France is plotting a civil war in Guinea – Rasta Report

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Guinea could face a civil war if the country’s military leader returns home, France’s foreign minister has warned.

Bernard Kouchner told French MPs that Moussa Dadis Camara should remain in Morocco where he is in hospital after an assassination attempt.

Dadis came to power following a non-violent coup by the military on the heels of the death of Lansana Conte the then president of Guinea.

Following the coup, Dadis shut down the highly lucrative international drug smuggling networks using Guinea as a base and working hand in glove with the former ruling elites. He made a public example of one of Mr. Conte’s children who was a well known drug dealer in Guinea.

There were some political disturbances late in 2009, due to the killing of nearly 150 people by the military who had tried to break up a legally convened political rally.

France used that as an opportunity and a cover to reinsert itself squarely into the affairs of Guinea, to which it had been largely a stranger since the days of Sekou Toure the liberator of Guinea (who had rejected France’s overture that Guinea should remain a neo-colonized country under French influence).

Guinea is extremely rich in minerals and land resources and recently signed a $50 billion mineral extraction contract with the Chinese government.

France is desperate to get its hands on those riches. It is using agent provacateurs, mecenaries and assassins. The recent attempt on the life of Dadis could not have occurred without the green-light of France.

The African Union has been ignored and side-tracked by those invasive foreign agents of brigandry. Eventhough the continental body has urged caution and negotiation, France is more interested in igniting a conflict under which it will come in as a “peace keeping force” in its “former colony of Guinea.”

The European Union is working in coordination with France to destabilize and rob Guinea, sponsoring all types of illegal acts against the Guinean nation and leadership including sanctions, espionage and sabotage. They are also targetting the reputation, life and liberty of Col. Dadis the current leader of Guinea as if he was their “boy” gone out of control.

And for all we know Dadis could be “their boy gone wrong” since the military in Africa is completely infiltrated with the agents of colonial powers, the freemasons, the Knights of colombus and malta, and the illuminati. That is how there is so much military coups in Africa keeping the mother continent under colonial jack-boots of colonial era armies.

It is either Dadis is an agent of France gone rouge, or he is one of the liberators of the continent facing the wrath of the Empire.

Time shall tell…Rasta Livewire will keep monitoring the situation….


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