Blackbirding in the Pacific – The Untold Story of the Pacific Islanders

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South Pacific Islanders (Kanakas), with an overseer (background), on a sugar plantation, Cairns, Queens., Austl., c. 1890.


File photo of South Sea Islanders brought to Queensland to work as indentured labourers in sugar


Prisoners of Frontier Wars – Blackbirding & Chain Gangs

Many of these photographs were taken in Western Australia and the Northern Territory

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8 thoughts on “Blackbirding in the Pacific – The Untold Story of the Pacific Islanders”

    1. You need to love black because,the bible says the black will restore the,kingdom……….god created man in the black coulor….

  1. And to think certain whites rant about immigrants destroying their countries. The US would capture Pacific Islanders & force them to work on whaling ships in the 1850’s also. The Aussies would offer bible lessons and trick people onto ships to work on plantations.

    1. Brethren why paint the bible in a negative light? it is a book originated in Northeast Africa where White people weren’t from. The Bible is our book, our history that end up in their hands, and they don’t understand it…

  2. My Great Grandmother could be one of the wondrous Kanaka Women, caused to stop their work to be photographed with their slave master mounted on a horse and his whip hidden from view, in the top photo. That’s why it appears in my cover photo on FB. I say, “could be”, because as was the capitalist, colonial contempt of photographers in the past, and up to the present, the names of those in the photographs were not noted; and, because until recent times, this history of the british blackbirding of Pacific Islanders for the slave trade in their penal colony of new south wales was kept hidden, denied and avoided by them and the illegal entity now known as australia..

  3. Prisoners of Frontier Wars – Blackbirding & Chain Gang
    I am wondering where this photo comes from: the exact source?
    I have never seen it before.

  4. I am curious to know where the photo with the caption “Prisoners of Frontier Wars – Blackbirding & Chain Gangs” comes from?

  5. This are my people who were taken by force to work on force labor system by the British..sad its lavery they still remain in those places till today (their descendants)

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