Christopher Columbus started the Indian slave trade

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What about the African Slave Trade?

Much of the so-called African Slave Trade was fabricated. There was no trade! An independent source showing that the so-called Indians on the Eastern Seaboard (also called Terra Nova), were Moors, is a book called; “Africans and Native Americans”, by Jack D. Forbes. He shows in the book how many so-called Native American Indians were sold into slavery in Africa and Europe. This is the opposite direction in which we were taught the slave trade went in. These Native Americans or Indians were classified as Negroes and Blacks in the slaves books of Seville Spain and elsewhere. On page 29 he says; ” slaves from Terranova show up in the slave markets of Seville and Valencia very soon after 1500. For example; in Valencia during the period to 1516, we find in 1503 Miguel, Manne, in 1505 Juan and Pedro, in 1507 Antonio and Juan Amarco, in 1515 Ali, now Melchor, in 1516 Catalina. … they were all classified as Negroes…”. if we were first brought to North America around 1619 or even 1555, for that matter, then how were they taking slaves from Newfoundland, to Europe? Keep in mind that one of the “Native Americans” even had the name “Ali” and all were classified as Negro once they reached Yalencia. How did a Native American in 1515 have the Moorish name “Ali”?

At least 3,000 Americans (so-called Indians) are known to have been shipped to Europe between 1493 and 1501 (the Columbus Expeditions), with the likely total being possibly double that. Most were sent to the Seville area, where they seem to show up in the slave markets as Negroes. These are major contradictions to the whole slave trade myth. Blacks were always in America! The “Missing Indians” are Negroes! The slaves sold on the slave markets in the South were initially the black people from right here in this Hemisphere. As they took the lands here, they enslaved the inhabitants of those lands who were blacks. The tens of millions of Americans (so-called Indians) who disappeared after 1492 did not all die in the ‘holocaust’ inflicted within America. Many thousand were sent to Europe and Africa as slaves. The whole slave trade myth is that the whole story was given to us in reverse. A mass colony of Africans were not shipped from Africa to America, but the truth is that Black Indians were shipped from America to Europe! They were then shipped from Spain to Africa as commodity for African resources. These Black Indians (now mistaken as Africans) were shipped back to America and classified as “African Slaves.” This part of our history is what the school systems failed to mention in their history programs!

Are you saying that there was no Slave Trade?

There was indeed a kidnapping of Africans from Africa to America. However, it was a result of the mass shipment and slaughter of Moors in America at the hands of Columbus’ expeditions. Columbus’ first journey in 1492 was a mission to capture gold but he was side tracked by the presence of the black Moors. Columbus sent word back to the Monarchs of Spain that there were (what he referred to in his logs as the people of Queen Sheba). Columbus kidnapped Arawak Indians along with gold nuggets, exotic birds, and grain. Queen Isabella provided Columbus with seventeen ships, 1500 men, cannons, crossbows, guns, and attack dogs for the second voyage. Columbus’ new mission was to conquer the West. When Columbus returned to the West (Haiti) and South America in 1493, he not only took raw materials and resources but he abducted women. After a short time the Arawaks resisted Columbus and on March 25, 1495 Columbus slaughtered thousands of Arawak natives of men, women, and babies. Columbus also rounded up 1500 Arawaks and shipped them to Spain.

Columbus became the first man known in history to send the first slaves across the Atlantic. Other nations rushed to emulate Columbus. In 1501 the Portuguese began to depopulate the Beotuk Indians to Cape Verde as slaves. The black Indian slavery destroyed the Indian nations of Natchez, Yamasee, Pequots. Because of this, the first African slave raid took place in 1505 and was spearheaded by Columbus’ son. When the Moors (Indians) of America began dying and committing suicide the labor was replaced with slaves from the Sahara in West Africa. Also, the gold and silver that Columbus extracted from America fueled a 400% inflation that eroded the economies of non European nations and helped Europe to develop a global market system. Africa suffered a great economical blow. The Trans-Saharan trade collapsed because America supplied more precious gems than the African West Coast. African traders now only had one commodity that Europe wanted, slaves! African Sultans thus sold their own black people into slavery to whites. It is safe to say that Columbus is solely responsible for the slavery of the Moors from West to East and from East to West. REFER TO BLOOD MONEY.

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  1. We must not forget that the copper colored man in Amercia has origins from the original Asiaatic race of the Pacific islands and south east Asia. Africans migrated here as well way before Columbus

  2. Do your homework. Ham is the progenator of all the dark races, “Except The NEGROS”, all the ones you named are correct.

    Shem is the progenator of the Arabs, and the Hebrews.

    Blacks, Hispanics, native Americans, pretty much every dark race of people at the bottom, we make up the 12 tribes of Israel. With the blacks in America being from Judah.
    The Bible tells us this! All you have to do is read the curses of Deuteronomy 28, and ask yourself what race of people do all the curses (All Not Some) apply to?
    The Jews occupying the mother land Israel, currently as I write this are “fake” nothing more than Kahzarian converts, they marched the real Jews out and implanted the fake ones in, under the Belfaur Act after world world 2 in the 1940’s.

    If you read the 2nd Book of Ezra in the Apopcrypha, you will see how after one of the captivities, the Northern Tribe of Israel, or 10 tribes of Israel, which included everyone except Judah, and the Levites (Negros in America, and Haitians today)decided they we’re no longer going to be captive and they fled by way of ship and landed in America. That is how the natives got to America, that is what the Arthur has not linked together.

    During all the captivities, (Assyrians Phoenicians, Babylonians Grecians Romans) each one of those nation’s, once the captured us (which was punishment for breaking God’s covenant) the nation we were captured by, would steal our Laws Statutes and Commandments and translate it into their language. The two most notable ones are “Greek” and “Latin”, before then it was only written in Hebrew. So they stole our way of life and made it into religion and then flipped it against us. Told us we we’re the gentiles and they were Israel, because they do not want us to know who we are. part of the prophecy is that Judah will be the first to awake to who we are and awaken the other nations, this is happening already!!!

    1. Hello Travis, I love the way you have broken this down. Thank you for enlightening me. I am doing my own research at this time, I just came across your post and I will screenshot and save, again thank you. Got me about to open my bible.

  3. We have the ship manifest of the 1,500 British voyages to africa. John Hawkins himself brought 3,000 within a 6 yr period. Over 3 million brought by th he British alone. Divide and conquer is how John Hawkins and Herman Cortez succeeded. In Hawkins diaries the King of Sierra Leone had a problem with another king, so the king and Hawkins formed a pact. If Hawkins helped him take that king down, Hawkins could have the captives. Hawkins was able to net 500 captives from that alone. A kinky hair negro is not a straight haired Indian.

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