AfricanRoots of Fiji – Viti Dua

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My grandfather once told me that stories were passed down from one generation to another and that was one of the method they used to keep records of things that happened. Another method they used to keep their stories passed on is through chanting and dancing – ‘meke’ in Fijian.

This is one example of one of their many stories that talks about them drifting from Lake Taganyika across the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and reaching the island that they named, “Viti” or Fiji today.

The song/chant/meke in my own interpretation is:

My ancestors, let me talk about about them.
When the came from South Africa.
Oh! Verata(spelling is probably wrong b’coz it’s Fijian pronouncitation) their real village near the big Lake Tanganyika.

Lutunasobasoba led them as they travelled from South Africa.
With Nai his wife, a woman from East Egypt.
Lutunasobasoba had five children, Today, they are the chiefly descendants of Fiji.
He had only one daughter, Buisavulu(her name) she lives in Bureta.

Rokomautu(one of his son) lives in Verata,
Melasiga(second son) lives in Burebasaga.
Tuinayavu(third son) lives in the Batiki area.
Daunisai lives in Kabara.

The reason why they came out off Tangayika
A serious illness(some form of sickness) had struck them.
They travel across the Atlantic.
They looked for places/islands/land to stay across the Pacific Ocean.

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71 thoughts on “AfricanRoots of Fiji – Viti Dua”

  1. Bula Vinaka: I was wondering if you are of Fijian decent, also wanted to know where did you get this information and music from? I am of Fijian decent and stumbled across your site and was fascinated by your site.

      1. Lutunasobasoba was sent by Degei to take the twin brothers (rau na ‘Ciri’) and find him a wife and bring back our record book. When he reached Fiji, he didn’t bother to land in Vuda because people were there already, and he sailed along the coast of Ra all the way to Tailevu is now called.

          1. Saulete was already at denarau when they passed . There are some old village sites there beside denarau do some carbon dating there then you will prove it

  2. The Fijians or the iTaukeis now called are trully from the tribes of Israel from the house of Jacob thnrough his two sons Manasseh and Ephrahim. We have prima facie and genuine proofs and also scriptural to susutain this. If you are interested please contact me for the amazing and incredible details that will shock you to believe it.

    1. bula vinaka: i am of a fijian descent interested of learning more information about myself and where do i come from…….

      it seems like you are very confident with your information and am eager to learn more about it.

    2. Simione
      Bula….I’am facinated by your comment on the details of the link between the ITaukei’s and the tribes of Israel. Please if you can email the facts confirming this i will be very grateful. Thanks

    3. Bula vinaka Simione. Thank you so much for your dedicated researches. Can you please email me with proof of information. I would love to know for sure. I believe the same thing but I have no proof yet. Vinaka vakalevu.

    4. Sir I was going through this site and the information I’ve gathered from it was amazing,shocking and disbelieiving.I would like to get to know more please.

      1. Hello Mereoni!! You haven’t known it all until you get it from the real chosen ones by divinity and gifts and hand picked by the Lord…so could you please email me @ ….for me to lift your knowledge and interest of you who really are .. I mean your origin. Hear from you soon. God bless!

      1. How are you doing Kiti? So you are interested in this also. You very well should. It concerns the Lord’s plan and will on us the one of the Ten Lost Tribes. If we make this quest into a movie. It will be a blockbuster. Anyway the Great Elohim our God doesn’t allow that. So could you please like the rest email me @…….I will do the rest from there. Shalom!!

        1. You’ve seen the Simione. Elohim wants his people back in Zion. But time will tell. Let’s drive down babylon first like jericho wall. Then the people of YAH will unite again. Yah be with you in the name of Yahosua.

    5. Bula Simione, au kerea ke rawa ni vakauta mai vei au na information, iko tukuna tiko.

    6. Hi Simione,

      Is that information publicized or confidential? I did hear though that there was an actual documentary on it? Could this be the same one that you’re referring to? I am really keen on learning more about this as its’ really interesting!

      Vinaka and hope to hear from you soon.

    7. Hello Simione,
      I have been told by a tall, regal looking Fijian that their ancestors came from EGYPT. I would like to know more.

    8. Hi, I’m Fijian, do you have an email address I can request for that historical information? Thank you 🙂

    9. I am very interested in this information regarding the Israel connection in my homeland Fiji. Please advise, Vinaka ?

    1. Sean…How are you!! Are you also fascinated and captivated on this great phenomenon !! Well we all are. You know the first time I received this special gift and calling….I couldn’t believe it. So I was in doubt all these times until further revelations and evidences came. Please don’t be mad at me if I ask you to email me @ and I will captivate you on this incredible findings of all times.

  3. There are so many facts available now showing that the i-taukei Fijians are a part of the biblical Hebrews.

  4. Simione, Patrick Tora, Sean, and Esther, please also join the Facebook group ‘ME BULA KO VITI KEI NA KENA KAWA I-TAUKEI” for further facts of this.

  5. Please if you are the descendants of Jacob then you have the answer of why the I-Taukei has the low populatioon of less than 1/2 million when they have inhabited this group of lovely islande for more than 3000 years.

  6. Hi, I am from the southern part of Papua New Guinea called Papua. My tribe is called Mekeo and I speak Mekeo language. My culture & tradition is a chieftainship system where we have hereditary chiefs. We live in clans, sub-clans & villages. Each village have a Paramount Chief, each clan have a chief. The language we speak is an Austronesian. We have other tribes nearby who speak different languages. Woman in Mekeo is PAPI-E, in Roro is FAHFIHE, in Motu is HAHINE, in Hula is VAVINE, and in Maoris is WAHINE, in Tahiti is TAHINE. Is there any similarities between the languages o f Papua and the Polynesians.

