Ancient Thracians – by Naturalborn7

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Phiale (a dish), adorned with relief images of black men’s heads and acorns, situated in concentric-circle forms

Opps they Do not look like YOU

Thracian Art

gold Tracian mask

Tomb 43 The Necropolis at varna Bulgaria 4,000 B.C Tracian Ruler

Sorry they dont look like YOU

Tracian Art


Tracian Art tomb bowl

Well did you see the NEGROID FEATURES on those ARTIFACT BOWLS etc SEE are YOU BLIND? or are YOU GETTING MAD?

This is from Hippocrates

On Airs, Waters, and Places

By Hippocrates

The Scythian race are tawny from the cold, and not from the intense heat of the sun, for the whiteness of the skin is parched by the cold, and becomes tawny.

Do you understand what he said? TAWNY means only one COLOR its BROWN he said that they are TAWNY from the cold if a man with pigmentation lives in colder climates his meleanin does not have to work as hard as it would in hotter climates so instead of them being DARK skinned they were BROWN skinned some had BLONDE HAIR some had BLUE eyes some had Darkskin as well. The only RACE that can produce different looking offspring are samoans, Aboriginal people, Hawaiians, polynesians these people have a tendacy to have brown skin with BLONDE hair even pale skin as well this is a Scythian pendant found in Scythia.


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