The power of love is stronger than death

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The power of love is stronger than death

Dearly Beloved,
Again we say:


Love is much stronger than death,
Yes, it is much more powerful than the graves.
For its coals thereof
are coals of fire that will never quench,
and the fires thereof
have a most vehement and vivant flame.

Many waters cannot quench love
neither can the floods drown it:
Death cannot conquer love,
neither can live exist without it.

Love is like unto the eternal fire burning in the African sun,
It is sweet like the water that cools off the heat of the evening sun.

If a one would give all
the substance of his house for love,
It would be utterly contemned,
for love is more precious than life, itself!

And so dearly beloved,
I say, unto you, recollect..
that love is much more stronger than death
and its powers cannot be constrained by the grave.


Songs of Solomon Chapter 8 verses 6 and 7 adapted

Redacted by Jide Uwechia

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