Maurs of Mauritania and Ta-meri – By IronLion!

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Because when you were enslaved by the Albinos,
they took away your original name,
your nationality, and your history.
They dropped your ancient and ancestral name:
Muur, and called you a black.
What is a black?
Black is an adjective not a noun.

A little English grammar:
Nouns are names of people and things.
Adjectives describe a noun.
Muur is a noun. Black is an adjective….

Ancient name for Egypt was Ta-Muuri, or Tameri (mispelt).
Ta-Muuri means land of the Muurs.
Mauritania in African, means land of the Muurs.
Morocco means land of the Muurs.
Marakesh means house of Kush and the Muurs.

Chinese come from China;
Japanese from Japan;
Indians from India;
Syrians from Syria;
Where is your black from?
Can you show me the Black land outside of slavery?
Can you show me Black-kistan on the map?
Keep on being black.. since it works for you.
I am Asiatic Muur from ancient Mauritania….
there in West Africa.
Before B.C. and in this A.D.

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18 thoughts on “Maurs of Mauritania and Ta-meri – By IronLion!”

  1. All those african tribes knew they were black and wasnt ashamed of it look up Ausar Kem Ur meaning Ausar Lord of the Perfect Blk . You wanna cling to this so called Asiatic term when tha first people of Asia was tha nubians and kemites , tha same people who acknowledged their BLACKNESS and came from AFURA a term way older than bein asiatic . And u wanna ask if a person can show u a blk land I can do u 1 betta and show u tha BLACK GODS that was worshipped all over tha world 4 their BLACKNESS

    1. Kem Ur

      There is a branch of history called etymology which focuses on the origin of words, sounds and their usage.

      Mauritania means land of the Maurs. Maurs are dark skin people. They are from Ta-Muri, land of the Muri. From Akebulan, now called Africa.

      In the oldest Greek maps, the continent called Africa today was called Asia. Africa is an insulting name, reminding us of our conquest by Roman mecenaries, and our enslavement at the hands of the Europeans. They named us that meaningless and insulting term.

      The words “blac”, and “black” are Indo-Germanic words in origin. They did not come from Akebulan. It is a bad energy word but we have managed to give it some positive energy as we are the people of Jah. But it is still a negative vibration.

      In its original form, in old English, “blac” meant something white, blanch, pale skin, fair, or albino. It was a term used for the invading tribes of Goths and Cagoths who had just intruded into Europe around the fourth century A.D.

      Now ask yourself, why would a word which historically described fair skin people now mean dark skin people? Why? What caused the shift in meaning?

      1. I get the etymology. And I understand the oral teachings. I’ve seen the maps. But tell me, what is the etymology of moor (mur muur etc)? I don’t subscribe to black being a bad energy word. Nor do I the word nigger. The terms identify who and what we are. Yes black being the adj. describing what. I’ll save you the researching trouble. moor (n.)
        “tract of open, untilled, more or less elevated ground, often overrun with heath,” c. 1200, from Old English mor “morass, swamp,” from Proto-Germanic *mora- (source also of Old Saxon, Middle Dutch, Dutch meer “swamp,” Old High German muor “swamp,” also “sea,” German Moor “moor,” Old Norse mörr “moorland,” marr “sea”), perhaps related to mere (n.1), or from root *mer- “to die,” hence “dead land.”…. See all of these terms relate. Moor or any derivative of it means Basically Sea. As in Mar Bermejo… Red Sea….there were an ancient people who traveled the seas. Occupied the world. Us! Of course you know that. What you may not know is that there I absolutely no undeniable evidence that it started in what we now call Africa. I won’t even argue that point because you can’t put what is said was in Africa in ancient times there. From the city names to the wonderfully amazing architecture that is written about in extreme detail…… but these things do exist in the Americas…. Ta-Mer-i …. The Moors are the Moabites in the Bible. The went to Africa from America And came back to America at different periods of time. Again I won’t argue any of this. Please don’t counter with what you think you know until you travel down the path of thought I’m speaking of. Then you won’t have a counter! Trust me bro. I’m saying this for all of our benefit not to belittle what you or anyone else knows. But what I’m saying brings absolute truth and understanding where we see lies and distortions. Do the work bro! You’ll be glad you did!!

