America Proposes A Nuclear Attack Against the Moon – Lion!

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American Propose A Nuclear Attack Against the Moon – Lion!

The elites of the western world especially the United States are going all out for brokes. It was just announced that NASA the US space agency responsible for all space missions is planning to launch a guided missile tipped with nuclear bomb to the moon.

The missile will be traveling at twice the speed of a bullet. The war head is ostensibly expected to blast a hole in the lunar surface near the moon’s South Pole.

The standard operating line emanating from NASA is that scientists expect to determine the existence of water on the moon. We all remember that at the conclusion of the last series of great fake moon landings, American astronauts and scientist conclusively declared that only moon rocks and dust existed on the moon. Earlier this year, some of those so-called moon rocks were revealed to be fake rocks picked up from Arizona desert.

The anticipated impact of this nuclear assault on the moon is projected to be powerful enough to eject a huge plume of debris from the moon that can be visible from the earth.

The missile will impact the lunar surface at crater Cabeus A. The crater is located on the moon’s South Pole, an area in which scientists suspect there may be billions of tons of trapped ice.

Rasta Analysis:

What those creeps at NASA are plotting in their little perverted minds beats every one. However, the idle mind is the devil’s workshop and those guys over there drinking coffee and doughnuts all day are demonstrating advanced signs of ennui.

As if there were not enough water of earth to go around, or as if humans have been so responsible in managing the natural wealth that exists here on earth, someone is planning to waste billions in public fund to bombard the moon with nuclear war head.

Where in this life has nuclear warhead been used to discover water? What could they possibly do with the water that the nuclear war head will reveal? Bring it down to earth here and sell with some remote control?

We have a better suggestion. But why not just send a few brave American explorers into the great galactic frontiers to confirm the existence of moony water? Were Americans not visiting the moon regularly between 1969 and 1972? What happened? Couldn’t they just get on board some lunar vessel and travel up there and check for y’all what part of the moon got water and what part got cheese? And where one can also pick up Arizona rocks?

Why bomb the moon with nuclear weapon at this point?

What about the impact it could have on earth directly and indirectly? The moon’s magnetic pull affects all bodies of water on earth from ponds, to oceans to the blood that flows through your veins.

Magnetic energy is at the root of the electro-magnetic energy existing in all species which we call “life” due to our limited human perception. What would be the impact of a disturbance of the moon’s axis on the life that depends on its magnetic balance?

Or is this some sneak attack against some UFO base situated on the moon? With the increasing reports of UFO activities in major population centers, and the increasing willingness of military spooks to admit the veracity of those out worldly claims, one may be forgiven for suspecting that there might be some connection between this proposed attack against the moon’s South Pole and recent UFOs reports.

And after desecrating the moon, and violating it, where will the mighty American military attack next? The sun? Yet, they are still battling to contain the rag-tagged militants of Afghanistan and Iraq after six years of awe and shock tactics.

Send a note to your congress man if you live in United States and to your various representatives and parliamentarians wherever else you may live. Tell them, not in our name, not in our name will nuclear toys be launched against the fundamental elements of life. Disseminate the information, organize if needed, write letters send powerful thoughts, but for goodness sake do something. Take action before these creeps with bored minds but powerful tools engineer the ultimate destruction.


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2 thoughts on “America Proposes A Nuclear Attack Against the Moon – Lion!”

  1. If we bring our intention together we can ABORT this mission!
    I was reading the log books of this evil plan and they had some computer problem and ended up wasting alot of fuel.
    They say they have just enough fuel to complete the mission.
    We can simply Manifest the rest of it to go as well.
    The more people visualize this, the easier it becomes a reality!
    So spread this word as much as you can before oct 9th 4:30am
    That is the deadline, we have the power!


  2. Are they stupid? this is the dumbest plan i have ever heard. I mean not that we dont already have enough problems at the moment. Leave the moon alone.

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