Blacks in European History – Dr. Clyde Ahmad Winters Ph.D

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Europeans fear us because of our power to destroy their tribes by simply mating with them. Every great European civilization by its end was dominated by Blacks. There are current research demonstrating how the Romans as a result race mixing were eventually ruled by mulattos. And everyone knows that the Greeks were eventually replaced/influenced by the Indians and Egyptians. The Roman and Greek people were tribalistic, and prejudice— but not racists . As a result, they didn’t mind writing about the great history of Blacks in their day.

Blacks are held in Awe by Europeans. Although they act as though they do not feel inferior to Blacks, they do everything in their power to hold Blacks back and prevent true competition.

Europeans fear Blacks because they have been taught that we have taught through history and folktales we are superior. Blacks have been recognized as a source of potential riches and power. The tales of the little people reflect this Awe. My friend Vos Toth Bator found that these ‘wee people’ were usually described as “dark, or black skinned’. They were taught that these people lived in beautiful cities and that if you captured one they could be ransomed for (a pot of ) gold, knowledge and etc. The best evidence of this Awe is the story of Billy Goat Gruff. In this tell three goats (Europeans) want to cross a bridge into a beautiful city but their way is blocked by a Ogre. Ogre or Ugrian was term for blacks. These little Black people were pushed all the way North into the artic.

Europeans had an easy time with the ‘wee people’ or Anu. They had a more difficult time with the Proto-Saharan people (Mande, Dravidians and etc.). After the flood the Proto-Saharans left the Saharan highlands and replaced many Anu at sites near rivers where Anu population centers had been destroyed. The Proto-Saharans did not interfer with the Anu population centers on the plains. This is why you find so many African skeletons and an African substratum in Indo-European languages.

Around the time of the volcanic eruptions at Thera, Proto-Saharan civilizations were destroyed in coastal regions and beyond as a result of this chaos. Europeans who were wandering Central Asia, heard about this chaos and they began to invade Europe and the Middle East after 1500 BC. Through wars attrition the Blacks were conquerored, but they remained a significant power until between 1000-700 BC when Europeans in Greece began to gain a significant foothold in the area. Europeans refer to this period as the dark age.

The art of Greece and Rome make it clear that there were a number of Blacks living in this region. It was only with the invasion of the GERmanic tribes into Mediterranean region that Blacks were murdered and replaced by whites.

Once Europeans gained control of Europe it went into decline until the Amoravid Africans took knowledge into Europe. These Blacks made Europeans feel inferior and remained in control in many parts of Europe up to 1492. Due to Blacks have ruled Europe for millenia they were part of the fabric of Europe and tried to remain “separate” from the locals by declaring that they were “blue bloods”.

European intellegentia during the slave trade decided that they were going to avoid the Black takeover of their civilization by Blacks by rewriting history. The first thing that did is make a concerted effort to claim that Blacks never had a civilization. Next they taught that the Classical History text were myths. By claiming they were myths they could deny Blacks a roll in ancient history. Instead of talking about ‘blacke moors’, they began to refer to the Black Moors as “swarthy” and etc. to deny a recent role of Blacks in history.

LOL although they put a great effort in falsifying history AAs learned to read. Once AAs learned to read they began to teach the truth about the Black origin of the Egyptians, Greeks and Moors. European scholars tried to fool people by repainting ancient artifacts such as those in Crete and Egypt to make it appear that these people Europeans—but this policy often failed because there were records showing the modern reproductions and re-painted originals depicted Blacks and not whites.

Due to AAs the Eurocentrist failed in making everyone believe in a fake history. In addition Brown people (Africans, Latinos and Arabs) appear to be in a position to reach majority populations in some European countries.

I will end this discussion here since I have chores to do.

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  1. A while ago I read a book I think it was called “the African Influence in Asia “. There was a picture in the book (a mountain carving in Arabia ) that was susposed to be of Ismael, father of the Arabs. I was tring to find out where the author found this picture. I want to do some research on this mountain carving. I always that this was fasinating if this is indeed Ismael. I was wondering why you never hear of this mountain sculpture.

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