Maurs of Mauritania and Ta-meri – By IronLion!

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Because when you were enslaved by the Albinos,
they took away your original name,
your nationality, and your history.
They dropped your ancient and ancestral name:
Muur, and called you a black.
What is a black?
Black is an adjective not a noun.

A little English grammar:
Nouns are names of people and things.
Adjectives describe a noun.
Muur is a noun. Black is an adjective….

Ancient name for Egypt was Ta-Muuri, or Tameri (mispelt).
Ta-Muuri means land of the Muurs.
Mauritania in African, means land of the Muurs.
Morocco means land of the Muurs.
Marakesh means house of Kush and the Muurs.

Chinese come from China;
Japanese from Japan;
Indians from India;
Syrians from Syria;
Where is your black from?
Can you show me the Black land outside of slavery?
Can you show me Black-kistan on the map?
Keep on being black.. since it works for you.
I am Asiatic Muur from ancient Mauritania….
there in West Africa.
Before B.C. and in this A.D.

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