The Black Germans and the Black Dutch – African Genes in Germania

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By Mike Nassau

Schwarze Deutsche or Black Germans, found along the Danube River in Austria and Germany, in the Black Forest and, to a lesser extent, along the Rhine River, have dark hair and eyes, unlike the fairer people both north and south of them. Their descendants in America may be called either Black Dutch or Black German.

The origin of their dark coloration is ancient, from the Roman army in the third and fourth centuries, C.E. The Roman army of this time period was mostly made up of German mercenary soldiers, but along the German border, the Romans preferred to station non-Germans. The army on the Danube was largely drawn from Numidian and Nubian soldiers, especially Garamante Numidians.

The Garamante (called Tubu now) were Black Africans from the central Sahara. Now the Tubu live in northern Chad, eastern Niger and southern Libya. They are not usually found north of Marzuk in Fezzan or Kufra in Cyrenaica now, but in Roman times they ranged north to the central coast of Libya and to Ghadames in southern Tunisia.

As well as Garamante, there were some Iranic people stationed on this frontier, especially Sarmatians (called Ossets now) and Scythians (Ashkenazi in the Hebrew Bible) from southern Russia and the Ukraine (Ashkenaz, the old Hebrew for Scythia, has been used for Germany in modern Hebrew by Ashkenazic Jews trying to ingratiate themselves with Germans and Austrians or trying to hide their Khazar ancestry).

These African and Iranic soldiers left many descendants who tend to have black, heavy hair and dark eyes even yet. Beethoven and Hitler are two famous examples of this group (Peanuts).

It is interesting to imagine Hitler’s reaction to someone telling him he probably got his heavy, black hair from Black African ancestry. Since this was so long ago, with population movement and inter-marriage, all Europeans must have some ancestry from these Black African soldiers.

In sixty generations, a person could leave 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 descendants with just two children per person each generation so long as no descendants married each other. Obviously, after a time, many descendants will marry each other, but still it works out statistically that most people from that long ago who left descendants at all are ancestors of everyone in Europe today.

The tendency for people to stay in their own community explains why we can see the effects along the Danube and in the Black Forest in the people with black hair and dark eyes but do not see it far away like Iceland. The concentration is far greater at the point of origin, but the dispersion radiates out to everywhere given enough time.

By Mike Nassau

A quote by Benjamin Franklin one of America’s “founding fathers” on Germans and Saxons:

“Why should the Palatine boors [the Germans] be suffered to swarm into our settlements, and by herding together establish their language and manners to the exclusion of ours? Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the English, become a colony of aliens, who will soon be so numerous as to Germanize us instead of our anglifying them, and will never adopt our language or customs, any more than they can acquire our complexion.

Which leads me to one remark: That the number of purely white people in the world is proportionably very small. All Africa is black or tawny. Asia chiefly tawney. And in Europe the Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes are generally of what we call a swarthy complexion; as are the Germans also, the Saxons only being excepted, who with the English make up the principal body of white people on the face of the earth. I could wish their numbers increased. While we are scouring our planet by clearing America of woods, and so making our side of the planet reflect a brighter light to the inhabitants of Mars or Venus, why should we in the sight of superior beings darken its people? Why increase the sons of Africa by planting them in America, where we have an opportunity, by excluding all blacks and tawneys, of increasing the lovely white and red.”

Benjamin Franklin

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22 thoughts on “The Black Germans and the Black Dutch – African Genes in Germania”

  1. I have come to believe that the Africans who came to Europe 40.000 years earlier, The Grimaldi human descendents lived until the 19th century. There ranks suppleted by immigrants from Africa. Some images by the Celts look classical african. I believe some of these people, called blue men, became the nobility in the late medieval period, claiming blue blood. They were black in looks: a fixed mulatto race.

    1. Egmond

      Have you heard of the old English race? I believe I saw this type once in Rppley’s Believe It or Not website. They really look Africoid. Would you have similar photos?


      1. I have bought and finally read Ancient and Modern Britons by D.McRitchie (1884), not available in any Dutch library. I wonder why? His book is old fashioned, often downright racist about ‘the lower races.’ But it confirms there were brown and black skinned Europeans. Thet were the blue men, and by 1100-1200 made themselves a nobility, perhaps not looking at what old nation a person derived from, just blackness. Althoug I feel the saxons were more noble then others: perhaps blacker of complexion too? Strange he end his Black Kings at Charles II Stuart, while I say they went on till 1848, but hanged on till 1925 or later as Queen Alexandra was still painting herself pink, and Alfonse XIII of Spain looked mighty dark, and thicklipped. Alphonos visited the US in the twenties and I wonder how his Black looks were explained to the KKK?McRitchie has many interesting things to say about gypsies, and not all symbolic crosses and monasteries were christian derived.
        I do not like what Mike Nassau has to say anymore, as the brown and black Europeans were the first Europeans: they were already there when the Romans, and the Muslim Moors came. And he adheres to the nonsense about there being SSA’s as ‘true negro’s’ and Caucasian Africans, who are not ‘true Negroes.’ This I reject, and Rogers poited out that these so-called Black Caucasians are never treated like whites by their pink Caucasian brethren, once they arrive in the USA. So there you have it.
        according the US all North Africans are whites which is BS. I do not care for people who use words like ‘negroid’ of ‘Africanoid.’ Remind me of folks using pliers to measure a peoples skull. Do not like them at all.

