Africa, My Beautiful Black And Brown Africa!

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On Africa

“Ex Africa Semper Aliquid Novi” Trans:”Out of Africa always comes something new”:  Roman historian:Pliny,(23-79 A.D.)


 ” I speak of Africa and Golden Joys.”  William Shakespeare:English playwright and literary giant.  Play:” Henry IV,vol iii ”


 ”There is Africa and her prodigies in us.” Sir Thomas Browne, 1605-1682:honored English physician/author.

On Civilisation
” There are a people now forgotten discovered while others were yet barbarians the elements of the arts and sciences. A race of men now rejected for their black skin and wooly hair founded the study of the laws of nature, those civil and religious systems which still govern the Universe.”   C F Volney:18th century French academician of the highest esteem in European academic circles.  Book: ” Ruins Of Empire,” 1789.


“…This race of blacks…is the very one to which we owe our arts,our sciences, and even the use of the spoken word…”  C F Volney: “Voyages en Syrie et en Egypt,” Paris 1787,vol 1,pp.74-75


” The African continent is no recent discovery;it is not a new World like America and Australia…while yet Europe was home of wondering barbarians one of the most wonderful civilisations on record had begun to work out it’s destiny on the banks of the Nile…”  J.A. Rogers:”History of Nations,” vol 18,p.1, 1906… Book: “Africa’s Gift to America.”


” The first civilised inhabitants of the Nile ad Tigris-Euphrates Valleys were a dark-skinned people with short hair and prominent lips…”  French historian, Professor Charles Seignobos:” History of Ancient Civilisation.”


” There seems to be no other conclusion to be drawn, than that at the remote period of History the leading race of the Western World was a black race.”  Lady Lugard:” A Tropical Dependency,” p. 221.


” We have found the black complexion or something relating to it whenever we have approached the origin of nations.”  Sir Godfrey Higgins, Esq:” Anacalypsis,” vol 1.

On Ethiopia
” Now the Ethiopians,as historians relate,were the first of all men…”  Diodorus Siculus, Greek historian,1 century A.D.:” Book iii.”


” Ethiopia was the first established country on Earth;and the Ethiopians were the first who introduced the worship of the gods,and established laws.”  Stephanus of Byzantium,an ancient Roman historian.


”The new age…was marked at first by the Worldwide dominance of Ethiopian representatives of the black race.They were supreme in Africa and Asia…and they even infiltrated through Southern Europe…”  Eugen George:” The Adventure of Mankind,” pp.121-122.


According to Homer and Herodotus, the inhabitants of the following territories were Ethiopians.   1. The Sudan,  2. Egypt,  3. Arabia,  4. Palestine,  5. Western Asia, 6. India : ” A History of Ethiopia.”: Sir Wallis E.A Budge: Vol 1, pp.1-2.


Herodotus describes the Ethiopians as the ” tallest,most beautiful and long lived of the Human races.”


Homer describes them as ” the most just of men;the favorite of the Gods.”


”Jupiter today, followed by all the Gods receives the sacrifices of the Ethiopians.”
Homer: ” The Iliad, 1, 422.


” There is one portrait of an Elamite king on a vase found at Susa;he is painted black and he belongs to the Cushite race.”  A.C. Haddon, Anthropologist:” Journal of African Civilisation.” : November, 1982.


” It is within the limits of Asia and Africa that the first civilised peoples had their development: the Egyptian in the Nile Valley, and the Chaldeans in the plains of the Euphrates.Their skin was dark,the hair short and thick,the lips strong(some term them Cushite,others Hamites).”  Professor Charles Seignobos,University of Paris:” History of Civilisation.”


” To the Cushite race belongs the oldest and purest Arabian blood,and also that great and very ancient civilisation whose ruins abound in almost every district of the country.”
 John D. Baldwin:” Pre-Historic Nations.” (New York:Harper & Bros.)


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