Blue Blood is Black Blood 1500-1789 – Egmond Codfried

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Blue Blood is Black Blood – By – Egmond Codfried

During the Middle Ages Black peoples in Europe were called Blue men. There seem to be images of this period which show Bleu people. I know of a Renaissance crucifixion scene with a light blue Jesus. In the Renaissance we start seeing many, many images of blacks, called The Moor.

Mike Nassau writes about Nubians and Iranians which were brought to Europe in 50 BC by Caesar to fight the Germanic nations. They stayed on and had their own communities along the Rhine and the Danube. Nassau states that in the 17th century Europeans arrived in America who were called Black Dutch. They were not treated like the Africans who were held in slavery. Many Whites were also kept as slaves or slave like conditions. Later on Black and coloured families claimed descend from these Black Dutch to prevent re-enslavement or being treated as niggers. The point is that somehow Black and coloured people were present in Europe and managed to keep their Black looks through intermarriage till at least the 17 century.

I suggest we look at the Moor in European Art and take it from there. In European Art the Moor is always a Classical African: pitch black, frizzled hair, a flat and wide face, flat nosed, thick lips, and subnasal prognasty.

When you study the symbol of the Moor from The Renaissance (1500) you will find that it did not start out like a Black Servant or a Black Page. The Drake Jewel (1575) shows the profile of a Black King dominating the profile of a White woman. This symbolises Africa dominating Europe and Black superiority in Europe.

The symbol of the Moor shows a Blue man which is a Black man and means Blue Blood. We see many portraits of the nobility in which they pose very intimate with a little Black boy or girl which gives the sitter riches, mostly pearls which seem to symbolise Europe.The nobility was coloured, and some showed more African or Asian or White treats. These portraits are kept hidden or are destroyed around the French Revolution (1789).

Inside The Drake Jewel is a miniature of Queen Elizabeth I. Her father’s sister Mary Tudor was the grandmother of Mary of Scots. Mary of Scots son was James I who married Anne of Denmark. They were the grandparents of Charles II Stuart who was named “The Black Boy.”

He was described on a wanted poster issued by parliament as a tall Black man and I do not think they were fooling around.

Anne of Denmark had ordered a play “The Masque of Blackness” (1605) in praise of Black beauty which did not fade. The play was performed by members of the court and it explained how Blacks, The Sun People, came to Europe to look for a milder sun. In the play was a personage of The Niger River. The costume design shows a tall Black woman. Strange as this might sound; it took me after all three years to believe my own findings: Anne of Denmark which we know as a blindingly blond woman was almost certainly Black. As the whole Stuart dynasty was Black of skin.

When one looks for portraits of Charles II Stuart “The Black Boy” one finds many which show a White man, with long black hair and mustachio. But if one persists there are portraits which show black skin. Especially the National Portrait Gallery site shows many portraits of a Black skinned boy and later a Black adult. Still there is a lot of variations, but I have one pitch black portrait which show his classical African treats under a huge afro-like wig.

So there were Black Kings in Europe, who somehow traced their origins in Africa and symbolised their Blue blood with the image of a Moor. The portraits which show Blacks as White’s I would explain as propaganda to make them look as the White people they so despotically oppressed. Other white portraits are over painted authentic Black portraits, or whitened copies of these or outright fakes. All European museums show portraits of the European elite, with fake white skin colour. We know that all the European royal families were blood relatives.

The Black Boy’s mother, for instance, Henrietta Maria, was the daughter of Maria de Medici, Queen of France and the aunt of Louis XIV, The Sun King. The sister of The Black boy was Maria Henrietta Stuart who married the Dutch Stadholder William II. Their son was King Stadholder William III, who ruled Britain as William and Mary.

(All this can be verified in google)

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71 thoughts on “Blue Blood is Black Blood 1500-1789 – Egmond Codfried”

  1. Mr Codfried, the Egytian literature ‘Instructions of Menekhare’ speak of affection that make us do things, the Greeks, just like Marcus Arielus in his ‘Meditation’, William Shakespeare ‘Romeo & Juliet’ also believe that ‘affection makes him (us) false’. For that, it is seriously necessary to spun aside the dividing theme of color in the world of Ancient History and sciences. There is no such thing as White in Biology, no such thing as balck in Biology and if there is ever such group called the Blacks, they are the Humans.