  2. U wanna talk about tha origin of words wat about tha term afura afu meanin flesh of ra how he was in tha primordal waters of nu which is TOTAL BLACKNESS and was born and needed a foundation to stand on since everything was water . IF your BLACK u go thru that same stage of BLACKNESS bein born inside ya mothers wound which is tha primordal waters of nu . since all her orgins is coated in MELANIN U wanna talk about tha oldest greek maps like that mean somethin who u think they got their maps from they admitted 2 learning everything from tha nubians and kemetians , u give that pale fox 2 much credit these tha same greeks who messed this calender up and so called date were usin 2 this day . U also kno tha greeks used african words as well rite ? but put their own corrupted twist to certain words ? Wat about tha maps where all of africa and asia was named kush ? Tha word blk bein of palefox origin wat about tha word kem which meant blk ? Ausar Kem Ur lord of tha perfect blk ? Kali Ma in india meanin tha BLK MOTHER GODDESS ? U let that palefox version of blk distort ya mind .

    1. KenUr

      It appears you are unable to understand the teachings here. Well that is your problem not mine.

      Words have sound and power. The word Kemit means the same thing as Maurish, means the smae thing as melanchroes. Mela means melanin, like the night.

      All that said, the word “black” is an IndoEuropean word which originally meant “fair” “paleskin” “albino”. It was a name we called the present day so-called “whiteman”. He was originally called “blaec man” or blanc man, or “blanke” as he is still called in German and Dutch.

      Your slavemasters first changed the word “blaec” to mean something that is “dark,” in 1501. Just like they changed the word for a fool which is “niggard” to mean someone “dark”.

      You need to rise above the infancy and elementary level, and look for the meaning and history of words, so that you can break the spell they cast on you. Which is why they call it, spelling… words.

      This is the science of words, sound and power!

      1. U sound crazy i dont care where tha origin of tha IndoEuropeon word blk comes from tha fact of tha matter is OUR PEOPLE knew they WERE BLK and in their language had a word to describe BLK , I dont care wat kinda tamahu etymology u wanna use . Kem described tha color blk , U still aint speak on Ausar bein Lord of tha Perfect Blk or Kali Ma tha blk mother goddess or all tha other BLK GODS that was worshipped all over tha world b4 there was a such thang as indo europe . U claimed our people didnt consider themselves blk so tha word niggard comes from them as well rite ? So we can throw out tha ethiopian words , negast , or negush rite even tho these words r older than 1501 ? And was titles 4 kings and emperors , Booba tha nagas of asia tha cobras or dragons at tha entrance to every Buddist temple which all r BLACK i might add but hey they aint blk since there was no such thing to describe the color blkness b4 tha indo europeons came rite Jahdey ? And 1 more thing last i checked it was called TA – Meri not Muri which meant tha beloved land .

        1. Buddy, you sound like you are slow.

          I have shown you that the word for the colour of the night in original Indo-European language was Mor.

          The same word in Greek was Mauros. Same in latin. All meant dark, or colour of the night.

          The same word in old English was Mor.

          Same in Germany, mohr.

          Same meaning in Mauritania, same meaning in Morocco.

          I have also shown you that the word used to denote fair colour, white colour, or blonds, is originally the word “blac”. Check any old English dictionary. This was used until the 16th century when they re-invented English language, switched names, moved the calendar and then called you “black man” or “niggard”.

          I have no argument or problem with the dark colour. I have no problems with Negusi or Negusta or Nagas.

          I have a problem with how the Europeans shift word meanings. Like the word “gay” was changed from meaning happiness to meaning “homosexual”.

          Do you understand or do you still more explanations?

          If you are making an argument, then address my etymological expose and show me how I am wrong. For starters, are you denying that the word “blac” meant a blond or albino or fair person in Old English? If you are denying this then put up a link to an Old English dictionary.

