Against A Pernicious And Racist Agenda – Part 2

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Against A Pernicious And Racist Agenda – Part 2


The Lion!

African Disease?:

As earlier mentioned, Aids was known as a syndrome associated with gays in San Francisco area in the early 1980s.  Later it was identified among the hemophiliac community who were prone to frequent blood transfusion.  Finally, an attempt was made to link it with Haitians hence the three H slogan of the early 1980s Aids campaign.

This link with an identifiable ethnic group in North America quickly elicited spirited response and challenges to the unwarranted assumption.   As quickly as this notion was formed, it was suppressed.

According to scientific records, the first person to die from AIDS was a 25-year-old sailor named David Carr of Manchester, England.  Carr died on August 31, 1959, and because of the strange nature of his symptoms his tissue samples were preserved for future studies.

This strange disease that killed David Carr was reported in The Lancet on October 29, 1960.  Decades later on July 7, 1990, The Lancet confirmed that further tests on those old tissue samples taken from David Carr indicated he had died of HIV-AIDS.  If this is to be accepted, one can argue that since this was the first known recorded case of AIDS, then the inference is that AIDS originated in England.  

The AIDS out of Africa origin was tied to a puerile story of how some monkey eating African tribe had been infected with the monkey version of the HIV virus, which had then mutated into the present HIV virus.

A story as vacuous as it was racist.  Baseless in its entirety, without any evidence or causal link, it is a mark of the world we currently inhabit that such a theory should find its way into scholarly discourse without any challenge.  It is symptomatic of the intellectual paralysis.  Once a dubious authority notwithstanding its hollowness, is slipped through the venerated mainstream publication press, it becomes an accepted truth, repeated mindlessly in innumerable citations that numb all dissent.

Thus, from the minds of a wild eyed racist goblin, who had gained access into the power corridors of the Pharmo- Medico industrial complex a pernicious, wicked, immoral and racist slander was proclaimed against the people of Africa and instituted into the accepted scientific inquiry of the day.

Because it was couched in such over reaching paternalistic terms, dripping with concern and care for “this hapless, hopeless, despairing and depressing slag of human debris in sub-Saharan Africa…” the racist overtone was lost in the immediacy of the crisis message.

Overnight, not only was Africa identified as the source of this current world plague, Africa became the worst stricken continent.  Coupled with its non-existence infrastructure, such a medical challenge was seen as capable of depopulating that tumultuous continent in the next few decades to follow.

However, the inconsistencies in the theory of the African Aids plague must be highlighted.

Unlike other continents that had to face the AIDS challenge “the African AIDS plague” strikes mostly heterosexual healthy, non-drug using adults.

In every other country, from United States, through China, Japan and India, including Iran, the HIV/Aids prevalence is highest in homosexual and drug using communities.  In Africa, where the homosexual and the drug using community are relatively small, the HIV/Aids prevalence rate is highest in the world.

The AIDS industrial complex would have people believe that the HIV strain in Africa is somehow different from the other strains in the world. And that this very strain in Africa has a predisposition for transmission primarily through heterosexual intercourse.  The subtle change of the parameters for disease definition might not be obvious to many but it is implied in this “strain change” theory.

The implication resonates with age old racist presumptions of Africa as a place of dirt, torrid and wanton sexual depravity, vice, disease and crime.  There is something akin to a tormented guilt-filled oedipal psychopathic reflex in the soul of western civilization when it comes to issues of African sexuality and sensuality.  There is a repressed longing in the western psychology for this imagined “raw energy” of “black sexuality”.  Yet, this depraved longing is ostensibly forbidden by a long list of taboos which precipitate clinical psychopathic conflict towards all things African (Afro-phobia).

Yet, in the same Africa, the prevalence rate for other sexual transmitted diseases going by the same data used for Aids estimates, are actually amongst the lower in the world.

The illogical conclusion is that as the rate for STD infection is going downwards in Africa suggesting a discrete sexual culture, the rate of Aids prevalence is going up suggesting according to their “African Aids plague” theory, implicating and indirectly validating the old colonial racist prejudice about the lazy, dirty, immoral, sexually-crazed Sambo, who should be protected against his own immoral carelessness.

The sad aspect to this theory was that the Aids industry got the ordinary, regular mainstream middle class liberal and the working class and the students in the entire western world to buy this unmitigated lie.

