Azzaziel Bey: Part 2

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2 thoughts on “Azzaziel Bey: Part 2”

  1. My feeling is guy is rambling some dangerous bosh.

    Is he saying that killing off a virgin (I know of NO AFRIKAN CULTURE THAT EVER DID THIS) to repel the evil of say crop failure is natural?

    As in, is negative to negative will repel evil?

    His argument breakdowns right there because he is equating “human motives/inclinations” to those of “mindless/impersonal” nature.ENERGY.

    Overstanding duality needs more subtlety than this Aiz chap reflects here.

    To overstand his motives though, one needs to dig the roots of:

    African philosophy of duality
    Religion as a tool for social control.

    Quantam physics.

    Still, in the spirit of duality, there are jewels of facts he covers here.

    It is however better to ignore most of his rants and do your own honest research before you jump in the water.

    Evil can never get rid of evil. At least eventually.

    This is why Afrikan history will eventually be told and overstood by all her children whatever babylon continues to do. Afrika’s continued delayed reparations will be paid.Afrika’s sell-outs at home & abroad will be exposed. And so forth.

    It is better to Afrikanize your mind as an Afrikan than try to argue out your views via white yarns.

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