3 US Presidents visit Africa and conduct secret meetings in the same week! What’s Up? – Oguejiofo Annu

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Why did 3 consecutive presidents of United States in the last 20 years meet up for in Africa in the week of June 26th, 2013?

While they distracted the world with news of Mr. Snowden spy scandal and hijacking of presidential (Bolivia’s) aircrafts by European Union countries, the two last presidents of United States meet up secretly in Africa with the current president Obama, under cover of some innocuous story.

Former US President Bill Clinton was apparently in Senegal hours before the arrival of the incumbent President Barack Obama, sources said.

The leading Le Populair daily on Tuesday quoted American embassy sources hinting that the two statesmen could likely meet during their stay in Dakar.

The sources further said that President Obama was expected to extend his visit initially billed for 48 hours to 72 hours, beginning June 26.

Even though the exact reason for Mr Clinton’s visit was not made clear, analysts said he was expected to meet political and civil society leaders “in a bid to strengthen the democratic dividends” in Senegal.

Africa Review

Obama supposedly went to promote goodwill and trade. Bush went to do some messianic work of healing Africans from “their pestilence”, whereas Clinton came in under cover of promoting civil society.

Then they all had a meeting.

With whom, for what? Why in Alkebulan, Ethiopian Land of the Moors?

So far so good, they have all refused to confess what they were up to. But confess they will eventually…

As the ancient Igbos would say, a toad does not run around in the middle of day for nothing.

Meanwhile, Bush and Obama met up [later that same week] in Tanzania Africa, as Obama made a diplomatic trip and Bush and wife Laura traveled to promote a “program to fight cervical cancer”.

The two leaders participated in a wreath-laying ceremony at the U.S. Embassy in Tanzania, site of a terrorist attack in 1998.

They also had a quiet meeting.

When ABC asked what he and Obama talked about, Bush joked: “What a big pain the press is.”

Source: USAToday

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18 thoughts on “3 US Presidents visit Africa and conduct secret meetings in the same week! What’s Up? – Oguejiofo Annu”

  1. The United States like any other Western “power” is only interested in Africa for their economic development. The aid that the west claims to render Africa, is a figment of their imagination – for the aid is never equitable to the amount natural resources robbed from the continent nor does it arrest the continuous cycles of poverty and lack of education As we can all see from the attitudes of many of the Western visitors to this forum on a smaller scale, someone has to suffer in order for the West to feel good about themselves, unfortunately, it is Africa and her descendent.

    The West never helps Africa or anywhere for that matter but they do help themselves to the natural resources. President Obama is still the president of a Western country, “Skin and hair doesn’t mean he has anything in common” with the African nations. President Obama will continue to rape, pillage and wage wars on Africa just like those who came before. Dambisa Moyo, an international economist, wrote in Winner Take All, China is forming more symbiotic relationships with African nations rather than follow the parasitic footsteps of Europe and her children.

    Africa does not need anymore aid from western nations. What Africa needs is to learn self reliance and remove all the western poppets who are destroying African nations. Aids is like a system of welfare and as well all know, welfare teaches dependence, not independence nor ways to reach self actualization.

  2. What the heck does this mean? “Why in Alkebulan, Ethiopian Land of the Moors?”
    OK, I get it that Alkebulan would have been the name of Africa but what does Ethiopia (East Africa) have to do with “Land of the Moors” (North Africa)???
    I suggest the author learns a little history and geography before taking stupid poetic license.

    1. Mic, it is you who needs to learn a little history and geography. I guess coming to this site has not taught you anything. Ancient Ethiopia was not limited to the current land divisions -drawn by Europeans. Once upon a time all of Africa, including Egypt was called Ethiopia I would suggest you start with what the word Ethiopia actually means.

      Europe is at it again with their divide and conquer schemes by trying to divide Alkebulan also use to be known as Ethiopia into North East Africa – “lighter in skin tone, look closer to European in features hence civilized” and sub Saharan Africa – “dark and look like monkeys hence uncivilized.” It is unfortunate that Europeans cannot live in peace and harmony with any living thing. Europe has to be waging some kind of war whether it be mental or physical because wars are detriment to their survival. Someone has to feel bad or get destroyed so Europe can survive and that people are the nature of parasites. Stick with your fairytales of a white blue eyed Jesus running around preaching and teaching in the hot desert sun. And leave the people of Alkebulan to define their own identity and history.

      Why are Europeans compulsively obsessed with Africa or anything so called black. Why the venomous hatred for black people? I do not go to white supremacist forums? They come to me.

      1. I come from Algeria where the Moors are/were as well as the Berber people. Obviously, you don’t seem to know your geography nor have a bit of tact to answer a valid question.

