.” Dirty Harry vented-out his drug addled fantasy trip about supposed African sexuality in a self-worshipping documentary he made, which was as idiotic as Harry himself was socio-pathic.

That trip was the nadir of self-deception and the worst kind of reptilian hypocrisy. Western and other global audiences were distracted with a shallow documentary and sound bites subliminally imbued with the worst types of racist lies, mingled with Hollywood like moral plots to rouse the angst of viewers. Yet, nothing in the entire report was true. Nothing represented the pattern of events as known by any discerning person.

Statistics and reason confirm that the most likely place on earth for the occurrence of child rapes are actually in the western world where child prostitution and child pornography are huge billion dollar empires patronized with impunity by some of the most privileged members of the western society including the so-called Royal family itself. Why dirty Harry did not visit the Scotland Yard where he would have been acquainted with one or two English case-files on child rape and pornography convinced me that this was the lowest type of cheap publicity stunt. His case was a lost case.

Imagine that after having been caught on camera performing some racist acts (Nazi masque), dirty Harry sought to take cover behind a subliminally but more atrociously racist lie about so-called African baby rape. The whole charade simply pointed to the irredeemable nature of dirty Harry’s soul.

Serpents and their Descendants:

Ostensibly, the word was that the whole charade on dirty Harry’s visit to Africa might have improved his public image but those that knew the mind frame of a serial racist were convinced that it was only a matter of time before this German Nazi spawn would strike again.

Harry entered the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst (so-called most prestigious and competitive Military academy in the world) in 2005 without any prior qualification examination, by reason of his royal affiliation. His academic and military performance in Sandhurst can best be described as unimpressive, lackluster and mediocre.

After being commissioned as a junior officer someone figured that it would help his image if he appeared to have taken his burden of duty fighting in the front line. He was sent under heavy guard and protection to some relatively quiet and peaceful corner of Afghanistan for 10 weeks to learn how to legally take pot shots at poorly armed “darkies”. He was quickly shuttled home once the news of his misadventures hit the internet and it was no more considered safe for him to be in that hapless central Asian country.

Yet, habits die hard. A serpent must generate a serpent. Dirty Harry true to his nature struck again but this time with his progenitor. Last month it was reported that Prince Charles and his sons refer to a south Asian family friend as “Sooty” another word for “Darkie” a deep racist insult. They both sought to excuse themselves on flimsy grounds.

This month dirty Harry is once again in the news. Where will it end? Will this horridly damaged reptilian spawn of some German serpents keep shocking the sensibility of self-respecting people in this 21st century?

We will keep you posted.


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6 thoughts on “Dirty Prince Harry – The Racist Spawn Of The Royal House Of England – By – Lion!”

  1. If Prince Harry has German ancestry and not forgetting the lifestyle or lack of ordinary/common contact with people from different cultures, don’t you think he is only displaying the environment he was brought up in? Some ordinary white working class persons also display such negative behaviour towards people of a different culture?

  2. Leave the guy alone!

    If it wasn’t for blacks and other immigrants England would still be a great country – unfortunately it’s now ruined!!

  3. Paul don’t u mean if it weren’t for whites England would be a great country Africans had control of England first, so-called whites are the immigrants this was a totally Colored world. Why the real Queen, the black Queen Sophie is the rightful ruler of England the false Queen Elizabeth’s 3rd great grandmother was a black the throne should have passed through the black relatives not the mulatto children of George lll.So you see these people have black blood or had, now black blood is specific it’s o+. George married a black queen,fathered 15 children by her, the first of which mulatto,then the family went downhill from there,lost all of their Negroid features.Look up the black queen Sophie.All kings & queens of all of these countries got in on the African side by marriage to black people that were the true kings and queens. Whites had just came out of the dark ages after we taught u to be civilized read the history of the original kings of Britian,Scotland,Rome,England,Morocco,Spain etc. I think u will find that the king & queens were originally colored read about the CAGOTS . That’s how the mutant race known as white got in the HUEMAN race. We didn’t then, AND WE DON’T NOW EXCEPT YOU AS ONE OF the HUEMAN RACE.Indigenous is something ony the darker races can enjoy everyone else, migrated out of the caves.So if you are not colored you too migrated there and u too are an immigrant.So for the record Queen Elizabeth’s great,great, great grandmother was a lighter in color ,with Negriod features, woman that married into their family so the rest of them claimed jumped into the black family. Now the holders of royalty are nothing but interloafers of Black heritage false holders of the throne of England.Go figure why everyone wants what is rightfully, African Ancestry.They know how they stole the titles of royality, research before u speak u just might be surprised who’s family tree most of these fake royals are swinging on.

  4. Oh, Pee on it. Harry is very angry, beneath his raucus, often flagrantly rebellious outward veneer because he, and for that matter his brother, William, are rightfully mad at the filthy, rotten lie about their mother’s death. Many, in my country, the USA are still angry about the loss of our Royal Family, the assassination of our beloved Presdent John F. Kennedy, and the lies we now have documented, filmed by many, proof of.

    Diana loved peace and worked tirelessly for it. President Kennedy loved peace as well, and had ordered the withdrawal of our forces from Vietnam, and left Fidel Castro in power in Cuba. The warmongers and their corporate masters hated them both. That is why they are dead.

    I say to Harry and William, be pissed off. Work for truth and peace. Let the wealthy rich-serving haggards go to their deserved hell fire. Judgment Day is on it’s way, and they will fry in the Lord’s final firey destruction.

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