    The teaching that insist on Whites as Europeans is entirely wrong, for this much in history that much of the current vestigies of History theme directly from Africa. Europe until the 18th century was entirely uncivilised. The Moors provide us the last connecting point but from seems like a connection ‘comes the Main’ /Wordsworth.
    As such no useful argument can possibly exist about the Europe as Ante-Dem/os to Africa, no useful biological need exist for studying Africa through Europe. All the genes of all men on earth and beyond converge in Africa and in the last 25thousand years, the spread of the humans from Tangyanika/ and lower Africa through Iberian Peninsula/Spain to Europe, from the parts of North Africa into the Jordan into the reaches of the Ural mountain and Catal Hayak, and down and up of the Sumer which is known as South of Babylon, to the rise of the chromatised pottery/ Halaf culture, to the Uruk Jemdat and the rove into the first cataract of Egyptian, the collision in Egyptian and the rove on and off, all conclude from Africa

    What we call SPECIATION is a new field of Biology that attempts to demonstrate the lingering and persistent problem of the differentiation within the races. The subject of this nature is well treated by Darwin but he was intent on demonstrating the history of the human being from a chronology standpoint without indicating the very presenc eof world history to which England as at 1859 played very lucrative hand. But the changes that take place among the humans are due to changes that place within the chromatase. This is the enzyme that binds that the walls of the Chromosome that contain the genes that carry the allelles about six of them in number.

    The changes that take place on the surface of the skin and of the body is due to changes that place in the side the body, where the position of the genes that code for the range of activity in human body assumes significance. So from inside the body codes for the outside, promoting a certain exchange that from inner to outer that made Claude and homostasis very popular, as it did Mendel and gene distribution. The changes that you see on the surface of the body like Blond head and blue eyes are not hereditary at all, they are not genetic at all, for blond head, blue eyes are part of decaying metas of the human body. More like the recividist breakdown of alleles within the genes, shifting from the highest density which 6 of 6 reprsenting high density blacks and African and only Africans to 5 of 6, 4 of 6, 3 of 6, 2 of 6, 1 of 6 alleles all coding the range of colors and species within the human race or anyother race.

    Needless to say that White skin, especially Blond is 1 out of 6 alleles for skin color and sometimes 0 out of 6 for color, hence prone to cnacerous edifices. This formulae applies to all parts of the body, all responding to the position to the position of the geentic information, alleles, DNA, MtDNA, etc. The blue eyes, the blond head, the child born well and the child ‘impaired’ and so on are due to selective exposure of the genes within the body. This changes can be effected by the ‘reproductive isolation’ where one group of Africas in the last 25thousand years departing the continent got isolated from the major genetic pool and then begin to exchange the genes within their small group till a point that a reverse order is achieved and then the degree of the reservals determine the range of speciation. This is the case with many races of the peoples of the world whose ancient and modern history converge in Africa for no particular reason, but no only that, the genes speak as well, louder and clearer than the soil and movement and genetic template which is the currency in todays evolution biology.

    In such circumstance, the binding enzymes like Chromatase weaking the hold on the slippery alleles within the gene within the chromosome and then the breakdown from 6 alleles to 1 begins to occur hence Speciation. I think personally that I have
    the right to say that I know what happens and how, and personally, I can testify that understanding chromotase is subjected to heat, leading to the break of the enzymes and
    that the this act of breakdown among other things is the reason why HIV has eluded us
    and why we can kick the ass of the Virus and its AIDS.

    The bi product of the body’s fatty acid which is the melanin, that pulsate to the surface of the body, demurly on contact with the sun and then the color and the terseness of body is due to the rich residue of leftovers from the body, as whites emaniate from thier darker hue and the race hoping to survive.