        1. What village in Algeria are you from? Do you know about the Almoravids the Moors from the Ribats of Senegal? Do you know of Saint Maurice of the town of Saint Morris in Switzerland? Was he also from Algeria?

          Do you know the etymological roots of the word Moor?

          Duncey, don’t come here with your lower class idiocy and illiteracy….

          Last warning…

          1. I come from Aouanrhet.
            I find the racism expressed here quite outrageous. I also find little credibility in what you consider a fact… that with all the languages, cultures and shear size of the African continent, all of its people would have agreed on a name for the whole continent, prior to the European invasion.
            I do not demean any human being and hope someday others will come to that to.

          2. In Aouanrhet Algeria there are many ancient cave and rock paintings of the original people of that land. They are all depicted as the so-called black people.

            Click here: http://www.sourcememory.net/veleda/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/rite.jpg

            So do you find in the entire southern region of Tassili. 6000 to 20000 year old paintings.

            Following your logic these are the Moors, the original Moors. And we agree with you.

            But, sir, you will agree with me that it is the same stock of people you find in the rest of Africa. Brown and dark brown people. From Mauritania to Ethiopia.

            Mic, in the ancient times, the peoples from these places were also called Muurs. The word Muur is an original African word which the ancient Greeks and the Romans appropriated in their language to signify black people.

            Find a relatively modern Shakespearian drama for example the Merchant of Venice. The word Moor is used as a word for black people. Remember Othello the Muur, he was neither from Aouanrhet or Tamanrashet. Othello was a Moor because he was a black man. Period. Shakespeare defined and standardized the English language we use today so go figure.

            When you meet higher knowledge, do not be resentful. It is shocking to realize that you have been lied to by your own elders. Just like they lied to you about Santa Claus. They also never taught you in Algeria that Allaht was originally a goddess not a male god?

            Well, welcome to Rasta Livewire, where ignorance is blazed away with fire!

          3. Mic is another delusional soul who has been lied to about his origination, if he really is from Algiers. I am so sick and tired of pigskins claiming to be whatever ethnicity they want online to either be racist or tell you that you are being racist when you disagree with their worldview. Mic thinks stating that he is from Algiers makes him more credible and whoever is reading will lend him a sympathetic ear. Some even stoop low enough to type in broken English when they are claiming to be a certain ethnicity. I see some pigskins type in Ebonics when pretending to be a black man. Pathetic assholes. So yea Mic, I know that you are a regular pigskin pretending to be something you are not.

            Mic and all those who deny that the same people found south of the desert before pigskin invasions were also found north of the desert, claims the invaders and their by products are really the original people of Algiers and the rest of north Africa. I wonder why is the phenotype of the rest of the world changes after an invasion but not north Africa or Hawaii, according to pigskin fantasy history. Nonetheless, I highly doubt Mic is really an Algerian because of the original pigskin squeal, “I find the racism expressed here quite outrageous.” I wonder what racism that pigskin is squealing about. Try being on a website with your picture posted, minding your own business, not bothering anyone only to be called a nigger, a monkey an ape, a sheboon, subhuman and the like. I had to have the animal’s profile deleted. No one deserves to be subjected that level of insanity. I notice that pigskins like Mic, willfully ignore the blatant racism their kind come to black forums and express and their so called ignorance of the fact that sites like Stormfront, Niggermania, chimpout and the countless other racist sites online exists. I have never been to any racist site to tell the pigskin shits who are attracted to negative things like racism like flies to shit not to be so racist. It is there site, let them do whatever they want as long as they do not get physical with me.

            There isn’t a video on YouTube related to black people where at least one pigskin isn’t calling a black person a monkey, an ape, subhuman or something derogatory. But you can go to many videos relating to whites where no black person is making demeaning comments about whites. I really do not understand pigskin’s obsession with black people. I do not go where I do not belong. Black people cannot even have an intelligent conversation on the above racist sites that I have named without being bombarded with derogatory remarks. Pigskins, at least the host of the site is tolerable of even the animals who use racial slurs. Creatures like Mic, would never dear tell those racist sites to stop their racism because their diatribe is acceptable. Whenever black people present facts that disrupts the status quo, they are immediately classified as racist afrocentrics because, if the information challenges pigskin fantasy history, it must not be true.

            In any event, I have met a few Algerians. Some looked like mixed black or just black people with curly hair yet they classify themselves as Caucasian. I remember telling one he is black and he is an African. He sure didn’t’ react like Mic, he just laughed.

