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Condemnations, condemnations
shall trail the path of these people
like the sulfurous trail of their jet planes
coming back from a bombing mission
over another people facing extinction.

Condemnations, condemnations
shall doge them like shadows
all the days of their wasting lives
for seeking to defile this holy temple
built for the humble.

I say that over high ones, even higher ones judge.
We say that unto the Presence
of the hosts of the heavens
judgment shall stand, as science,
like the return of the everlasting constellations.

The cries of the innocent
have reached the ears of the heavens above;
And the Almighty Justice
the eye that sleeps not, has seen from its abode
the wickedness of the insolent.

Therefore, Babel, even this wretched Babylon
shall again be wiped away;
for many fingers point at them in accusation
pointing condemnations, condemnations
following them
like the malignant growth of a killing tumor.



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