    Personally, there is need to encourage better research and programs of education in Nigeria, especially in my Abia State where am positing on the PDP platform as the Governor to be and I know, I will encourage serious business of education and hope that Nigerians keen on research and experts of African history and Igbo can be allowed to change the curriculla.

    1. im not one who is able to explain alot of things in its scientific termolegy but what i can tell u for fact is black people did rule the nations.i’ve found a lot of info. i’d like to share .starting with (ancient man and his first civilization the real history of white people) on internet.and just for fun,look@ 2kings 5:27 and numbers12:9-11both will tell u where white ppl. or how they generated.on the same site look for the true negro,there u will find so much info. it is stagering ,how can appl. be so hood winked in stillbis to this day.i have another script.for us to the reason we have fallen from our stance of prestige. deut.28.we r those ppl. we came on slave ships here. thats all i have thanx 4 lettig me interject.

    2. all so look up negroland u wont believe ur eyes. remember roots and the so called “african” tribe mandingo. check it out.


    I’m all for simplicity. There should be no mystery to science otherwise you are being tricked. So there can be no mystery about where white people came from. I consider whites albinos and descendents of albino’s. This is important because we are dealing today with white supremacy. Even modern, or especially modern and educated whites believe they are biologically and morally superior to blacks. That’s why I want each and every black to know that whites came out of blacks and can never, ever be superior to blacks. I believe that there are no races, just phenotypes which are just an adaptation to environment. If you believe in the Evolution you know that human DNA had a long way coming. Travelling first through the primordial pool, and picking up some useful tools to survive by adaptation. The albinism mutation was useful if there was suddenly less sun. Humans could already adapt within one generation to a new sunless environment. Just like they adapt to famine by producing off spring that can better synthesis and store nutrients, food in the body. A genetic function which lay dormant just kicks in. Human DNA is very old, older then humans. I suddenly think off images of babies who swim under water, knowing by their DNA not to hold their breath. According to an internet source 25% of the off spring of two albinos’ might be albino too. So this makes albinism also hereditary. And two off this type of off spring should have an even higher rate of albino off spring. Those are the whites, cold adapted in shape. All white life forms in nature; flowers, birds, mammals, horses, apes, whales, are a result from albinism. Yet when it comes to humans these whites will have nothing of that. Why? Just look at them, all of them. I have been looking at them for the past thirty years and I see albinos. Darker white types are whites mixed with darker ancestors. Albino’s are not less capable then non-albino’s, they only should take precautions before they go in the sun. They are not sick or retarded. Their organs are normal, just there skin lacks the possibility to produce melanin. Just like normal whites do. And we do not put a higher value on a white cat or a white flower over a black or a red one. So why should whites think off themselves as better? Or why should we be brainwashed to think that they have better abilities? As they are albinos, coming out of blacks there will always be whites. Coming from Central Asia, 6000 years ago, they probably overwhelmed the first European Blacks in numbers, who became a minority, because whites are better adapted to the European climate. I think that whites flocked to milder climates like how migratory birds find places to over winter. It’s just in their DNA. As we see with Australian Aboriginals with blond hair and black skin, blondness is also part of the black DNA, but seems to favour the albino’s.

    1. @Codfried. Albino is a shortfall in protein transmutation from a parent gene, which happens when proteins that code for color in body that did not open. Albino is a condition that is transferable and as such not genetic. There is nothing in the history of the world that suggest that Albinos are the ancestors of Whites. They aren’t. White is mechanical breakdown of human genes, a condition that is neither natural or genetic. There is no gene in the human body that code for ‘white’, non. But the mechanism through which natural selection takes place in human beings occur in the genes and can mix and flow either way. Why are humans that different? humans are different from each other because of the history of the world and anthropology, because humans began to migrate out of Africa along time along and ever since, live in isolation. From that isolation, reproductive isolation occur and from reproductive isolation, genetic breakdown happen. Communities and tribes have also managed to hang on to each and that’s why little connection is evident in today’s world. Once more…, Albinos are not the ancestors of WHITES. In fact, the Whiter the outer skin and bluer the eyes, the lesser the chances of Albinos. Albino rate occur highest in blacks with A blood antigen.

