A Salute To Michelle Obama – Nyabinghi Woman!!!

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Why white America perhaps fears Michelle more than
Barack…. Excerpts from a ‘Jack & Jill politics’ newsletter:

…as hard as it is to accept a black president, it’s even harder to accept a blackfirst lady.

A First Lady has always held a beloved sentimental mother/wife of the nation symbolism. Conservatives are not ready to have to look at this very BLACK woman with her degrees and her fierceness and see her as the epitome of the American mother/wife.

This will be a first for white people. They do not want this black woman in the Whitehouse as their first lady. That New Yorker cartoon was [actually] about Michelle – she was its focal point……look closely… she is the leader,the one starting the revolution” they want you to imagine…………MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said, in the course of covering the Obama candidacy, ‘He (Barack Obama) brings none of the ‘ bad stuff, you know?” By ‘Bad Stuff’, he meant the legacy of [whites] enslaving Africans in this country, keeping them as second-class citizens until 1965, a mere 11 years before this country celebrated its 200th anniversary.

You know, ‘the original sin’, or ‘ the birth defect’, as Condi Rice called it.
Barack escapes this ‘bad stuff’ only because his mother was white and
may have had ancestors involved in the slave trade; and also because Barack’s father was not African American.He was full blooded African and therefore Barack had no ancestors enslaved by America – and so the white guilt factor is missing when they think of him.

HOWEVER, NO SUCH LUCK WITH MICHELLE! Michelle Obama is a direct threat and lightening bolt against White Superiority. Because, she’s Black… VISIBLY BLACK… But it’s important to note, she does not, in any way, shape, or form, contour to the acceptable Black Pathologies that enable White Supremacy to sigh with relief. [welfare mother, fatherless child, druggie, etc.]

Michelle was raised in a neighborhood. In a home. With TWO parents. No child revolving in and out of jail.Raised by a Black man who not only provided for his family, but did so, WITH A DISABILITY. Her mother had a
working class job -secretary- but it was taken ONLY after she had seen her youngest child settle into HIGH SCHOOL.

Michelle Obama’s poise, her confidence, her aura – that was created by that humble Black man, who by all accounts,adored her. He told her that she is worthy, and so, when you have that told to you by the first man who loves and protects you, you seek that validation of that in your choice of mate, you’ll settle for nothingless, and Michelle hasn’t.

Michelle Obama, doesn’t fit any of the acceptable Black pathologies. And when you don’t fit the acceptable Black pathologies, then you must be destroyed. Michelle Obama has become the face of the Black America whose existence is routinely denied by this country. Think about it. In ONE generation, the face of this ‘Invisible America’ has gone from living on the top floor of a bungalow, to the possibility of living in The White House. And yet, Michelle Obama, refuses to say ” I’m special”, in order to give white America its usual security blanket [that she is one of the exceptions rather than the rule], So what should be done? Beat her down into submission.

Michelle Obama represents everything we black women want our daughters to be. When we stand up for her we stand up for ourselves. No other women in the world are more neglected and abused as African women period.

Michelle looks like [our] daughters, her daughters look like us. We love the way Barack looks at her we adore the way he looks at his daughters. The Obamas represent the hope that we can beloved by our men and they will support us in whatever we do.

Little African American girls need a vision and dream of what it is l ike to beloved by a man who looks just like them. Is America ready for a First Lady who looks like her? A regular black woman? Not a passable bi-racial curly haired girl that they call black, but a regular black woman from the south side of Chicago ? With dark skin? Is she going to be the face of The Woman on the largest pedestal in the country? A self-confessed”loud-mouth” black woman?

If the Obamas succeed, it turns white supremacy upside down. And not because a black man is in the WhiteHouse; but,because a black woman will be there who didn’t have to come in the back door to lie in bed with the president.

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4 thoughts on “A Salute To Michelle Obama – Nyabinghi Woman!!!”

  1. Lawd have mercy!Lawd have mercy!a.On Barack Hussein Obama’s moms’side of the family lived or lives in Virginia which held Africans in bondage how do we don’t know he received BLACK-AFRICAN DESCENDED DNA from his mother also albeit in a diluted concentration?b.This nation has access to too much historical records not to know that Africans have and are enslaved on the African Continent by Arabs,Europeans,and mixtures of Africans with those two!Damn!U.S.A.African,Black,colored,Negro,Creole-Americans we aren’t the only bredren&sistren to have beenenslaved for several generations!!!!Cuba,Haiti,Jamaica.Curaco,Grenada,Brazil,Colombia,Bahamas,and Panama are places we live also who knew the overseers’whip!!!!!!!!

    I am proud that Mrs.Obama gives an example that isn’tgold tooth wearing,yards of fake hair on her head,6 children by 6 different dads,and the loud-mouthed stereotypical Black woman!What does biracial curly haired have to do with proving ones’Blackness from the southend of Chicago?

  2. I am a huge Michelle and Barack Obama fan. I’m also a white woman. Please don’t think all white people are thinking terrible thoughts about Michelle Obama. I’m sure there are plenty out there but most of my white family and friends feel so excited about this new presidency.

  3. Poor ignorant black people. Here it is 2010 and they have conspracy theories about everything. People are born to poverty and still manage to make way into scientific careers. Not too many black people though. They are like the conservatives, their minds never open. At least 50% of the black population in America believe that AIDS was developed to kill off black people. You can’t introduce the truth to people who resist knowledge. The men are much worse than women. They don’t study hard or even try to learn. There are exceptions to every rule. Imagine making babies with several women and then walking away. Their integrity in these matters is pitiful. Every white person may have some black ancestors. That doesn’t make George Washington a black man. That definition of black is meaningless. In South America a lot of white people are proud to say there was “a finger in the kitchen”.
    This calling a person a black man is racist. At least in Brazil they have several descriptive names for people’s color, not merely white or black. What ignorance to describe people as just black or white. The same ignorance that defined a black person who had the tiniest bit of black “blood”. It makes no sense. You are who you feel you are. If a person says they are black or white, so be it.

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