An Army of Mosquitoes Threatens to Invade Britain: Allied French Troops Launch Pre-Emptive Attack – Rastalivewire Reports

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Rastalivewire Reports:
June 21, 2009

French army helicopters are currently carry out a big military operation against Asian Tiger mosquitoes threatening to invade Britain and France. They are leading the attack with a massive innundation of chemical anti-mosquitos spray.

Helicopters are being deployed to spray poison in the skies above northern France to wipe out swarms of mosquitoes flanking up north and threatening to cross the Channel into Britain.

Six billion mosquito larvae had started hatching in swampland near the France-Belgium, which will be making this summer the first major European resistance war against invading Asian mosquitoes.

In response, French officials launched the commando operation after insect experts warned about the danger posed by this insectlegion (a six billion standing army of mosquito larvae) to the national security of European Union once they had started hatching in swampland near the France-Belgium border – less than 100 miles from the south coast of England.

Unseasonally warm, damp weather has brought on the successful incubation and mass hatching of a billion threatening mosquito soldiers.

Military officers and political authorities are busy strategizing a complete and clean solution for this new threat. There is cause to be concerned. It is reported that the mosquitoes are particularly robust and are almost twice the size of the average mosquito.

Their bites are very painful and leads to inflammation and irritation. Worse of all, there is a biological warfare implication which is that those Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are said to spread the chikungunya fever, which has already infected people in northern Italy.

In addition to chemical sprays, a biological warfare solution has also been deployed against the Asian Tigers. Corn coated with bacteria that is harmless to man but lethal to mosquitoes was sprinkled over the area this week.

A local authority spokesman claimed the operation was making inroads but that the insect army had not been eradicated. “We need to remain vigilant to avoid an new outbreak,” he said.



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