Charlemagne, the Moor and the Negrito Royalty of the Holy Roman Empire – Marc Washington’s Perspectives

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31 thoughts on “Charlemagne, the Moor and the Negrito Royalty of the Holy Roman Empire – Marc Washington’s Perspectives”

  1. This is very important for me and the world to know the truths which have been hidden from us. Mr. Marc Washington Keep working to bring us information of truth to enlighten our minds from the lies of self hate and shame. You have been blessed from the creator as one of the many messengers to deliver unto us words of knowledge.

  2. Mr. Washington, I really appreciate what you are doing. I have been following African history for more than 20 years, mostly African history of Africa, India, Asia and the Americas and everywhere in between. I must admit, I thought Europe was strictly for white people until about 15 years ago when discovering Queen Sofie Charlotte, King George III’s wife was Black. Then I read one of your articles about Moorish rule in Europe and just googled King George III’s name. I then began to view his pictures and his mother, father and his siblings. I was quite astonished. I could be wrong, but King George III appears to be Black and built like a Black man. I then began to gaze and view other monarchs and nobles of Europe, past and present. I could not believe my eyes. Some of them were indeed Black and not White at all. Some were passing and some were mixed, biracial, and hey Black is Black. I am shocked and utterly amazed at the fact that true history is not being taught in schools. I have also come to an understanding why some White people tradionally hate and despise Black people—Black people ruled them.

    I use to wonder in history class why Adolf Hitler wanted Europe if not the world to be ‘pure White race’. I was thinking at the time that Europe is mostly consisted of White people, so what is this man’s problem? It did not register to me that obviously Hitler did not think Europe was a white continent solely. I realized why the royal families of Europe ran in hiding during his massacre and killings of the Jews. If the European royals were so white then why were they running? History never speaks of this, it just mentions that royals in Europe ran in hiding. I learned to never allow white historians, scholars and authors to dictate history and define race, because they are too tricky, misleading, and deceiving.

    Keep up the good work Mr. Washington, the world will thank you for it. It is a relief to understand why racism exist. The truth must be told.

  3. Terribly sorry guys but most of that information is false.Firstly, Moors arent considered black.They are considered Arab but are from Africa nevertheless but charlemagne isnt a Moor but Frankish .Then to Oracle : Pure white was basically in Hitler’s eyes, Blond hair , blue eyes people which doesnt represent all of the white in Europe.King Geogre’s wife wasn’t Sofie Charlotte but Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz who wasn’t black(neither was geogre).Don’t spread false information guys, it makes you as bad as the racists in history who you try to expose, instead try to pearch about the great black empires in history such as the kingdom of kush.

    1. You are the devil the bible speaks of. There is history about us blacks ruling Europe before the Caucasians came to conquer us in that era of time. The dark ages refer to the black people living in that continent like kings and Queens. We built that country before the ignorant cave man that likes his meat rare done came in there to put as slaves. Everything the white man has done in the world is evil. And yes we went through slavery because it was God who cursed us blacks , natives American and Hispanics for not keeping the laws he gave us , which are in the bible. The school system lyied to us and say we come from Africa but we come from Israel our home land , because we are the true Jews. The white caucasian people that come from mount Sier are not the real Jews. They took our identity. Read From Babylon to Timbuktu by Rudolph R. Windsur. And get a true bible with the aprocrypha amd read it. There is everything you need to know about Essau the father of the white race which in the bible they are called Edomites for there red skin. We come ftom Jacob the father of the 12 tribes that is scattered all through out the four corners of the world. So yes we was king and Queens in Europe and they took that from us . The real Queen Elizabeth was black. King james was black. Bethoven was black. And much more , but the wicked rule the world since the reinasaance Era and white wash our pictures amd everything we left behind to make it seem it was them, them lied to us in the school system and we where just jungle people running around naked. That is false… But God is going to finish that race for all the evil they have done to the world . Read revalation if you can understand it. So stop telling my people wrong things and do your research..instead of talking racism, when from the beginning the whites or red people where racist towards us to start with and still are… Look at our people today.

    2. I beg to differ with you sir, but the Moors have never been considered “white”. I suggest you read European literature like La Chanson de Roland (The Song of Roland) or read some of the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. There are black knights and they are called ‘Moor”. In one tale called “Morien” it reads: Then was the black knight blithe, and drew near Sir Lancelot and bared his head which was black as pitch; that was the fashion of his land–Moors are black as burnt brand. – p.38-39 “Morien” Jessie Laidley Weston. Morien a metrical romance rendered into English prose from the medieval Dutch. Wales: Llanerch Publishers, 1996 (facsimile reprint). In the Song of Roland, Roland also fights the Moors who are described as follows:” When Roland sees the accursed people who are blacker than ink and have no white about them except their teeth . . . ” he was not getting his butt kicked by his white European brothers but by black Moors. I have quoted from stanza #144, found on page 39 in The Song of Roland, trans. by Jessie Crosland. Ontario: In parenthesis Publishers, Old French Series, 1999.
      I am even prepared to give you the Latin and Greek origins of the term “Moor” but to what avail? Reading to understand requires a modicum of intelligence.

    3. You really need to do more research brother. We’ve all been bamboozled! Here’s the source to correct your concept of King George III who was a Brutish Moor. Original picture of King George III of Great Britain, he was not an Albino (European) he was a Moor (so-called black). Here is the mailing address authentication of this depiction. Write to “Science Museum of London Exhibition Rd London SW7 2DD, United Kingdom. Who you think gave Europeans their name and also independence in Al Moroc/America from King George III in 1787 Peace and Friendship Treaty between Morocco and the United States=30 Moors and 25 Europeans.

    4. not black but from africa? do u hear urself? arabic is a language started by blacks so im confused about whAt the hell u tryna say. evry1 knows George was black and so was Henry. there statues and paintings that contradict ur views and i wonder y u are spreading these lies

  4. this,man,has,no,knowledge,except,seal,of.solomon,camels,eye,32,degrees,mr,freeze,,,marc,washington,alone,has,shown,us,what,u,are,saying,is,false,not,to,mention,all,the,other,evidence,here,it,may,not,rep,europe,but,it,represented,the,south,here,long,before,hitler,,,blond,haired,womanwithcurly,hair,were,slaves,insouth,called1-%ngr,,,hittler,was,son,of,rothchild,johnny,come,lately,,,.to,prejudice,,,,,,,meth,aamp,head

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