The countries that attended the US Embassy opening ceremony in Jerusalem

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US Embassy in Jerusalem RSVP

Here is a breakdown of the countries that attended the US Embassy opening in Israel today ceremony:

A: Albania, Angola, Austria

C: Cameroon, Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, Czech Republic

D: Dominican Republic

E: El Salvador, Ethiopia

G: Georgia, Guatemala

H: Honduras, Hungary

K: Kenya

M: Myanmar

N: Nigeria

P: Panama, Peru, Philippines

R: Romania, Rwanda

S: Serbia, South Sudan

T: Thailand, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

U: Ukraine

V: Vietnam

P: Paraguay

T: Tanzania

Z: Zambia


Analysis: Notice the absences. There were barely any European countries of note. Traditional allies of the US in war and peace. No global military power attended, no global economic powerhouse country attended. Just third world countries whom President Trump the new “messiah” had previously referred to as “shit-hole” countries. What is happening? Where was Sweden, Britain, Spain, France, Germany, Japan, India, Russia, or China?

Well known promoters of Black people’s autonomy like Jamaica and Haiti kept away. Virtually all the Caribbean countries kept away.

The US is gradually losing its prestige under Trump and has fallen into a “third world” class nation. President Trump is now officially the new leader of the third world, only.

As anyone knows, those hapless countries were probably bribed, threatened, cajoled to attend this ceremony. They certainly are all weak under US influence.

Those countries that act with a certain measure of independence, and knowledge, kept away. It certainly does not bode well for this Jerusalem Embassy. It also does not bode well for USA once the unchallenged global super power, now a mere shadow of its own self.

Babylon is falling everyday into deeper confusion.

Don Jaide

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  1. Interesting. Before 9/11, I had a dream of a fiery, black tower with people of all backgrounds running up and down the stairs in it. Babylon?

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