  3. Then please explain white flowers, white mammals and white birds to me.
    We don’t think of a white rose as diseased or less then a red rose. Or a white cat or a white horse? Why should we think of human albino’s as less, or as sick?
    The albino’s I saw in my native Surinam are normal and able. No skin lesions or thick eyeglasses because today precations are taken. They are educated along with the normal black kids. They are blacks with a white skin. We just need more black oriented, black based research, because these eurcentrist lie about anything which shows them as less favored or less superior or domiant over blacks. So they invented antropology and human races towards declaring whites superior and blacks inferior.
    Are you aware of a white gorilla, now deceased, named Snowflake? Read in google about how they wanted to breed with him, to make more albino gorilla’s for zoo’s.
    The great apes are our nearest ancestors, and they all have albino members, which are normal animals.
    I have heard of an entire village in Nigeria peopled by albino’s.
    Whites, in many cases look like albino’s, especially if they get older. Never mind the painted, made up, sun tanned white beaties in movies and the media: that’s not how the lot of them looks like.
    There are some albino’s in the media, show bizz, who show that they are 100% capable people, they only need to take precautons before they go in the sun.
    The idea that albinism is a sickness is wrong. Allison Blakely has searched nineteen century handbooks which racistically explain blackness as a disease: like failures of evolution, riddled with diseases, misshapen, about to be extinct.
    Women were described as permanently ill and biological inferior, racked by hormones.
    Lefthandedness was once considered a disease.
    Masturbation was thought to cause weaknesses and grave illnesses.
    So if you get my drift…its just a matter of time we will overcome the notion that albinism is a sickness. We will understand hat whites came from blacks and are never, ever superior to blacks.
    I have come to think of eurocentrist as liars, every thing they have made up was to hide black dominance over them. We have to liberate our black minds and reject all eurocentric lies.

    1. Codfried
      I would like to see these books that Allison Blakey lifted the saying that Black is a disease and their skin color. I would like to know what medical school these people go to and how they arrived at the conclusion. This issue should not detain us and I have reasons to believe that a gap exist in our knowledge of medicine. When we say Albinism is a sickness, it does not mean that it is necessarily a disease, nor does it mean that Albinos need treatment. A sickness is brief and a disease has pattern and tend to repeat, but both has casaulty. But Albino is not sick neither is Albinism a disease. They are ‘sick’ due to the natural outcome of genetic translation of their protein arrangement and world.

      Albinism is a just any genetically ‘effected’ disease, and it is due to the fact that the body itself works like an system, what we find outside the body, like the skull, the legs, the eyes and its color can only tell us an end point of a protein circle. Our color of the hair, our blue eyes (I have dark blue eyes) are nothing else than final product (not the raw material) of our genetic materials. So birth defect are just a disease ofr sickness, the good doctors can it a medical condition. Albino is a condition that can not be treated. It does not mean that it cannot be found in large number within a gentic pool, but there is no gene in the body or in a pool of humans that code essentially for Albinism

      write in at

  4. The great apes are not our ancestors but our nearest relatives. I wrote erronously : ancestors instead of relatives

    1. the colours that are in people are not the same as the ones in animals that are called white ,,for example ,,,,a white bird is really the color white like this backround not colour of law white ,same with white gorilla,,humans arent really white or black so if the bird had a blue red or black wing it would not be called a white bird but people who come from us call them self the color white not knowing there is only colour of law white .skin color that black as these type letters or as white as this back round does not exist , black has no shades nor does white as the people do that call themself white or black.ive neve hearcanother animal like bird dog or cat call them self a color that’s an illusion we create a reality with put asking just like peol call us what the want without asking ,negro afro centric colored .this would make it along the abnormal behavoir pattern of them to replace to true with their color blue that you see when they stand in the the sun cause they so bleac,,so clear you can see blue in their veins an you cant see that in ours cause it blends in with the ebony hue that we have but light skin sisters an brothers can see blue veins when they stand in the sun cause all blood is blue before it hits air

  5. I like to offer this quote from an interesting site which I stumbled upon while researching Blacks in Nazi Germany. Some here have objected to my view on whites as albinos, but they do not seem to understand what Blacks are up against. In my experience, though nobody says these horrible things about blacks anymore aloud, where blacks and their friends can hear it; these ideas are ingrained in educated whites. Many blacks are under the spell of white supremacy too because that’s all they hear and see, day and night in the media, TV and cinemas. That’s why I urge for new insights in how the whites came to exist and have offered my own humble view. Noteworthy is that my detractors here do not use this opportunity to offer their supposedly superior view on why there are whites, how whites came to be and why we find them in northern regions.

