A Quick History of the Origin of Rome: IronLion

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Rome was originally a plantation colony
of Carthaginian black Lords
owned largely by Baarka family
and the Nigrinus family of Carthage.

It is true that the governors,
freemen and the slaves of Rome rebelled
against Carthage
and won its independence
in the two famous Punic wars.
Which is why you find so many North African
Roman Emperors, and high officials
in Roman empire.

Free Romans were divided into Patricans
and Freemen and Plebians.
There was a huge concentration
of Muurish people in the Patrician class
as well as freemen.

The latins were mostly plebians
they could pass
for paler skin Pakistanis or Indians;
You still see some today…

Thus you see that
Roman was a collection of black and browns
the Muurs, brunnettes, and Nigritaes.

The so-called whites,
aka the pink-reds goths and slavics
came in later over the course
of the one thousand years of Rome’s existence

The were the slaves, the preregrines,
the harlots, and the plebians of Rome

When they increased sufficiently in number
they took over the empire.


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  1. I was wondering if there are any sources to back this up, I had read a few articles with the intention of writing a paper on the inclusive nature of the empire. While the position in this article is interesting, are there any academic sources to back this? Very intrigued, thanks for reading this comment.

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