Thus common people with their misplaced sympathies, rooted in patronizing and narcissistic attitudes and scientific misunderstanding become complicit in the pernicious agenda of the Aids industry.

Why is the strain of Aids afflicting Africa peculiar to that part of the world?  Why is its preferred route of infection so radically different from the other strains?  Why does this virus supposedly depopulate wide areas of productive human population, but only in Africa?  Why is it that each year, those African countries hit hardest with AIDS are increasing in population, whereas European countries barely “impacted” by AIDS are suffering serious population decline?  Should it not be the other way round?

Furthermore, investigative visits by researchers to those Aids ground zeros in Africa have failed to confirm any signs of catastrophe but instead revealed teeming population centers.  Undoubtedly some of these centers face great economic and healthcare challenges.  Yet they faced their challenges with resourceful ingenuity and irrepressible cheer.  Where the Aids industry saw disease, unbiased eyes see the impacts of politically imposed poverty. 

Any doubt about the population density of those areas would be cleared by a quick visit if one could afford it.   Population rate and overall density in Africa is on the increase.  In most places in the western world, there is a population decline, or an equation maintained by immigration.      

Additionally, we ask, whether there is some invisible wall that has contained this “monumental tragedy” also known as HIV2 virus to Africa alone?  In this world of supersonic transcontinental jet travel, relaxed sexual attitudes?  Are we speaking of the same organism, the same phenomenon, the same disease?

In western countries, Aids testing is repeated several times, using different methods, before a diagnosis is issued. Even at that, the recorded rate of false reports is so high that the test can best be described as notoriously unreliable.

In African countries, according to the Banjul Declaration of the WHO, AIDS diagnosis is based on clinical observation.   No previous laboratory testing is required.  Based on this Declaration, any sustained weight loss of more than 10% of total body weight, together with reoccurring fever, coughs, rashes, could lead to a valid diagnosis of Aids.

On the strength of asymmetrical data, randomly collected by the rare western type hospitals in Africa, which cater to less than 20% of the overall population, deranged, socio-pathic professors with an axe to grind against all that dare to be happy, together with their electronically distracted, disaffected and underachieving underlings, sit in some nondescript laboratory in Geneva, and churn up computer-generated racist slander against a whole race of people.
Again the tragedy is that so called intelligent and reasonable people have accepted this pernicious lie, because they accept and trust the words of the establishment and not as a result of their personal experiences.

I have traveled through several parts of Africa, and met several thousand Africans at home and in the Diaspora and not once did I come across a place or across a section where the Aids virus had just devastated or was in the process of destroying.  Like Thabo Mbeki, I stand among those Africans who can say that I have never known of a relative or friend who died of Aids.  Yet, I can count effortlessly the number of people I know in North America and Europe who have died from cancer some of which are claimed to be sexually transmitted (e.g. cervical cancer).  Why is there no such huge media blitz concerning sexually transmissible cancers such as has occurred with AIDS?  Since cancer involves a compromised immune system, is it AIDS?  Is the cancer epidemic in North America, Europe and Asia AIDS related?

I am sure that the few people reading this article have personal experiences of family members lost to AIDS both Africans and Europeans.  It has to be so; otherwise the AIDS industry would not label this pandemic to be a secret, silent, epidemic.  Unlike the normal expression of other pandemics and epidemics that have stricken the world in the past this present meltdown AIDS is supposedly “hidden”. 

We must trust the evidence of our own eyes, follow our understanding and approach all issues with unrelenting logic.  When a theory cannot resolve apparent inconsistencies within an overall consistent framework, then the theory must be discarded.

Neither facts, nor science nor projections support the current theory of the African Aids epidemic.  Why has this simple consideration escaped all current discourse of African Aids theory? 

Aids Drugs Scandal

It comes as a shock realizing that the very drugs manufactured to alleviate the Aids symptoms, are themselves implicated in causing those very symptoms as side effects.

Notorious among some of those side effects are liver damage, kidney damage, bone marrow damage, destruction of the red blood cells, loss of appetite, and wasting among other things.

Many AIDS patients in the western world have discovered that their symptoms alleviated as soon as they went off the retroviral medicine regime.