          1. Like i told u i dont care where tha tamahu origin of tha word blk comes from , in ya original post u made it seem like our people didint kno tha color of their skin or tha meanin of their land which described their dark skin bein tha same color as nite , tha fertile land ect then wanna say keep on bein blk when our people knew tha color of their skin b4 there was a tamahu origin of life let alone a language . Our people were and knew they were KEM since u have a problem wit tha word blk jus use an african word meanin tha color of nite to describe tha color of our peoples skin , land of origin , and god and goddess of worship . HTP

  3. Now I get the sens of the name given to Hausa people of Arewa Dogo’n Doutchi Niger republic. Sonraï and Zarma people called Them” Mauri or Mauro” but the explanation they give nowadays is not the original I think, due to what I learn on this History. ARAWA(Northeners), I mean Mauri, are great hunters of west Africa: the Yarawa are lions Hunters.The leader of hunters is called” Sarkin Maharba”. They went accross borders to hunt dangerous animals which disturbed people.
    Ta, in Hausa means belongs to, like in the name Ta-Seti: belongs to Seti(nubia).
    Malam Shaïhu, a Hausa writer of 19th century said on the origin of Hausa:” If someone ask you… where did the Hausa Originated?… tell there are from BERI-BERI (The true Berbers) and Northeners(ARAWA)”
    These Northeners (Arawa) were said to leave in Egypt (Ta-Muri or Ta-Mauri) and the Beri-Beri (Borno) leaved in the SIWA region in today Lybia.
    Even nowadays, the Queen of Azna and Baura( servant of RA) are present in the customs of Arewa In Niger. In the last recent times they do the “TARKAMA” to identify a culprit like in ancient egypt:
    a black goat or black dog was killed within one strock and four men carried it. after some incantations the four men were redirected towards the culprit wherever he was by invisible forces.

    1. We have also Arawa Maori in New Zeland. The hawaïians have ancient hausa names for their towns: Gizo, Buka, Arawa, TeArawa(Ta-Arawa), Kona (Chieftaincy in Arewa Niger), Maraé etc…

  4. The notion of racially Black or White was imposed by European slavers and colonialists in order to propagate the myth of the superiority of White people (aka ethnic Europeans) and the inferiority of people of color, dark brown skinned Africans (aka Black people), in particular.

    This was not only imposed in the USA but also in Africa. The most extreme case was in South Africa during the Apartheid regime.

    Since the Moors (African Muslims and their Arab allies) were defeated in 1492, Europeans and their descendants have embarked upon a historical revenge against all dark brown skinned people, including Africans.

    Europeans have never forgotten centuries of enslavement in Africa and Asia as far as China under different name: the Mameluke, the Janissaries, the Barbary slaves, the Saqaliba

    The most bitter Europeans are the people of Corsica and Sardinia who have a Moor’s head on their flag.

  5. “The Nubians/Annu People were the first family and the race on earth before the Great Flood and formed the first civilisation and first Kingdoms/Empires; they are the descendents of the Annu Lines
    of the Throne of Annu-Nubia and ancestral parents of the Lines of the Nations referred to in Western History as the Nubians / Kushites / Kemets Egyptians / Ethiopians / Sumerians / Elamites / Dravidians
    (Harappans/Meluhha/Kushite-Mande/Magyar/ Ubaidians or Proto-Euphrateans, later in the present day Africa the Nubian-Kushites on the African Continent in modern history, were called Africans.
    Kush sometimes spelt Cush was the Kingdom of the First Nubian civilization Kingdom and Empire that covered most of the known World. Kush was the Son of the God Utu(Ham) and the father of the
    Empires Kingdoms first King, Narmer.

    With the passing of Narmer his daughter Sheba was crown Matriarch and Ruled over the Matriarchal and Patriarchal lines as a united Throne, of independent ruling famiy Thrones and Empires of Kush, under the root Throne of Thrones of Sheba Kingdom of Si-On…”

    :Ta-Meri-Kush: Royal-Chiefdom :Kasambu-Tribal-Nation:

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