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Chike Amene

I use to teach Middle Eastern Literature in Cleveland State University, some texts we used are old, older than the bible with thousands of years. One of such texts is THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH. Gilgamesh the hero was divine, divine because his father is a mortal (A Priest / Scientist/ keeper and seeker of secrets) and his mother is an angel or goddess. A nephelim (What the bible called “fallen” angel) or according to some Sumerian texts recently deciphered: “Those from Heaven come” or “Those who came from heaven”, Heaven in this context meaning from the outer space. Remember that the bible mentioned of a period when the “sons of God started sleeping with the sons of heaven”.

My Thesis:
Adam was created by GOD. At the same time, God made man on the sixth day. WHICH MAN????? God made Eve “by making Adam sleep and removed “one of his ribs” (New American Bible: Gen. 2, v 21). Man was made in the images of God.

First, let me intimate you about the Sumerians. Long ago, before the Suez Canal divided Africa and fashioned The Middle East, African and its influence extended to what is known as the Middle East of today. Patriarchs like Abraham’s father were born in the land of Ur, the present Iraq and ironically some miles from where Saddam Hussein was born. Sumer, according to modern archeologists thrived around that geographical area. Great men like Nimrod (A Black King that built the biblical tower of Babel) ruled Sumer. Sumerian suddenly disappeared from history when they where engulfed by the Mesopotamian empire.

The Sumerians are known as great scientists and noble people, but no one ever knew where they came from or their history. With the knowledge we have now in science and you being a scientist, don’t you think that Eve was created or made scientifically? that is through genetic manipulation? Ancient books called Adam “Adapa” meaning “the artificial man” Other books deciphered recently stated that it took these nephelims thousands of years to perfect on man. Their experiments (Genetic Engineering???) produced half and half of species, e.g. Pan. Pan is a half man / half goat that is written about in Greek mythology, man was so afraid and scared of him, that is where the word PANIC and PANDEMONIUM came into being, panic as of being scared, also is the legendary MAMMY WATER in our myth, the half fish/ half human being deity or goddess, etc.

Almost every old civilization have something like that in it’s mythology. Adam or man was perfected after thousands of years. Adam or man was never given everlasting life like the nephelims or gods for he is made to be a laborer, so his days are numbered to expire as soon as his labor days are over. Yet, the bible tells us that some men lived thousands of years. Our year or what we call years is nothing but how long it takes the earth to go round it’s sun. With this in mind, years depends on how far a planet is. The year in or of the earth is different from that of Pluto and Venus, so nephelims from a distant planet will naturally see our years as minutes: “what is time in your eyes but minutes and seconds) (Psalm). Is it why people with (divine birth like Enoch, etc lived for what we call “a thousand years” on earths time?

In my own research, I believe that these nephelims maybe people from other planets, very much advanced in science. They came here (just as we maybe going to other planets in the next 100 years) and meet lower humanoids that is evolving naturally. They used genetic engineering to introduce “their divine seed” into us (Lower Humanoids), is this why we (man) jumped the evolution sequence and suddenly became intelligent? Is it why we somewhere in our sub consciousness believe in something superhuman or God in us? Emmanuel, the God in us? The genetic materials in that defined and make us who we are us? DNA? Is it why when we get into doubts, we look inward for “God”?

Early recorded history and literature are filled with what was called wonders that is now known as genetic engineering? Man “discovered DNA as the double-helix structure that is unique in all living things in 1953, the Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) was found to be transmitted only from mothers without splitting and recombining with any DNA from the male.

It was this discovery of the existence and transmittal as is of mtDNA that enabled scientists like you trace the mtDNA of modern humans to a female (Eve????) who lived in Africa (actually South Eastern Africa) some 25,000 years ago. Adam and Eve and their offspring are blacks as in Negros. (Reference: Functional Coherence of Human Y Chromosomes” NEW YORK TIMES. 10/28/1997). Is this why the “Black Mark” is seen on all humans in the world? Is is why the recent article published by the New Scientist showed that their is a black mark on all royal blood and this mark is traced to Africa.

In my quest to understand the DNA and its manipulation and engineering, I got into genomes. This I call “the book of life” given to us “when God breathe into Adam” . One other thing that baffled me and at the same time supports my hypothesis is this: When any condition that made the genetic code more or less (deficiency), we reverts back to our natural or do I say “animal or idiotic state” or at least become ill health. Lets look at the deficiency known as the William Syndrome afflicting over 20, 000 births (according to my research) it victims have what we call “low I.Q.”, that is they of low intelligence, lower than what “humans’ have, so they are close to animals or lower humanoids. I cases like those of William syndrome, it is caused by gaps in chromosomes 7, depriving the person of fifteen genes. One frequent impairment is the ability to of the brain to recognize what the eyes sees. Continuing with my hypothesis, Ninki, the creator or the keeper of secret or the priest that knows all said:

The newborn’s fate

thous shall pronounce

Ninki would fix upon it

the image of the gods.

