African Roots of Portugal

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Authors: Spa­nola, H.1; Middleton, D.2; Brehm, A.1

Source: Tissue Antigens, Volume 66, Number 1, July 2005, pp. 26-36(11)

Publisher: Blackwell Publishing


The human leukocyte antigen-A (HLA-A), -B and -DRB1 polymorphism was examined in the Portuguese population, discriminating between North, Centre and South inhabitants. All data were obtained at high-resolution level, using sequence-based typing.

The most frequent allele at each locus was A* 020101 (26%), B* 440301 and B* 510101 (12% each) and DRB1* 070101 (15%). The predominant three-locus haplotype was A*020101-B*440301-DRB1*070101 (3.1%), highly frequent in North Portugal (5.4%), lower in Centre (2%) and absent in the South.

The present study demonstrates that the Portuguese population has been genetically influenced by Europeans and Africans, via several historic immigrations. North Portugal seems to concentrate, … an ancient genetic pool originated from several … Africans and Europeans, influences throughout millenniums. (Editor’s Note: See articles – The African Kings of Spain, and The African Roots of Spain : to get a good background context of African immigration to the Iberian Pennisula

South Portugal shows an African genetic influence, probably of recent origin by means of Berbers… during Moorish expansion.

We found that Centre Portugal is the distribution limit of some alleles and haplotypes that characterize the North or the South of the country. Despite North, Centre and South Portugal not being significantly different in allele frequencies, this study shows that HLA allele and haplotype frequencies are not homogeneous in the country. North and South Portugal show more similarity to North Africans in opposition to Centre which appears closer to Europeans.

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3 thoughts on “African Roots of Portugal”

  1. You’r right. In south people tend to have darker eyes and hair, in north an center there are a lot of green/blue/ eyes and light brown/blond hair

    Ih the top north of the country (Bragança, Vila Real, Braga) we see a lot of pagan and celtic traditions on the oposite of the south.

  2. This is total nonsense. The Portuguese are overwhelmingly Proto-Celtic, Celtic, Roman and Germanic with some native origin Berber. There are almost no Middle Eastern lines and Sub-Saharan admixure is very trivial and practically non-existent in the northern part of the country. The DNA for many Portuguese, particularly central and north are the Irish, Welsh, Cornish, Scottish, Bretons, Romans and Swabians.

    Do your research, please. Stop spreading misinformation, already.

  3. Anti-pologique

    So where the heck is your referenced scientific sources contradicting the above posted peer reviewed sourced scientific research? Or do you think we are gonna believe your say so because you say so…you little nonentity? Cite some referenced peer reviewed article when next you want to huff and puff on Rastalivewire, otherwise we will cut off your hot air.


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