A nation high on prescription drugs: Pharma-medical Mafioso

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The down side of prescription drugs


…a growing number of Britons are dependent on legal drugs, prescribed by their doctors, with a grip as unforgiving as that of their illegal counterparts. It is a problem that cannot keep being ignored.

Despite the efforts of campaigners, the blight of addiction to prescription medicines – in particular opiate-based painkillers and benzodiazepine tranquillisers – remains low on the agenda and largely unexamined. What glimmers of statistical light there are, are increasingly disturbing. Opiate painkillers are being dispensed at five times the rate they were 20 years ago, for example, while deaths involving codeine doubled between 2005 and 2009 alone.

..there is a growing battery of drugs to combat anxiety and chronic pain, and sufferers are unsurprisingly keen to make use of them. But there is a balance to be struck. Patients may not be aware of the potency of their medication until it is too late, while GPs too often boost doses far above recommended levels if patients’ complaints continue.

The real worry is the unknown scale of the problem. While estimates suggest around 1.5 million people could be hooked on their medicine, the issue receives so little attention that there may be many more who are unaware they have a problem, and there is little support for those that do.


More @ http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/leading-articles/leading-article-the-dark-side-of-prescription-drugs-2343175.html

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One thought on “A nation high on prescription drugs: Pharma-medical Mafioso”

  1. There is a fine line between medicating and poisoning. Most prescription drugs are harmful, addiction-creating chemicals that pharmaceutical companies are making millions of dollars on. Iman come to tell the nations about the law of life that is Ital. That is natural and vital medicines that the Almighty Jah placed on Earth in the form of plants. Jah herb is just one of hundreds of natural remedies for any sickness imaginable. My people, do not fall victim to Babylon politricks and mind control. Free yourselves from these mind-altering chemicals and experience life on the Ital side..
    Peace and Love

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