    2. The Moors rules Yeman for almost 600 years. The name Yeman/Yemen came from these Moors and their Vikings around 8/9th century, and remained in German longer than most places. The source of those genetic material among the German is African from within the last 1000. The so called ‘blue blood’ you keep talking was just black blood, their were supposed to have ruled Europe for 6 hundred years and Italy for 8 hundred years. What many of us thought in the past as legends is entirely true because the Normans or Noromonna were not Europeans at all, neither were the kings of the French Christains not pagans. These were Moorish people who were incorperated into Europe and into France and Germany. These people after their fall in Spain were scattered all over the whole including the United States. And Christopher Columbus did not carry white people down here in his alll 15 ships. In West Africa these Moors are very evident and in recent studies, between Igbo language and English language, there is a lot comparison in terms of words and its meaning. For instance Igbo will say ala, and the English will say land. Same meaning. The Igbos will say, Ozoo, the English will say Zone. The Igbo Ulo, the English will say lot. The Igbo will say mua, the French and the English will Mua, me respectively. The same people who colonised Europe, now rest in West Africa. Don’t be deceived, even European know much African is in them. The nonsense on TV and Television is just “mind game” and whites know that.

      1. Yemen must be ” Yamma” : west in Hausa language; so also Sana-â which means “trade” in Hausa. There was frankly an Afro-asiatic dominion led by Hausa Sar-kis (kings of kish) as said the bible anthroplogist Alice C. Linsley and as it is confirmed by the lists of kings in many hausa kingdoms such as Arewa, Kebbi, Gobir, Bornu from Yemen, Mesopotamia,Egypt and Sub-saharan Africa. There are many books which talk about this exodus which is known as Kis-Ra.

      2. Well said. It is little known and perhaps even rejected that the slave trade did not bring all black people to Europe and indeed the Americas, some were already there.
        This is one of the biggest lies, the slave trade.
        The European’s origin is in India/Pakistan, borne from black people as Albinos, the mixing of Albinos(non-melanated) and Melanos(melanated people) created all the shades we have today, called Mulatos(part melanated).

    3. Egmond, your “lost” migratory group (of a swarthy complexion) that survived is the Basques. It’s no mystery anymore.

  2. Utter rubbish.
    Germania was never part of the Roman empire , so the supposed Nubian soldiers who were used by the Egyptians and not the Romans could never have been stationed in the Danube. Germanic tribes were very conscious of integrating with lower class foreigners (unlike the Mediterranean people) . Go read up on th Battle in the Teutoburg Forest (German Teutoburger Wald): the defeat of the Roman commander Publius Quintilius Varus against the Germanic tribesmen of the Cheruscian leader Arminius in 9 CE.
    Additionally, when the Angles, Saxons and frisians invaded and re-settled England, they massacred the local Britons…….most Britons fled to what is now called Brittany in France. so, even if there were negroid inhabitants in Brittain, the Anglo-Saxons would have killed them, as was their germanic custom.

    Negroids were however brought into the Rhineland by the French and Americans during WW1 and 2. Some remained and inter-married or raped the locals. The Nazis had a campaign to actually sterilize the mullatos and negroids during the 40s.
    So in summary…..I would say that it is highly unlikely that negroid genes exist in high frequency in the current germanic population. There are 3 million Turks in germany, so there is a far greater danger of turkic blood polluting Germania.

    1. My Friend say what you know. Which Germany? Germany never existed until the 18th century. Talk about Prussia, and Mid Europeans like Vienna. Much of these places for your information why homeburgs of many black moors, among them Hyadn and Beethoven, who also known as the Black Spanaid. Prussia and Belguim offered terrotorial protection to the eschewed lot of Spain; the Muslim Moors and the Jews. Among the Moors are people whose family go as far back as Africa, far back as the Vandals and the Goths in North African and in Rome. They eventually wedged themselves into the Muslims movement and there was inter-marriage between Arabs and the Germans, between these two and the very votext of the Moors which were Africans tribes settling from the 1st to the 9th cataract, settling in parts of SyrIa which was until 1920 part of Africa, and settling in what was Eastern Desert which in1920 was renamed Arabian desert. Even Saudi Arabia never existed until the 1920.
      So African history and your view of Black is so under nourished that it is not easy to understand what Syrian Cummunities like Sassons, the Jutes (yutes/jutes), the Englesrsia (East Anglia) and Anglia (Anglo) are doing your literary for German Negroids. Those were Black Moors and were murdered in their thousands in the time of Nazi and Adolf Hitler….Racial Purgation was not a Jewish thing, it was cutting out the inexplicabel presence of these dark skin people in Germany. Would you believe that Martin Lawrence himself is German that trace long ancestry to ages, to middle ages. Martin Lawrence the Actor.

