Oriental Brothers (from Nigeria): Nwanne Awu Enyi

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One thought on “Oriental Brothers (from Nigeria): Nwanne Awu Enyi”

  1. @rob: swallow Prozacs ( not priests as above-apology )

    People in the west need to ask themselves why they are so miserable and addicted (via their
    Pharmaceuticals) to pills to take them thru.If you are serious about equality then break your Karma of rapacious excess and tell your corporate governments, churches, mosques, universities,media and military scientists to get back to Maat. This is the eternal philosophy of justice & harmony that no amount of clever Set (satanic) abstract verbosity will ever deny.

    Or you can continue feigning shock and indignation that Afrikans have figured it all out: Ptah is the Teacher of True Science and Civilization. No amount of watering down and whitening of Black Civilization (the only Universal possible) will erase this Black Universe.


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