African Cardinal Arinze Arising….

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As Benedict Ratzinger leaves his post, it is time to remember Cardinal Arinze who has been robbed his deserved position many times because he is a Black man.

The highest-ranking African in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, Nigerian-born Cardinal Francis Arinze (born 1932) has inspired speculation that he might one day become the first non-European pope in modern times.

Take a look at him:

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4 thoughts on “African Cardinal Arinze Arising….”

  1. The time is NOW. Cardibal Arinze will lead us toward God’s project for a lovig society based in Christ’s universal message. Please let him know I am praying for him. PS, I am a white non-Catholic woman and I recognize his personal strength.

  2. Africans should just leave the thing alone. Why this jockeying to fit in to a thing that is not ours? Ridiculous.

    All we need to do is get Black to Maat. This is who we are and what they plagiarized and whitenned. Let them have their thing. Revive our thing and free our minds.

    I find it jarring that if we have an African Pope, he will have to bend down low under the Sistine Chapel with Michalengelo’s fantasy portraits of white god igniting life finger to finger onto some humanoid.

    Personally? I hope they just elect another European in that conclave. There is enough confusion already as it is.

  3. @Robin. His personal strenghth will be co-opted, neutered, whitenned and neutralized into the services of domination of the African races. This works likes clock work. Wanna bet?

    1. For him to be a black African masquerading as a cardinal, hasn’t he already be whitened – lost all traces of his blackness? I often wonder why black people deem it appropriate to maintain the religion of their slave masters. How ethical can this Christianity be if it was to you by rapists, murderers, liars and thieves.

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