“Abd” means a devotee/servant of the God – Lion!

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Abd is Arabic and means a devotee/servant of the God usually.

That word is associated with Black people because Black men for thousands of years were the world wide priests of the temples of Amen, Yahu, Allat, Isis and Diana. Priests were sent from Ethiopia and Kemet to officiate at temples in Nabatae, in far-away Greece, Rome, even France.

Emperor Justin of Rome degraded the importance of the Black priests of Isis when he banned the Nile-Valley/Egyptian mystery and replaced it with Roman Catholicism.

Due to their holiness and zeal for the God and her angels, black men were thus known as Abdullahi, or the servant of Allah. Note that Prophet Mohammed’s grandfather was also an Abd, i.e. Abdul Muttalib.

In Hebrew, the Arabic word Abd is synonymous with Obed. You must remember the biblical book of Obed, the prophet or Obadiah. Well Obed is the same as Abd and here again it is used for a prophet of God.

In Hebrew one says Obed-Yahu, servant of God.

Abd, Obed, are blessed people. Your current day racist inspired mistranslations notwithstanding….


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4 thoughts on ““Abd” means a devotee/servant of the God – Lion!”

  1. incorrect! in fact, the term Abd is short for Abdul, which is short for Abdul. This only means slave. one who simple calls them self abd or abdul is calling themselves a slave. in Arabic, Abd or Abdul is followed by Allah, or a description of Allah, eg. Abd Allah – Slave of Allah. Abdul Haqq – Slave of The Truth (an attribute of Allah) Abd by itself only means slave, and lion in Arabic is nowhere in its meaning, this is for your own vain desires that you make this accusation. Do not try to infultrate your rhetoric to which you have no understanding to.what a waste of a mind when people ignore truth and use illogical thinking! and The Prophet’s (saw) father’s name was Abd Allah ibn Abd al-Mu??alib. his name was Abdullah, ibn means the son of, and abd was a name that was used before the advent of Islam to worship other than Allah, which were one or all of the 300 idols whom the Quraish (the main tribe in Mekkah at that time) worshipped before the Truth came by their creator. Allah has made it FORBIDDEN, to call ourselves slaves to anyone but ALLAH alone! so there is no Abd Rasool (slave of the Prophet) or any such thing in Islam. You cannot use Islam to prove your points, becasue you will be beaten every time by the Truth!
    and do not manipulate your following by giving half truth’s and out of context examples. The Prophet of Allah (saw) said that Islam does not make Arab better than non Arab, or white better than Black, but the only thing that seperates man is their submission to Allah.
    Do not be blinded by the world you desire here.

    1. Islam is a JOKE,Christianity is a JOKE,JUDAISM is a JOKE.All religions are a JOKE.
      Where is the archeological proof of your so called Prophet Mohammed?Just a fantasy.
      ISLAM is an INVENTION by the Vatican.Islam and Christianity uses the same emblems
      and the dress code as a Nun and the typical Arabic dress for women.At the end of each prayer you say Amen same as the Christians which infact is Amon-Ra.All religions are a control mechanism and you should stop waisting time your time praying five per day.
      Africans should not participate in any Religion because it is been used to DESTROY and SEPARATE us from UNITING together as One.

    2. How the Vatican Created Islam…
      The Evangelical Da Vinci Code
      According to Alberto Rivera the Vatican had desires for dominance in the Holy Land and through Saint Augustine’s monastical system manipulated people and events around Mohammed to create in him a fake prophet. Mohammed’s job was to re-conquer the Middle East then turn the area back over to the Pope. Only Mohammed died and his Arab generals were too successful, thus refusing to give temporal power to the Pope. This led ultimately to the crusades and has ordered history down to the present day. Rivera claims that this account of history is locked away in the Vatican and with the “ayatollahs” of Islam and is locked away from regular people to save from detriment for both religions. Alberto Rivera insinuated that the reason that he was informed of this was due to his position as an agent of the Vatican during the time he claimed to be a Jesuit priest.

  2. No one who is confused about history, which most fair-minded intellectuals know to be corrupted by those who conquered the world, is ready to accept information that places dark people in a positive light. It makes utter sense that the main power structures would go to any lengths to destroy and conceal the right truth. Sadly, certain folks think, really by no fault of their own, that the enormous gifts of this planet are to be devoured and not shared with the original inhabitants. For centuries whites have been taught, therefore believe they are the fittest. How else could they have defeated the strongest, richest, most powerful and spiritual people on earth? Guns! But that’s another subject. Black people must be continuously reminded of who they still are. We have a long, long way to go to get anywhere near our former position in this world. Yet, that shouldn’t deter us because whites started out even further away from power than we are now. From exile, brutal climates, chronic disease, barbarism, starvation, and cannibalism, whites found their way to greatness, however replicated. We won’t need underhanded tricks to reclaim our throne. All that is required is that we stand firm in the knowledge of ourselves and THIS TIME OBEY THE ALL-POWERFUL ONE TRUE CREATOR. I thank the contributors of this website for always providing a superb education even to those who may not be ready or willing to receive it.

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