AfricanRoots of Fiji – Viti Dua

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My grandfather once told me that stories were passed down from one generation to another and that was one of the method they used to keep records of things that happened. Another method they used to keep their stories passed on is through chanting and dancing – ‘meke’ in Fijian.

This is one example of one of their many stories that talks about them drifting from Lake Taganyika across the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and reaching the island that they named, “Viti” or Fiji today.

The song/chant/meke in my own interpretation is:

My ancestors, let me talk about about them.
When the came from South Africa.
Oh! Verata(spelling is probably wrong b’coz it’s Fijian pronouncitation) their real village near the big Lake Tanganyika.

Lutunasobasoba led them as they travelled from South Africa.
With Nai his wife, a woman from East Egypt.
Lutunasobasoba had five children, Today, they are the chiefly descendants of Fiji.
He had only one daughter, Buisavulu(her name) she lives in Bureta.

Rokomautu(one of his son) lives in Verata,
Melasiga(second son) lives in Burebasaga.
Tuinayavu(third son) lives in the Batiki area.
Daunisai lives in Kabara.

The reason why they came out off Tangayika
A serious illness(some form of sickness) had struck them.
They travel across the Atlantic.
They looked for places/islands/land to stay across the Pacific Ocean.

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  1. One thing the world is trying to ascertain the whereabout of the Ark of the Covenant which disappeared from the Temple in Jerusalem during the Babylonian invasion resulting in Jewish captivity. About the origin of the iTaukei or Indeginous Fijians as a descendant of Daunisai one of Lutunasobasoba’s sons and as such I have a version passed down the ages and seem to assert that Lutunasobasoba and his priests with Degei his Chief Priests were responsible in removing it into their custody and transporting it across to Fiji. There is only one place name in the world after which three places in the world are named and that is the place name Kabara’ The 1st Kabara in Haifa Israel, 2nd Kabara in Mali Africa and 3rd Kabara is Daunisai’s Kabara in Lau, Fiji. Lutunasobasoba brought the Ark of the Covenant from Kabara in Haifa Israeli stopover at Egypt married Nai his wife an Egyptian and learnt Egyptian culture and handicrafts like construction of canoes and double canoes etc and left for Kabara in Mali through Tanganyka then onwards to Fiji where the 3rd Kabara is located. I have several Books connected to this subject matter and closely linked to it are my two Visions of 1963 and 1980 where I saw God’s Glory and heard Him too speaking to me just as He did to Moses.

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