Black History in Europe – A Synopsis

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2 thoughts on “Black History in Europe – A Synopsis”

  1. most of this info and more I’ve just been made aware of. The site that led me to what i know comes from Black history has serious questions. African American origin is in question. How can there have been over 300 thousand irish slaves taken to the Americas and nobody remembers? Most of those irish were taken to the southern part of the U.S. which is an odd place to send thousands of whites to work as slaves which a uv index of 11 the highest and hottest places on the earth happens 6 months a year to work as slaves? to die from heat exposure? an estimated 10-15 million african americans have scottish and irish last names. Something that doesn’t make alot of sense when most irish who claim their irish descendants came after the civil war and most were poor.

  2. irish ancestors were ruled by the british , we have irish names because some of those settlers had black servants not slaves we did not start at slaves it was serveritude first for a few years

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