      We can begin to exchange notes on the actual numbers Black German or their Molattos who died in that second war. Sources.

    2. The holy roman empire. The hapsburgs were of african decent. Blu men or blue men were what you called berserkers . Yes blacks were vikings. Thorhall second in command to eric the red. They didnt use black in their name because they were evil it’s because they were black. If im not mistaken you should have black knight statues in certain places in germany

  3. Having said that, would you believe there are a lot of Black Germans living right here in America?

  4. Guyz thanks for all this about Africans at least some people are willing to learn and interact about us. God bless

  5. @Khalsa Singh, how the fuck is a guy with the surname of SINGH going to talk about Turks polluting Germany? You channa masala eating brown bastard, stop toting that European supremacy rhetoric like an Uncle Tom ass whipped dog under the hand of British Colonialism. Your turban wearing sardar-ji ass will never ever be accepted by white supremacists, so take that Euro-centric history and pray to Guru Nanak that your ancestors don’t make your life miserable for pissing on them like that.

    1. Shut up albino, I have black hair and I was born in Ecuador from Spanish and Irish ancestry, my family from my father’s side are Spanish and they all have black haired but they all are white, I have Germanic blood cause the they came from Asturias from gothic tribes so go read a book and illustrate yourself… moron!

      1. Austria was ruled by black people in ancient times charles v emperor of the holy Roman empire


    The Hague, 14 March 2013.

    Dear Sirs, Hans Chang, and Theo Mulder

    This is to inform you about my discovery of a massive scientific fraud and institutional scientific misconduct through the alleged scientific management, the so-called scientific description and by misleading the public by exhibition of falsified old master portraits in all museums. Our restorers, our museum directors and our Directors are therefore criminal organizations at the expense of the taxpayers. All old master portraits and some genre scenes were in the period 1848 -1960 whitened.

    This followed immediately after the emancipation of the Third Estate in France resulting in universal male suffrage, and our own major constitutional change that took away some privileges of the nobility. To avoid relapse the revolutionary governments decided that all portraits of the Ancien Régime must be painted over with beige and pink paint. They claimed that the paint had darkened, while the painter wanted to depict white people. So all the old master portraits were supposedly restored or whitened.

    Rembrandt was deliberately, against all evidence proclaimed to be the revolutionary painter of the third estate, while his figures around 1880, were re-painted, as whites. This is evidenced by a photograph of the original Syndics. This can also be derived from photos from 1934 of un-retouched portraits of Van Aerssen-Beyeren collection, the richest family in the Republic.

    This concerns the true brown and black complexions of the noble, bourgeois or regent Masters (1100-1848) who were using the skin of their serfs as shoe leather. The good news is that this is still highly visible by the naked eye on the faces and hands. The facial hair was re-painted on the false beige face layer, the hair lightened by blonde highlights, the skin layer was re-painted around the pearl necklaces, and that the false face layer is higher than the rest. The hands often look like claws, while the classical African and frizzled hair were maintained.

    This is even worse than the Professor Diederik Stapel scandal, the Bicycle Sport Doping scandal, the Mad Cow Disease scandal and the present Horse Meat scandal put together and is very damaging to the reputation of the Netherlands, and the majority of the brown and black complexioned world population. Kindly sent your response within two weeks.

    Your obedient servant,
    Egmond Codfried,
    Curator Suriname Blue Blood Blood Is Black Museum,
    Eemstraat 36/2515 VS The Hague.

  7. I, believe that the whole human race are all related to each other. My father’s side is from the Black Forest of Germany. We have heavy, straight, black hair, black almond eyes and quite olive skin. My father looks very asian and is mistaken for East Asian. I too picked up on these traits and can pass as Asian. But, I’m Southern German and Swiss. Were there Asians residing in Baden and Switzerland? Why do I favor Asia? Why do Chinese people recognize my father as one of them? People have thought me to be Mongolian, Japanese, Chinese,etc. As an ESL teacher to Asian children, everyone thinks they are my biologic children. In independent films I have played Asians. I was hired to work in a chinese restaurant. My family immigrated between 1831 and 1840 from Lahr in Baden and Klosters Switzerland.

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