Retrovirals are mostly unproven and experimental medicines claimed to have the effect of slowing the reproduction of HIV virus and hence slow the onset of the disease.
Most of those drugs were approved as a resulted of abbreviated testing and validation procedure, justified by the urgency of relieving affected subjects.

Often, issues of safety were secondary considerations to be worked out in real live human experimentation.  The willing but misinformed subjects for those experiments were those who believe that they had HIV/Aids.
Human Experimentation (aka Scientific Medicine)
The issue of human experimentation has always dominated the backrooms of medical practice.  The foundation of modern medical practice was based on animal and human experimentation and vivisection.

Though always a problematic issue, there were times when human experimentation was tacitly supported by medical sciences.  In the name of medical and scientific progress for the benefit of humanity, many voiceless and disempowered subjects have been sacrificed amidst great pain and terror.

In the mid-course of the 20th century, such practices were discouraged but never completely abandoned.  The germ-virus and the pill theory had to be reproduced in a controlled environment to verify the identity of the infectious, course of treatment, and surrounding issues of toxicity and contra indications.

Animal vivisection was a help but it had great and insurmountable difficulties.  Animal and humans were not physiological equivalents and as such certain chemical and biological agents had different effect on them.

The gold standard had to be confirmation of a theory using human subjects.   The Nazi doctors were condemned more for whom they worked for rather than what they did.  Many of them were given new identities and put to work by the conquering forces of America, Britain, and Russia.  Japanese doctors who were accused of human experiments during the world war were pardoned enmass by the American forces and put to work on America’s behalf and interest, doing what..?

Mass inoculation was one of the breaking grounds for the practice of mass human experimentation.  This is a situation where an unproven medical procedure is deployed in the population.  Close scrutiny is maintained and adjustments are made in due course according to the reaction of the subject population.

Aids agenda will eventually create an underclass of agitated but willing subjects for human experimentation.  And what perfect subjects those would make.

Entirely healthy people, stigmatized by the divining of a sham scientific ritual, falsely condemned to a caste of the living dead.  Those who imbibe this program would be fear tormented ready for any new procedure that could give them a new lease on live.  A human experimentation researcher usually wants healthy but willing subjects. 

A test which identifies the presence of a certain protein indicative of a host of influences has been twisted into a definitive predictor of morbidity and mortality.  Those who fall for this con shall be used for human experiment.

These perfectly healthy subjects will be the new guinea-pigs, in this multi billion dollar Aids scam.  All sorts of experimental drugs will be tested on them.  They would not know the difference anyhow.   Different designer drugs for erectile dysfunction, feminine frigidity, baldness, and a host of other unrelated condition will be worked out through their sacrifice.

The profit is immense if the significance sinks home.  Now we are able to make properly validated drugs, targeted at specific ailments, to better and lengthen the life of the “productive members” of the society. And the bitter irony is that the government and the tax paying public will foot the bill for all this.

The Lion!
April 6, 2007

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  1. CBC News
    Treating HIV/AIDS with a combination of antiviral drugs and chemotherapy seems to destroy both the circulating virus and immune cells in which the virus hides, a team of Canadian and U.S. researchers has found.

    In Sunday’s online issue of the journal Nature Medicine, Dr. Rafick-Pierre Sékaly of the University of Montreal and his colleagues report finding cells where HIV hides from existing treatments.

    Anti-AIDS therapies known as highly active anti-retroviral treatments, or HAART, target the virus’s replication process but have been hampered by these reservoirs of immune system cells hiding the virus.

    Once HIV becomes hidden in an immune cell, it needs the cell to live. Destroying those immune cells would allow for the hidden parts of the virus that escape from existing HAART treatments to be eliminated.

    “For the first time, this study proves that the HIV reservoirs are not due to a lack of potency of the anti-retroviral drugs, but to the virus hiding inside two different types of long-life … immune cells,” Dr. Jean-Pierre Routy, a hematologist with the McGill University Health Centre, said in a release.

    “There are several types of HIV reservoirs, each necessitating a different treatment to eliminate them.”

    The results suggest it might be possible to destroy the cells containing a virus, while giving the immune system time to regenerate with healthy cells, said Sékaly.

    The findings offer a new approach for researchers, but it will take many more years to show if new treatment options work for patients.

    The study was funded by the American Foundation for AIDS Research, the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the FRSQ-AIDS and Infectious Diseases Network.

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