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Kharijites the Black Muslims of Abraham

The Zanj were counted amongst the Kharijite Muslims. As proponents of racial equality and self determination the Kharijites were known by the slogans,” Even a Zanj can be Caliph” and “Judgement belongs to Allah alone.”

The Zanj(Black)Slave rebellion in Iraq 885C.E. was known as a Kharijite revolt. The Black Moorish Kingdoms of Mali,Ghana and Songhai were followers of the Kharijite Muslim faith as acknowledged by the Moorish King of Songhai ,Sonni Ali Ber.

The Black Muslim association with the Kharijites is reinforced with the documentation of a Hadith(teaching) as described in the following:

” The Kharijites first appeared when there first occured amongst Muslims splitting and division which confirmed what the Prophet Muhammad informed by saying,the sign of them(Kharijites)is that there will appear a BLACK MAN whose upper arm resembles a woman’s breast or hanging flesh.They will rise when the people divide.”

The word Kharjite means to separate and thus Abraham became known as the first Kharijite when he separated himself from the fire worshipping practices of his father Terah who was called the Azar, meaning one who worships fire.

In support of Ali for the disputed post of Caliph,the term Kharijite meaning the Separatists was reinforced upon the Children of Abraham when the Kharijites physically separated themselves from the opponents of Ali by moving towards the areas of Iran and Iraq. In regards to their Abrahamic origins the Kharijites were at times called AL-Harouriyyah meaning the descendants of Abraham.

The Kharijites were also the reciters of the Qaran and in this regard they were known as the Qurra(Qaraim,Karaites). During the time of the Prophet Muhammad the Ishmaelites were known as the Qaraish tribe while the Israelite Kohen tribe of Medina was known as Qaraiza both tribal names being rooted in their common Abrahamic origins as Qaraim. Within time the term Qaraim which referred to the Children of Abraham as the ” Readers of the Scriptures ” took on a second meaning being the color BLACK, as the Children of Abraham were counted amongst the darker races.

The usage of Qara as the color BLACK manifested in a number of Turkic words such as the Qara Khans meaning the Black Khans, Qara Hot meaning the Black City and Qarakorum meaning the Black Rock.

The Kharijites resided under the guidance of a number of spiritual leaders called Amirs. A variety of Kharijite factions arose in accordance with each prominent Amir. These factions ranged from the Azariqah being the most militant to the Ibadiyyah considered to be the most compromising.The majority of Muslims in Oman belong to the Ibadiyya faction of Kharijites.

Members of the Ibadiyya can also be found scattered throughout the mountainous regions of North Africa. The Israelite faction of the Kharijites were known as the Isawiyya a name which derives from their allegiance to the Amir Abu Isa Al-Isfahani.

During the latter part of the 7th century, Abu Isa established the first Israelite Islamic school of learning known as that of the Isawiyya. The school located at Isfahan in Iran clearly defined the role of the Children of Israel in relation to the Prophet Muhammad and the Holy Qaran


‘ Those whom We have Given the Book(Israelites) recognize him(Muhammad) as they recognize their sons…..’

(Amir) Ishaq D. Al-Sulaimani
HaKahana Gadol/The High Priest

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