    “A portion of Christian Pross’ exhibition, “The Value of the Human Being, “Medicine in Germany 1918 1945, depicts Germany’s lethal science and anthropological practices in Africa. Pross is also a physician and medical historian in Berlin.

    “The scientists and anthropologists who did the research on
    the skulls and their so called racial characteristics in the
    South West African colonies became leading anthropologists and
    geneticists during the Third Reich,” said Pross. “Their ideology
    of racism was based on the work they had done on blacks during
    the imperial period.”

    Pross’ exhibition on medicine in Nazi Germany was on
    display in 1992 at the National Museum of Health and Medicine
    and is currently back in Germany. It will return to Washington
    this year through a joint effort of the museum and the
    Goethe Institute. After a brief stay in Washington, organizers
    hope the exhibit will tour the United States.

    Pejorative attitudes toward unwanted blacks in Germany were
    in place and ingrained in the population long before the Nazi
    era. The worth of blacks had been unquestionably defined through
    years of scientific research. If it meant the advancement of the
    superior German race, any harm that befell the Negro in the name
    of science and the state was justified.

    In Robert N. Proctor’s book “Racial Hygiene,” he writes that
    Fritz Lenz, foremost in the field of racial hygiene concluded
    that “the Negro is not particularly intelligent in the proper
    sense of the term, and above all he is devoid of the power of
    mental creation, is poor in imagination, so that he has not
    developed any original art and has no elaborate folk myths. He
    is, however, clever with his hands and is endowed with
    considerable technical adroitness, so that he can easily be
    trained in the manual crafts.”
    Lenz also concluded that the intelligence of the Negro is
    appreciably enhanced when he is mixed with white blood. He said
    that blacks, much like women, are at an intellectual low during
    childhood because they suffer from developmental retardation.
    The childlike behavior of the Negro accounts for his lack of
    sexual restraint and should not be attributed to an exceptional

    In 1923, Lenz was named Germany’s first professor of racial
    hygiene at the University of Munich.
    Medical journals not only took note of the physiological
    differences between the Negro and the European, but they also
    talked about the offensive smell of the Negro, “even when he is
    clean,” according to Proctor. “


    1. Erupeans are just wannabe’s and copycats.Ask why they want sun tanned?Because we have what they can only dream of.They suffer from skin cancer and night blindness because of their degenerative make up.We Have Melanin Period,there is nothing they can do about it.They kill black to extract the MELATONIN from.
      Check out Sister Maat’s video on Melatonin.There is no need to argue with white TRASH,
      in fact there is no white race.
      It is just a mind game,they are running scared because their time of BRUTALITY is coming to an end.

      1. Moors in Europe were very brutal people. The syrian who gave birth to Britain’s Englesiare (East Angles) and Engla (Anglo) were not exactly light people not Arabic. These were community of Nestorians and their Judeo-Christian forwards, forced out of what is now middle east of their about sometime in the 5th or 6th century, but where met with invading brutality of their African Berbers and Muslims who sailed by the wind. Known as the Farad/Harad I vikein. As much human brutality is something endemic and systemic – not necessariyl white. Even the so-called Saxons – mainly from Syria and Sassonids, were put to sword by their fellow Africans and middle easternians in the name of Religion. They called the people lived there wweala, natives which they forced into slavery and captivity. The wealas of land owners are the Wales/Welsch of nowadays. Cross check ‘Absent Voice’ by Altman for better insight and consult the ‘Fight for English’ by David Altman

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