These words echo the biblical statement that “in their image and after their likeness” did the Elohim create what I will modestly call THE ADAM. Is their anyway to make or create things, living things if not by genetic engineering? Is the “seed” or DNA a link to man’s cosmic origin?

The text such as “The Legend of Adapa continued and stated that though wisdom (Sciencia (latin)/ knowledge) was given to man, Life everlasting is not. Is this because of our planets revolution arithmetic around the sun? Some planets are known to revolve around the sun ones every 60,000 earth years? Is this heaven? Is this where our “makers” come from? Is this or shall we get their when we “die” and join the nitrogen circle and instead of attaining this present state of “words being made flesh, we attain the state of “thought being made flesh” and thus conquer distance. Is this present world a stage in purifying stage that will prepare man to get to “the heaven”? Why is man always looking “up to heaven” for divine intervention?

In those day, in those years

Ea (God) created the sage of Eridu

as a model of men

Wide understanding (science, the gift to knowledge) he perfected for him

disclosing the designs of Earth.

To him he had given wisdom

Eternal life he had not given to him

Still on genetic engineering, cosmic connection, and literature. The Egyptian mythology (The Egypt of black people, the Egypt that ruled, governed, and build by black people) told us about Seth and his half brother Osiris. Seth killed and cut up Osiris into pieces and scattered his parts all over Egypt. His wife Isis managed to pick up his parts but never found his phallus.

She then called on the god THOTH who is also know as the keeper of DIVINE SECRETS, to help her extract the “essence” of Osiris from his dead body, this helped Isis to pregnant herself and give birth to a son called Horus. (This is how the divine birth of Jesus started. Seth tried everything to kill him, remember Herod). Is this not “essence” what we call today’s DNA? Isn’t this genetic engineering? Pictorial depictions from ancient Egypt indicate that THOTH the son of Ptah / Enki was well aware of these biogenetical processes and employed them in his feat.

In Abydos, a wall painting shows the Pharaoh Seti 1, acting out the role of Osiris, the painting also show Thoth giving life the ANKH symbol) back to the dead god while obtaining from him the two distinct strands of DNA. This is painted more than 3000 years ago in Egypt of the then black Africans. In a depiction from the Egyptian BOOK OF THE DEAD (where most of the biblical psalm are stolen from) dealing with the subsequent birth of Horus, we see how the birth goddesses assisting THOTH in the making or engineering the birth of Horus, hold one strand of DNA each, the DNA’s double helix having been separated so that only one strand recombines with that of Isis (shown holding new born Horus: the original VIRGIN AND CHILD).

THOTH is credited to be the founder of Egypt’s school of mystery. It has to be noted that all these so called Greek “sages of wisdom” like Socrates, Euclid, Pythagoras, e.t.c, attended this school. It takes 40 years to have a degree, none of these Greek ever finished, so they are all half educated. Moses finished and the bible gave him a testament when it stated that Moses knows the whole secret of the Egyptian. Moses was born of an African Queen.

My brothers and sisters, science which is the understand of the working of the heavens and the earth was of God’s (god’s) possession before he (they) gave it to us as they reveal it from time to time and to only few like you that are initiates into the divine secrets. “Everything we know was taught to us by the gods” goes an African wisdom compare this to JOB 28 in the bible.

Literature is culture, just as myth or mythology is forgotten religion or ways. Africa and other “off” world ancient literature have to betaken into consideration seriously. Science must be employed to look into what is labeled “fable: and: divine” interventions in classical arts and culture.

I hope to expose some of these classics yet forgotten books so that perhaps you that have “divine” training as initiates will perhaps read them and use your trained eyes to pick out “divine intervention or holy birth or virgin births” of yesteryears as genetic engineering of today.

Chike Amene
January 14, 2008

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  1. Bear with me, as I’m an avid reader and researcher of this topic, but do not have my notebooks with me. I’ve read much of Gilgamesh and its fascinating!

    Can you share your thoughts on the Egyptian mystery of the “light-bulb?” i.e. Drawings of this object are located in a tomb built by Queen Hatsepshut. (Her father as you know, was Thutmos) The large tube, which holds a snake and is held up by men, one looks to be a giant. From the rear of the tube, the lotus flower appears to be extracted…or what could be its essence?

    I look forward to reading more posts from you! Thank you.

  2. i have yet to understand this having seen it firstly, what present natural facts attest to these literature of long ago?

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