  7. Bula Vinaka.
    Am a decent of Lutunasobasoba. Am a niece to the chief of Bureta. All the stories for told have been told to us by our grand parents as a bed time story. So we would always remember our identity and where we stand in society. We still have evidence of that in the village.

    1. Wow Olivia that’s interesting! U are so fortunate, if u don’t mind me asking where about in Bureta is our village? I don’t mind coming down there one day just to see the historical evidence present.

      that’s amazing!!!

    1. I don’t think so. But it depends on your interpretation of a chief. Was he a leader? Yes of course. A chief ? No or maybe not.

  8. This reminds me of a Laisa Vulakoro ‘sigidrigi’ song.
    Word for word same lyrics except its in i-Taukei.
    I guess she got her inspiration from this chant you’re describing.

    #Embrace your heritage
    #Descended from cannibals and Proud.

  9. Real interesting stuff.Well, let me tell you the truth; I haven’t the faintest idea of where Fijians came from but we worked in Jerusalem, that’s for sure.

  10. Honestly; we have.
    l’m just putting final details in my presentation, and correction; that Nai the wife of Lutunasobasoba, originated from Southern Nile region.

  11. Hi friends, in my native language of Mekeo, we call our biological father as; A-ABBA and biological mother as; A-AE. Is it similar to ABBA in Hebrew for father. I’m from Papua, southern part of Papua New Guinea.

    Mobile #: +675 72539639

  12. I was just watching an Egyptian doco and heard the Egyptian guy say ‘qarauna’ and ‘be careful ‘ which is the exact same meaning in Fijian , and curiosity brought me to this site. There’s definitely a connection there that is very intriguing..

  13. Bula Vinaka Simione,
    I was studying the bible and searching the internet for information about the Israelites, i could see, that the True Israelites fled to South Africa. And if the True Israelites fled to South Africa, than there’s a possibility that our ancestors could be running away from slavery and ended up in our little Island so called FIJI. And they hid the truth about being an Israelites to protect everyone( thats just my theory). But, if you have more info or proof about our origin or where we truly come from then i’m happy for you to send those infomation. Because i really want to know the TRUTH.

    Mo Cabe

  14. Lutunasobasoba was actually travelling from Cannaan from the land that the Hebrew God (YWHW) had given to the Israelites. It was said that he was a very strong warrior, who led a nomadic life. While travelling down to Egypt with his followers, he caught site of ‘Nai’ – the most beautiful women in Egypt and the daughter of the great Pharoah of that time. Because he was a great warrior, he was able to win the heart of Nai, whom he took as his wife. Continuing with his nomadic lifestyle, the great warrior Lutunasobasoba travelled up the Nile river with his new wife and entourage. They travelled further south into the Upper Nile. One thing we have to keep in mind is that the Nile is the worlds longest river. Today, there are nine African countries that the Nile and it’s tributaries flow through. These countries are Egypt, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Sudan, Rwanda and Zaire. The journeys were also not taken in a matter of days. What we have to consider is that they lived a nomadic lifestyle and were therefore, stopping at various locations along their journey. The banks of Lake Tanganyika (modern day Tanzania) is where they finally settled and established their settlement as Verata. They then moved from Tanganyika, heading eastwards to the coast of Africa, overlooking Madagascar. With time, they began perfecting their canoe building skills that was limited to building river -faring canoes of the Nile into more specialised skills in producing sea – worthy double hulled canoes known to Fijians as Drua. Pacific historians have observed that these double hulled canoes were known to be the largest and finest sea-going vessel ever designed and built by natives of the Pacific. They were also being used long before the first Vikings began their Sea-faring culture. Some would argue that the vast ocean was too large for them to even survive the journey. However, what we have to keep in mind is that these were experts in the use of traditional navigational tools of the sun, moon and stars. There are evidences found in Fiji to prove an egyptian heitage by the early settlers. The province of ‘Ra’ in Fiji or the term ‘Yasayasa vaka Ra’ (land associated with Ra) is prove that the early fijians worshiped the Egyptian Sun god ‘Ra’, who was the principal god of ancient Egypt. Ra in current fijian language means the west or ‘down’. It refers to the direction where the sun sets. In ancient Egypt, the worship of Ra is conducted in the noon – sun, before it sets. This is because it radiates its beautiful rays which often make the temples dedicated to him to radiate in it’s vibrancy, giving an environment of spirituality to his worshippers. Therefore the ‘Yasayasa vaka-Ra’ (west of fiji) was the land dedicated to the sun – god ‘Ra’, as he is worshiped at this time (sunset) by the initial settlers of Fiji. The vegetation of this western side of Fiji is also very dry and identifies with the effect of the scotching sun – Ra – as compared to the eastern half of Fiji.

    1. Thanks for your input. Very interesting reading. And very true too. ( most of the uneducated elders in our islands know of this fact.) Thanks again for sharing. Facts can also be found at the national archives centre in Suva.

    1. Fiji is NOT EVEN closed to being the lost tribe of Israel, if so, then we should be on our back to Israel as it written in Ezekiel 11:17 Therefore say: ‘This is what the Sovereign LORD says: I will gather you from the nations and bring you back from the countries where you have been scattered, and I will give you back the land of Israel again.’ As of right now. all the Jews are returning, and we’re still here in Fiji playing rugby. To paraphrase a T-shirt– there is a Jew, and you’re not him.

  15. Very interesting story, im from Tanzania,East Africa and I heard the same story, Welcome home brothers and sister, but remember, the truth Israel are black man

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