How the Black Carib Indians Became White – presented by IronLion

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Real History:

Agostino Brunias (1728 – 1796): A Leeward Islands Carib family outside a Hut

real history

The original painting is shown above.

Below, you can see what the mainstream dream-weavers hiding in the academia did to this original painting of dark skin Carib Indians:

Fake History:

fake painting

Agostino Brunias, Yale Centre for British Art, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Agostino Brunias:A Leeward Islands Carib Family outside a Hut

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4 thoughts on “How the Black Carib Indians Became White – presented by IronLion”

  1. This is true and false at the same time. The ‘Caribs’ whom the Caribbean is named after were Blacks not Indian. We were taught they were vicious enemies of the peaceful Indians. Just so we would focus on the ‘Indians’. Which worked and is what you are doing now.

    1. Not me, not that teaching. I was a history student/major at a Black university in U.S. at a time when the history department head was an elderly Black man in his eighties and knew and was friends with Carter G. Woodson and Chancellor Williams.

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