Breast Cancers, Mammography and False Diagnosis: The Pharma-Medico Mafioso

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Breast Cancers, Mammography and False Diagnosis: The Pharma-Medico Mafioso – by – Jide Uwechia

The Pharm-Medical purveyors of drugs and death will have you believe that breast cancer is a potential death sentence which must be annihilated with their deadly offering of suicide poisons.

Yet, it is known in medical science and herbal wisdom that not all breast cancers are potential killers. See The British Medical Journal

Some breast cancers are so insignificant and harmless that they grow and wither by themselves. If they were not picked up, women would not know they had them.

The Pharma-medical mafioso who sell the drugs, miseries and death; that wicked cabal which insinuated itself into the psyche of society by its wicked lies, toxic medications and necromancy, did manage to convince all women and men, all authorities and governments that breast cancer screening was mandatory for the health.

Instead, by this fake ritual of scientifically validated divination, they impress the fear of darkness and daylight into the souls of women, then exploit their tortured souls and rob them of their hard earned money, killing as many as they would in the process, to keep it real, to keep it really scary.

The greatest fear of every woman in North America is the fear of breast cancer. Silent marches are held year round across western nations to commemorate the anguish, and consternation of the population at this plague; as well as their earnest hope of triumph over the ravages of breast cancer afflictions.

Breast cancer, a simple case of inflammation, easily cured by herbal wisdom, has become an unholy scourge against women, a pestilence without cure, a curse of evil, a sentence of death.

Fake Mammography

Early detection has been marketed as the only solution against breast cancer. The reasoning goes that once detected early by mammography screening the chances of survival are vastly increased.

According to Professor Gilbert Welch, professor of medicine at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice in the US:

“Mammography is one of medicine’s ‘close calls’ – a delicate balance between benefit and harm – where different people in the same situation might reasonably make different choices. Mammography undoubtedly helps some women but hurts others. No right answer exists; instead it is a personal choice.”

However, the statistics from breast cancer treatment has not been anything but depressing when a five to ten year viewpoint is considered. Most breast cancers in remission actually relapse a few years after chemotherapy.

So the treatment used for breast cancer is either ineffective or dangerous. And the test used to detect breast cancers is notoriously unreliable.

The irony is that, because of dedicated marketing of breast cancer screening, an epidemic of cancers has resulted. A good number of these cancer cases are all cases of mis-diagnosis. A good percentage of these tests result in false positive breast cancers.

From there, it goes on to the unnecessary torture and mutilation of healthy women by evil minded “hospitaliers” bent on practising some human experimentation for the advancement of their careers. Women usually undergo surgery and chemotherapy which are traumatic and potentially harmful.

Many women die, those that survive are scarred in their bodies and mind. The Pharma-Medical mafioso makes a killing. While you cry and agonize, they smile and aggrandize.

According to a research done in UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden and Norway by the Nordic Cochrane Centre group over-diagnosis of women for breast cancer has almost become an accepted norm of modern medicine. At least 30 percent of breast cancers are misdiagnosed and medical intervention unnecessary. The number could be as high as 54%.

Professor Welch stated that:

“The question is no longer whether, but how often, it occurs. The NHS recently scrapped its leaflet inviting women to undergo mammography in response to criticisms that it failed to mention the major harm of screening – over-diagnosis.”

Additionally, exposure to high dose X-ray radiation which occurs during mammography screening is highly dangerous to the health of women. X-ray radiation exposure is one of the known and proven causes of cancer. Why then are women encouraged to routinely expose themselves to the risks of X-ray radiations which could cause breast cancer, all in the name of preventing breast cancer?

The ladies should not be mis-used or disrespected by evil men otherwise generations and cultures will cease and humanity will become extinct. Humanity should take action and uproot this evil conception.

Insignificant Cancers

Cancer is an immune system dysfunction, which leads to an over growth and multiplication of the some groups of body or blood cells. In herbal wisdom it is seen as simple inflammation of body tissues and organs that are often caused by life style and nutrition.

Yet not all cancers are dangerous. The body makes cancer cells and potential cancer cells every day but virtually all of these cells grow to nothing since they are neutralized by the immune system before they become problematic.

Many types of breast cancers are potentially so inconsequential that they can be safely ignored and left to be resolved by the immune system.

There are even cases where, it is well recognised that there is a risk of picking up and treating tumours that would have done no harm. Prostate cancer is one example, where “the advice to men in the UK who have a screening test (although it is far from conclusive) is to watch and wait. But neuroblastoma, melanoma, thyroid cancer and lung cancer can also sometimes be detected and yet cause no harm.”

Other cancers grow so slowly that the person eventually dies of something else. Many cancers become dormant or even regress on their own. These are facts generally acknowledged in the scientific and medical circles.

Yet, most doctors are not trained on the types of cancers and their potential for clinical problems. As they result they have no clue what to do besides their medical school indoctrination which is an instinctual response with tools of military and chemical warfare such as chemotherapy and radiation treatment. It is a one size fit all measure for a situation which calls for all kinds of sensitivities and subtle response.

These one-size-fits-all measures besides being intrusive and painful, usually kill faster than they heal. Check the statistics.

With the introduction of high tech screening machines, and the advent of widespread promotion of efforts to diagnose cancer earlier, over-diagnosis has become an increasingly dangerous issue by itself.

Lesson for the beautiful ladies

Be wise, know yourself, know thy own body and love it as much as you love to live. Treasure it. Do not hand the power that lies within you to others, otherwise you will become powerless.

Love your body, heal your ways, treat yourself like a goddess. Quieten your mind, seek ye calm and tranquility.

Love your body and don’t hand it over to the pharma-medico Mafioso.

Seek ye health in nature’s garden. There you will find life, health, and vigour.

Jide Uwechia
July 10, 2009

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