What Happened to the Black Vikings? – By Ras Naphtali Tafari

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About 30% of black Americans who take DNA tests to determine their African lineage prove to be descended from Europeans on their father’s side, says Rick Kittles, scientific director of African Ancestry, a Washington, D.C., company that began offering the tests in 2003. Almost all black Americans whom Kittles has tested descended from African women, he says.


Who were those Europeans?

You would be crazy if you thought that they were pale skin men, or the tribes of the ex-slave master. You would have been conned by all the lies that emanate from the schools, and the lie-braries.

This is about genetics, so we are going to talk sex, in this write up.

Look, even today, the so-called white man is unable to sustain his own race. He is in decline in danger of extinction, if the rate of decline is sustained. Why?

Because honestly, sex and biological reproduction has never been his true strength.

It is just a known fact that since history, the so-called white man was never a sexual performer. He claims he is so intellectually charged that his sexual energies got diminished.

For example, he invented modern monogamy, and pushed it around the world as a modern global norm. Prior to that the norm amongst most other people was polygamy or polyandry.

So-called white man is the only man who in his culture and tradition proved unable or unwilling to sustain and satisfy more than one woman. And he has trouble satisfying even the one woman to whom he is legally bound. The white woman has a such a high sex drive, the white man cannot satisfy her.

For centuries, instead of culturing and breeding up his women, the white man freely traded his sisters and mothers to every willing nation.

So what suddenly changed in the days of slavery that he became a sex-crazied baby-making robot? What suddenly turned his limpid penis into an unstoppable tool for raping harems of black women held as sex slaves? Bull shyte!

So called white boy was always had lower in testosterone and most recently, cared little about reproductive activities.

The Black Europeans:

And on this website we have asked many times, what happened to the so-called Black Europeans?

We know that Europe was originally a black continent.

We know that as of the Roman Empire right up to the Moorish Kingdoms of Spain there were millions and millions of so-called Black people in Europe.

They were indigenous to Europe. They had citizenship. They were the root of the great families, they were the leaders of the church and the society. The educated Europe, the built the great Universities and monasteries.

Then they disappeared. What happened?

What happened lies there in Spain history, in Portuguese history, in English history. In the story of the Vikings. In the history of the Roman Catholic Church, the Holy Roman Empire and Saint Maurice the patron saint of the Holy Roman Empire. It is stranger than fiction.

The Black European nobility and people had many serfs who were basically a blend of germanic and slavic immigrants who came from central Asia, and other mixed people of the land.

Those slaves and serfs took the names of their master. They plotted against them continually and consequently there were hundreds of rebellions, civil wars, riots and revolutions in Europe, until the fall of the last Moors that ruled Europe, the Moors of Spain.

Just like in Africa, in Egypt, where their Turkish Mameluke serfs, slaves and askaris rebelled against us and took over our power, our symbols, religions and our names,and corrupted every thing, so it befell us in Europe. Signs of the time.

Then the tables were turned. And Israel got caught in a trap again. Our slaves became our rulers. Our serfs became our masters. And they decided to change the story, break the noses off the Egyptian statues, over-paint the thousands of portraits of the old European nobility, established schools for fools, and dumbed us down into ignorance and infantry levels.

Know thyselves.

The Spainsh history confirms that the Moors of Spain were shipped to Americas the after they were conquered by their own serfs to become enslaved in the western land. The history of the Black Vikings has been exposed several times by researchers we have presented on this website.

This is what happened after the serfs took over in Europe.

The Black Hebrew Israelites of England were put in chains and shipped away to the Americas as slaves as was prophesied in the book of the prophets.

The original Black Irish and the Black Scots, were shipped out and replace with the so-called white English, Germanics.

And most important of all, the Moors of West Africa, the Black hebrews Tribes of West Africa, who ranged the Suwa-heil (Sahel) to Suwa-hili (Sahel). Sahel means coast and Suwahili means coast.

Since then they have launched endless psychological and religious attacks against the so-called blacks, so that they can remain perpetually lost, so that they will have no more confidence in themselves, so that they can be a nation lost perpetually to slavery.

The books of the minor prophets in the Torah tells the entire story.

Ask yourself again how it is that they have Black Hebrew civilization in Europe which they code-name “the Judeo-Christian culture”?

They got it from the Black Hebrew Israelites. The old Moors of Europe, and also from the first tribes of Africa. Today known as the so-called black man at whom half the world sneers. Search it in the books of Jeremiah, and Ezekiel where it was stated clearly over 2000 years ago.

So now you know that the Black man was the original Europe, you can understand why the so-called European male genes were nothing else but the genes of the Black European men, procreating with their women in a situation of slavery.

Note that the system will be slow to tell you that the Y-DNA haplogroups is not determined by physical looks. The two are unconnected.

