Barbarians At The Gate Update – Babylon Retreats To Plot Another Con

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U.S. defers sensitive Africa HQ decision for now

STUTTGART, Germany (Reuters) – A year after President George W. Bush approved its creation, the new U.S. military command for Africa is finding its feet but has quietly dropped talk of basing itself on the African continent.

Largely carved out of U.S. European Command, based in Stuttgart, Germany, the new Africa Command (Africom) will stay there for now as its leaders try to switch the debate away from the controversial headquarters issue and on to the “added value” it aims to bring to Africa.

“In the near to mid-term, and for the foreseeable future, we’re going to be here and from here we can do all the activities that we need to do with our African partners,” Africom’s deputy commander, Vice Admiral Robert Moeller, said in an interview on Monday in Stuttgart.

Where U.S. officials once spoke confidently of plans to base the command in Africa, shared between several countries, they now stress the multiple conditions that would need to be fulfilled.

“If it’s in the desire and the interests of our African partners in that regard then we’ll look for an opportunity to do that where it makes sense to do so, but only obviously where we’re invited,” Moeller said.

The caution stems from the unwelcoming reaction of several African nations, including regional powers South Africa and Nigeria, to the notion of Africom setting up on their patch.

Africom found itself having to justify its ambitious mission — in Bush’s words, to promote peace, security and “our common goals of development, health, education, democracy and economic growth in Africa” — in the face of widespread opposition and skepticism.


Critics have suggested its real motives are thirst for oil — West African producers are expected to supply a quarter of U.S. consumption by 2015 — and the desire to counter growing Chinese influence on the continent.

Moeller rejected such charges, saying “there’s been a lot of misperception out there” and acknowledging that Africom had much work to do on its strategic communications. He reiterated that Washington was not looking to base more troops in Africa, beyond the 1,800 it already has stationed in Djibouti.

While visiting U.S. forces will combine training exercises with humanitarian work like building hospitals and schools, they will not supplant the role of aid agencies, he said.

From around 300 staff now, Africom is set to expand to around 1,300 by the time it moves from its transition phase to full operating capacity on October 1 this year. Moeller said European countries including France and Britain had expressed interest in seconding officers to it.

Around 40 percent of staff will be civilians, including development specialists and officials from the U.S. State Department, Treasury and departments of homeland security, justice, agriculture and commerce.

The vice admiral said training African countries to improve maritime security was likely to play an increasing part in Africom programs.

He cited piracy off Somalia, and West African concerns about protecting offshore oil installations, combating drug smuggling from South America and safeguarding fisheries.

A U.S. warship, the Fort McHenry, is currently part-way through a six-month mission to train West African navies to fight narcotics trafficking and other threats.

“I think based on the desires of the Africans we’ll probably look to increase some of that activity over time,” Moeller said.

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6 thoughts on “Barbarians At The Gate Update – Babylon Retreats To Plot Another Con”

  1. African nations must continue to resist the second round of imperialism that is being offered to them.

  2. As stated in the
    article,”Washington is not looking to base more troops in Africa,beyond the 1,800.” Nah,that’s not how they operate.They’d instead back a war between oppossing groups and wait for the people to insist a U.S. intervention.

  3. hopefully the people will catch on that as long as they fight amongst each other, Washington and western allies will act as a force necessary to come in and stabilize and bring about talks of faux democracy.

  4. I read that U.S. troops are in Rwanda,China has 750,000 workers spread across the African continent,Japan,India,South Korea,etc.are eagerly along with Europeans buying up oil,coltan,etc.and obviously so concerned about drug trafficking to Europe and North America what a load of fakery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Leaders unlike U.S. pawn Kagame need to combine nations into larger ones to compete against the rest of this world that now needs the African continent So Much Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. why not set up an African United Nations(AUN) instead of ammsing troop fro Africa. This is neo colonial militarisation of the Black continent. Wicked Abbylion fire burn! dem com wid demma Ism-Sikism fe con and fuse Blacks; Satan the confused confuser is trying to confuse us but Rastafari a see dem. dem com wid demma con-stitutions as the the primary institiution of conning us,now dem gat demma evil con-s-piracy;conspiriong to pirate us; but we see dem.Babylon the worst heathen sorcerer your Go-spel is no longer! Woe unto the inhabitants of the earth,for the evil devil was leased from the depths of hell and the diabolic serpent roams the earth; making all not written in the book of life worship the beast that was injured and reborn to subject the earth to evil bondage. Conciusness is what we need ,not ‘Africom’ shit! Wkae up Balck Brethren for as ye slumber,Mama Ethiopia drowns, the heathen are descrating our land and ameri-kites want to pacify the Black race. hounds nad birds of prey are swwoning to conquer;to fruther the vampirical races of Nebuchanezzar and the Tzar- ceasars.Only Jah shall protect us from the fangs of the blood suckers of Eu-rope;the European Rope around our necks.Rasta shall not be caught in the inter-national net they set. the fools shall be ensnared in the net they cast to net the blindfolded fools. babylon is self destruction ;Africa is a time Bomb of mass uprising.for Africa is not A-Free-Car fe babylon fe ride;like the sorcer rides on the scarlet dragon draped with vile abominations from the depths of hell. Hello babylon;ya too low in hell fe Rasta rides high n higher. Haille-U-Jah! we chant! Hell low babylon falls! babylon dogs eat dog shit with their dog culture and odg noses,warshipping their Dog-gods to Ethiopia/Abyssinia. calamity n pestilence befall ye babylon;winter and sun fire! Hurricanes n swine flu;Ganja in Jah-gun fe burn down babylon

  6. We blacks in the u.s. are building a rebel force in this country so when the u.s. attacks africa WE blacks will burn these cities down which will give our black family in africa an important extreemly military option.We blacks have no love for this cracker paradise nor do we have a stake in it.Burn baby burn!!!

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