Black Thraceo Macedonians: Moors of Bulgaria – compiled by Oguejiofo Annu

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Artifacts from the past speak without bias. An image is worth a thousand words.

These are images of some ancient Thracians from what is today called Bulgaria in southern Europe.

Can you see the Moors, the black people of ancient Europe?

Here they are:

Black Thracian Horseman
“Thracian Horseman” funerary relief, marble, 2nd-3rd c. Macedonia, MFAB 50.962

An Interesting Greek Silver Trihemiobol Attributed to an Uncertain Thraco-Macedonian Tribe, Recalling the Famous Issues of Neapolis;f=15;t=007803;p=3

Javelin-armed Thracian horseman – hunting wild boar.

Prince Marko of Thrace

Moorish Thracian Horsemen -Ancient  Bulgarian Fresco
Ancient Black Cavalry Thrace (present day Bulgaria)

Ancient Black King of Bulgaria fresco (ancient Thrace)

Black King of Thrace and white queen fresco


Ancient Moorish Thracians

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