They will fail to tell you that there are many so-called black nations of Africa like the Hausa and the Tibbou who have the so-called European Y-DNA markers like R1, R1b, at a rate of 90 % meaning at a rate higher than occurs in Europe. The Lembas a ethnic group from South Africa also has a high rate of the so-called European genes. So also the Sudanese, and the Ethiopians.

Don’t let them fool you.

Our past serfs are working so hard to make sure that we remain in stupor, so they can continue with the pillage. They will stop at nothing to achieve this aim. They will co-opt who ever they can and is willing to carry on their agenda.

Don’t let them school you.

Ras Naphtali

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6 thoughts on “What Happened to the Black Vikings? – By Ras Naphtali Tafari”

  1. What happened to the Black European?. The black European bleached out by mixing with pale Slav and Goth immigrants from Central Asia. Many white European are not really white they are bleach out black people. Black and mulato European became a strong minority (40%) in Europe after the large migration of pale central Asian to Europe in the 6 cent CE. Pale Central Asian became 60% of the population.

    The first European were the black Khoisan called Grimaldi that migrated to Europe 50,000 years ago. The Greek were black and brown people.. The Roman were black and brown people. Europe until the late colonial era of the 18 cent CE was ruled by black and brown monarchs, nobilities, clergies, intellectuals and bankers. The white masses uprising in the French revolution and the degradation of black in the African slave trade forced the black nobilities of Europe and the black European masse to mixed with the white European in order to bleach out.. Many dark skin European live in South Spain, South Italy, Romania and Bulgaria.

  2. White men are in no danger of dying out, Europe is heavily populated and large families would be socially harmful, so Europeans produce only the children that they actually want, and are freed to pursue the higher things in life – the real purpose of life.
    Producing clusters of “fatherless” children is grossly selfish, socially destructive and is no more than animal behaviour. A nation that promotes carnality rather than justice and spirituality will never be free.


    It is possible that Moorish culture was well established in many parts of Europe in ancient times. Until the 1930’s the vast majority of Europeans never saw anybody of African appearance, perhaps only one in every hundred thousand was of African appearence, so they were invisible or non-existent in a social sense. Where did the Moors go ? It is unlikely that they “bleached out” since such people would have been highly obvious to medieval Europeans and much would have been written about them.

    1. @Malarky

      I agree with you on dangers of carnality and clusters of fatherless children with multiple women. But just like the typical current European you are, there is hypocrisy in your statement. None has pursued or has made a living off of carnality more than white Europeans with the porn industries, bestiality, child pornography and other sex trade industries.

      Now, I disagree with Ras Naphtali because I have met losers like him who share his sentiments. There are other pleasures to seek out in life aside from chasing women. As a woman, what Ras Naphtali statement says to me is, he thinks he is entitled to multiple women and women were placed on earth for his carnal pleasure. In his dreams, every ancient culture supported and encouraged polygamy and this simply isn’t true. The reason some cultures supported polygamy is because there was a scarcity of men. Some people of the eastern cultures didn’t decide that they should start fucking their cousins, they did these things for a reason – there simply was no one else to fuck so they turned to fucking their cousins. And over time, these types of behaviours become embedded into the culture. Since there is no scarcity of men, I am not about to share a man simply because he thinks it is his god given right to screw every woman on the planet.

      And you are right, European Albinos will not disappear because black people will continue to produce them. It is a fact that black people produce European type Albinos and not just the negroid looking ones. I went to school with a “white” girl whose parents were black and so was the rest of her family. She wasn’t blind and she had long straight, buxom blonde hair and blue eyes. She looked like a normal white person from northern Europe.

      If you want more information on how the Moorish cultures of Europe were bleached out, please visit http://www.realhistoryww.com. I think you are not understanding the purpose of this site. The purpose of this website and http://www.realhistoryww.com is to tell the other half of the story that the current inhabitants of Europe have deliberately hidden and blocked out.

      1. Natural Mystic

        I think you are missing the crucial point.

        All I can tell you is that the Ras them don’t feel entitled to all the women.

        It is the other way round. All the women who go out with the Ras them feel entitled and empowered. And there is nothing you can tell them otherwise.

        Just look at the many wives of Bob Marley and point out one who regretted knowing him. It happens like that everyday. What is a Rasta man to do?

        I and I just love the Queens and the youths the right and proper way.

        I am sure you would want a Rasta man if you had one.

        Free up from the internal wars.


      2. Hello Mike umm or should I say Natural Mystic. Cut the dang Albino crap you Black racist moron. Whites are NOT Albinos nor did we come from Central Asia. You are a big dang liar Mike, let’s see a pic of this girl & her parents & a DNA test proving they are her real parents. Does your Anti-White hatred know no bounds Mike?? You are every bit a Black racist, Black supremacist like the OP and probably every other poster here. BTW your website is NOT a reliable source, its a biased, Anti-White, Black racist, Black supremacist site. Its biased 100%.

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