Desolation, dissent and self-immolation in the state of Israel

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A disabled Israeli war veteran is said to be in a serious condition after setting himself on fire at a bus stop near Tel Aviv.

The man was in dispute with officials in charge of rehabilitating veterans, according to a veterans’ group.

Sunday’s case came hours before the funeral of Moshe Silman, who died a week after setting himself on a fire at a protest against inequality.

More than 1,000 people took part in vigils for Mr Silman on Saturday.

Israeli police say the latest case of self-immolation happened at a bus stop in Yehud near Tel Aviv.

Passers-by managed to put out the flames but the man, a wheelchair-user, suffered burns to 80% of his body.

There have been other failed attempts to copy Mr Silman’s actions in recent days.

Mr Silman, who was heavily in debt, had left a note accusing the Israeli establishment of “taking from the poor to give to the rich”.

Israeli self-immolation

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