      2. good rebuttal so true the Moors are a generic term for all AFrikan people

        The europeon caucasian was made to rule over the Black race their only purpose for existing which is coming to an end soon in the next thousand years there will be no more caucasians


  3. before the word east ,ethiopia,an africa were creaTED ,LIKE ENGLISH 1828 IN AMERICA we was there ,you dont know whgat a moor is either or how you were civilized by themWITH FREEMASONRY ,BEFORE RELIGION ,especially if u irish/orish orisha

  4. just because the euro branded the west africans negro or any african after 1492 ,it doesnt mean its so ,the mutherland is the moors tthat empire stretched across the atlantic to the amexums now called americass anm zaatlantis an lemuuria was accessable through east to west akebulan ,,,called neegro crossiing ,,what wswere we criossing ,akebulan to get back an forth from lemuria an atlantis ,,,this is before 7000 nyears ago ,way before ,,in pangea ,florida is where it broke off, carribean is atlantis islands austrailia is what left of lemuria ,the evidence is here,,brother annu has privded much of this evidence that breaks the spell,,then u suggest brother annu learn history an geography ,,how did uget akebulan was africa first ,who taught u that ,,got it here ,,then when he get ancient you become alarmed cause you wernt there to remember that ,,you only remember who civilized you an who the bleac people uncivilized with religion ,,the moors/muurs ,an hde our science in international york scottish right free masonry temples ,,first three degreess for all are york right ,then is seperates ,york right is blue lodge ,,blue on amity red white blue flag ,,represents blood ,blue ,,the red is scottish right ,,representing blood exposed to air ,red lodge ,,british is red lodge in 1776,ben bey banneker is perrince hall.mmoorish orthadox church is irish ,,gnostic ,they are albion moors all gnostics ,got there science from us ,,the usa gangs are represented by same colors as the masonic lodghes no coinsidance cohen side dance RED /BLUE CODED TO RED RUDDY BLUE EYES AMAZON TURK =ALBION ,TTHE SHOW THE YOUNG TURKS ,,TURKISH MOORS THEY ATE AN MADE THANKSGIVING FROM NOV251491,CAMELS EYE TREATY INDIGINOUS GENOCIDE ,RED TP ON TURKEY IS FEZ,,THEN THE CHURC H GETS PEOPLE TO CELEBRATE THEM SELF BEING EATEN LIKE CANNIBLES,,OUR MOORS OUR PEOPLE IN THE EAST ARE FOOD FOR THE REPTILIANS ,FOR THE WEST ,THE PERPETUAL RAPIST OF AFRICA WHE HAS OUR PEOPLE FIGHTING OOVER THEIR GOD FRON THE VATICAN RELIGIOS BOOKS BIBLE HOLY QURAN ,U SEE THE QURAN HAS NO COMPROMISE LIKE MUTHER NATUREWE ,WHILE THE BIBLE LETS U DO ANYTHING TO ANYONE AN JUST SAY YOU SORRY LIKE SANDUSKY,THATS FOR SLAVES TO BE RULED , RELGIOUS MUSLIMS ARE FINE IF LEFT ALONE BUT ARE REACTIONARYS ,THEY DONT START BUT WILL SEE YOUR FIGHT OUT TO THE FINISH OR FINISH IT ,WWE ARE NOT RELIGIOUS BUT THE ELIGIOUS COME FROM OUR SCXIENCE ,,THEY HAVE CORRUPTED INTOM[ATRIARCHY ,there is something ritualistic about those dates ,,we know this ,,they come to drink blood ,,the saints pray to the gods of what people call voOdo ,ORISHA,SHANGO ECT ECT ALL OF THEM GODS FROM GODESSES ,thats your church ,catholic ,,3 christian skull an bones .they want the land ,obama is thewhite world bridger ,they are using ,the aqueduct ,to briing the water law onthe land ,,thats what the blue lights on police car represent ,BULE OCEAN WATER ,SALT WATER ,the water law taking the lanD flooding AKEBULAN with CORPORATION admiralty maritime ucc1 ucc3 law

    1. The question was why 3 presidents suddenly went to Africa.
      The Ananaki leader landed his UFO, and conferred with them
      About the coming apocalypse with planet x. This is the truth
      And we are all going to die!!!

  5. Thank you for responding Jahdey. I am glad you are familiar with the cave paintings of the Tassili. My favorite is the Horned Goddess also known as “La Dame Blanche.”
    I do not speak the language of Shakespeare and I am a woman.
    Peace onto you brother. I have spoken my piece.

  6. Jahdey your one of the most, disrespectful delusional and distant Brothas out There

    Your ruled by emotions and fueled by ignorance and “Race’ism- Your like a black Republican

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