The Trials of Polanski: The Law Nabs Another Elitist Paedophile – News Report

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The Trials of Polanski: The Law Nabs Another Elitist Peadophile – News Report

The facts here — that he raped and sodomized a 13-year-old girl in the Los Angeles home of Jack Nicholson — have not been challenged in court by Polanski. (Nicholson was away at the time.)

He gave the girl champagne and Quaaludes during a supposed photo shoot and he repeatedly refused her pleas to be let go. The entire incident lasted four hours.

His lawyers arranged a plea bargain that saw Polanski serve 46 days in prison for psychiatric observation after which he was to plead guilty to the single charge of “unlawful sexual intercourse.”

Their assumption was that the 46 days would be the entire penalty.

Polanski had been allowed to go to Europe after his brief prison stint and was to return to Los Angeles for sentencing.

Roman Polanski today: shown here at the Marrakech Film Festival in November 2008. (Abdeljalil Bounhar/Associated Press) He subsequently said that he learned the judge was going to “tack on more prison time” and he bolted to France, where he had citizenship….


In Europe, Polanski has many supporters, including some very high-up people in the French government, although President Nicolas Sarkozy has so far been silent on the issue.

The French press has been on about Americans having a more puritanical view of the world than the sophisticated French.

But that is clearly an elitist view. Polls in France indicate that the majority feel Polanski should return to Los Angeles to face the music……

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